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Average Penis Size | Easily Add an Inch - but do you need to?

Average penis size – here's my observations from naked erection coaching where some days I've spent a full day training different penises in all sorts of different situations! 

Learning fascinating things......

...There's more to it than just inches! - so here I'll explain why not to worry about measuring up – confidence and personality count too.

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What makes a great penis is absolutely nothing to do with size

My Observations from Naked Coaching

Add an Inch or so to your penis

Real life penis size comparison situations.

Average penis size may be ambitious

With naked erection coaching - I see penises in many different states - indicating we really should not worry about how we measure up!

Being confident with our penis and encouraging its personality is perhaps all we need...

Penis size observed in naked Erection Coaching soft and hard

Penis size observed in naked coaching sessions is not in a voyeuristic way, I hasten to add – but purely in a way that I may notice how much someone smiles. This gives you a clue as to the other amazing thing I have learnt about penises being a barometer of our feelings - almost like facial expressions!. However here I'm writing about average penis size due to the influence of porn and social media where the bigger penises seem to get so much more airtime - leading to possible insecurities that can seem to be evident with some men – needlessly I hasten to add! If men really knew, they really would not worry.

Average Penis Size is probably less than you may think!

My Smaller Penis (or was I just cold)??

Where's our penis on the size scale?

I tend to base my penis size due to comparisons from my school days - with other boys in the school showers. Yet I was often freezing cold and then my penis gets so so small - I'd then compare myself with possibly the biggest penis and feel small! 

Are  some lads may comparing themselves to other guys on social media or porn where only the biggest penis tend to appear?

I hope writing about this may just help someone out there - as naked erection coaching where I've seen many penises has taught me so much::

  • confidence really does add inches
  • average is less than you'd ever think
  • it's all about the person too!
  • the look and personality of our penis make size totally irrelevant
  • if we love our penis then others really will value it too!

That is why I am  putting the case that we should not concern ourself with average penis size - it is so irrelevant.

Seeing penises in many different states has made me feel so much more confident - I really  hope my observations will  reassure you that if you have any doubts about your penis - to not have them any more - just love your penis!

My observations from Naked Erection Coaching

There is absolutely no normal – penises are so similar - but so different in their own individual way. I've learnt just how misleading it is to judge erect penis size from a flaccid penis - some start off small and get really big whereas others really do not change so much - apart from the angle of the dangle. However it is worth keeping in mind that ErectionKaizen does minimise the differences - making a flaccid penis bigger due to the improved blood flow and with a bit of luck also due to feeling more contentment.

A flaccid penis, can in some men have quite a range - due to emotion, hormones and temperature. Some start off short and get very long. some just seem to get thicker, whereas some seem to get harder without the expansion.

Perception of Size

The proportion of glans in relation to the shaft – can affect our perception of the penis size, in the way as curves or bends do. There really is so much more to how big a penis appears than just inches.

Penis size irrelevant

There are many penis pictures floating around absolutely everywhere on social media and internet. Just on a picture, especially a close up shot, we make a judgement using all the info we have – which is not a lot. We cannot even in a video always see how the penis moves , wiggles,  changes size and responds to situations - there is no context. This can be damaging to our perception of what is normal and is why it is often something I address within ErectionKaizen if need be as it can without us realising begin to affect how we feel as a male sexual being. The person that the penis is attached to also makes such a difference – all this adds the context and we make a judgment on all this info. Penis size without all this other information is pretty irrelevant and we maybe fill in all the missing blanks with what we imagine the rest may be like - however it may be very different and not as appealing as we first thought making the number of inches seem irrelevant.

What's possibly better than size 

Some penises  actually seem to have a personality. There is a book titled 'A Mind of it's Own' Cultural history of the penis which actually talks about different philosophers and influential figures in history postulating this very idea, but sometimes penises really do seem to have real personality and this can really be more interesting than the whole size thing!

You may think I am slightly mad but do remember some days I have spent a full working day with ErectionKaizen looking at different penises in all sorts of different situations - responsible for training them - you do get to really understand them!

biggest observation about penis size.

To me what makes a great penis is absolutely nothing to do with size – it is almost the personality of the penis. When I think about what I am writing I worry it may sound odd  To justify it - think how we may be attracted to people who look a certain way – their personality can be displayed in their face. I wonder if we can read a person based upon their penis – not on size – nothing to do with that at all - but just the way it looks and behaves? I'll save all that for another time as getting into a whole other subject now, but honestly if most people really think about it - average penis size does not really matter any more than showing our penis with confidence and showing off its personality! Let me explain....

Add an Inch or so


In real life we make judgements based upon body language and personality  This has the effect of influences our perception of everything including penis size,! It really does seem to make a difference. Perhaps this can be explained in one small way thinking of both Perceived value and Jealousy?

