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Power of a Smile to give a great Erection

A blast from the past…..

This was the first time I got an erection whilst filming and as you’ll see totally surprised - so surprised I didn’t know what to do.  This was  before - when I just had my YouTube Channel. I recently found this video again -  and thought it may add to what we are doing here as it really enforces the merits of happiness -  forced happiness too - I am tricking my body and mind - with a forced smile, it may be a fake smile but who cares if it produces these results! 

  • This was made for my Youtube channel - before
  • Recently came across it again - and thought it perfectly reinforces the relaxation aspect.of erection coaching

Due to talking I'm not actually smiling that much - but I am smiling inside.

Hopefully this may make you smile

Have A Go!

No tricks or fancy techniques - just a simple smile - and nurturing a glow inside. That really is all it was - and that's why I'd urge you to have a go. If it doesn't happen for you - don't worry it will with a bit of practice - especially in combination with developing sexualness through mind/body connection and testosterone boosting X Pose.  The power of a smile - to get an erection whilst concentrating upon making a video took me by surprise. Try it yourself it can really work - especially if you don’t overthink it - stay relaxed.

No expectation just relaxation

A tip - never expect an erection - just focus upon your body - deep inside - and that’s what can begin the happiness/relaxation effect - as proven in this video - as I never set out to get a hands free erection purely from a smile (as the video shows) - and that was why I maybe got one - no expectation just relaxation. 

Relaxation and a smile - absolutely great for good erections.

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