Perceived value

If one person values something - this makes us think there must be a good reason, and we tend to be swayed by this – finding it interesting and wanting to discover the hidden treasures! Therefore if we value our penis and love it - others will be more likely to also!

A subtle jealousy emotion?....If we love it everyone will

Think of this thing we that we do as kids (and into adulthood to varying degrees!) We always want the toy that someone else is playing with! If a child is given a toy that no one else is using they may discard it and want what another child or adult has. But when the other person discards it their initial interest wanes. Sometimes I wonder if this also relates to penises also – if we love it – others will want it or value it too – or another male may be thinking there is something special about it!  Size then can seem irrelevant. 

If you love your penis - others are more likely to.

Average Penis size why do we worry?

Biggest is not always best.  What is for sure though is that just like size of our muscles – size of our penis is very individual as is the preference. Some people love the bulging muscles of big bodybuilders but others don't. Penises are exactly the same - some love smaller characterful penises and some love big ones. 

I really feel we should not become concerned with any such trivialities about size – responsiveness can be so much more appealing. Some small penises can be responsive but equally so can bigger ones - but responsiveness can add a whole other dimension.    However when personalities of the person attached to the penis enter into the equation there are many factors that add up to a great penis - so much more than just size. But on the internet and social media we don't have all these factors and judgements can be made mainly on size, which may be so totally different in real life when context is added1

Either way it's time for the penis size thing to not be a concern - as preferences are so  individual - most times purely having confidence with and enjoying our penis can override everything else! Honest!

How we view penises and judge average penis size.

Naked Men

When we see naked men in a group situation - we tend to remember the biggest penis and tend to forget about just how many others there may have been on display.

In some situations we may be more nervous or more relaxed, hotter or colder which as we all know has a massive effect upon the size of our penis at any given time.

Real life penis size comparison situations.

Even being in the same situation is not a true comparison of penis size - some men being relaxed, some anxious – which will be displayed in penis size, due to hormones – such as adrenaline (which limits blood flow to extremities). This effect can also be seen after intense exercise – hence the reason for our penis becoming smaller when exercising hard. This is just one variable - there are so many that effect our penis size and all can affect men totally differently in the same situation - so to compare our penis to other men even in the same situation can be misleading - as I found out as a school kid!

Porn and social media comparisons.

The biggest and best pictures tend to get posted in the first place – look what I've got! The biggest and best of these get reviewed and reposted and appear to be the average on the internet – however if we happen to see penis pictures such as these - we all need to keep in mind that this is not real life - and certainly not an accurate representation of the average male. Average penis size in porn and even on the wider internet is so different to what I see in real life!

Average in what situation??

Nudity/seeing penises is relatively commonplace for me –the nudity in erection coaching can take men through a whole variety of different states – sometime initial trepidation upon meeting – leading to relaxation – sometimes leading to intense physical exertion – to relaxation – to warmth coupled with relaxation and with specific exercises to improve sexual function. ....I'm sure you get the idea – I see penises in all different states of being - which is sometimes more of a range than many may see. The biggest thing I've learnt is that we really should not concern ourself with average penis size. Average in what situation??

Helping Someone!

The reason for sharing my observations and thoughts here is due to the hope it may help someone who has any concerns about their penis size.- big or small. If you have any thoughts or comments that you feel would also help, it will be great to hear from you at the bottom of this page.

Average Penis Size!!!!!

The so called average penis size is misleading and may be a bit ambitious – either that or I have happened to see a disproportionate sector of the male population with small penises.

But equally - average penis size is difficult to judge as in what state of flaccidity?  I have seen so many more what would be defined as the smaller end of average than the larger end of average.. But strangely enough the penis size of any man almost does not matter – it is about the whole man and his personality - his penis size is so inconsequential. The biggest thing I have learnt is that how some penises can appear to be big due to confidence and personality - which really can be a winning combination. Until there is a measure for that - then average penis size I think means absolutely nothing!

If someone was to ask me what the average penis size was.... -

The average penis size in what state? When erect equally I know the average erect penis I see - is smaller than the generally accepted 5.5 inches.

Plus as I have stated it really is in context. With so many variables - we really should not become obsessed with the average penis size but simply enjoy what we have and just show it off with pride!

Lucky to have a penis - appreciate it!

We should perhaps aim to really appreciate our penis, be confident with it, as we are so lucky to have it in the first place. If we become preoccupied with size we are in danger of not appreciating the many things it can give us - such as extreme pleasure and contentment!

Confidence in moderation is an attractive quality so if we are confident with our penis and love it – others will do too – no matter the size or shape! 

Smaller penises favoured In history

The ancient Greeks and the Romans both exercised naked and the ancient Greeks in particular favoured a small thin penis - as could be seen on younger naked men exercising naked in the gym! Make of that what you will!




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