Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Introducing the new Erection Coaching

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Erections on Demand.

ED un z-i-p-p-e-d.

Erection Problems Overcome.

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    Should your HARD drive start to power up

Integrate into your daily life. 

Any place. Any time.

5 minutes is all you need.

Z-i-p-p-e-d and soft means you can train your body and mind for HARDer future erections wherever you are. No one will know (unless it becomes too enjoyable)...

Should your HARD drive start to power up

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Un z-i-p-p-e-d for extra dimensions.  For special times when it's just you, your mind and z-i-p-p-e-d.  Change your 'me' time and enjoy more dimensions.


The Erection Coach.

Your Erection Coach?

the erection coach

The Erection Coach with extensive medical and fitness knowledge.

Conventionally trained at university and within the NHS

Unconventionally coaching experienced in Soho London, Piccadilly Circus ,Training Room and the US

Select Your Interaction Back Up Options

Full support can be given to support you in your erection quest with z-i-p-p-e-d, should you want personal interaction/tips.

100% independence and anonymity  enabled  by z-i-p-p-e-d.


Download into your mind to be HARDer

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z-i-p-p-e-d Erection Coaching mind download is the erection coaching aspects from HARDer Erection Video Guide - condensed into 21 daily coaching sessions in audio clips, each one approximately 5 minutes duration.

21 Audio Clips form the coaching in z-i-p-p-e-d. This is so that you have 100% focus upon your penis, your mind and the pathway in between. Viewing a video would inhibit your ability to 'tune in' to your sexualness

75 Videos at the HARDer Erection Video Guide form your back up for extra insight into your anatomy and male sexualness. All z-i-p-p-e-d members have free access to. More details below

Enjoy new feelings, new sensations from day one as you practice the techniques in z-i-p-p-e-d daily. Give rise to a sexual optimism and positivity that can become almost addictive. You will want to practice at least once daily - you may enjoy it so much that you practice twice or even three times a day.


z-i-p-p-e-d is  Erection Coaching Distilled.

Researched and endorsed  z-i-p-p-e-d daily has evolved from my past 20 years of work researching and studying. Thanks to my many Erection Students who have participated in various studies.

Seriously Simple Coaching  It will take you a minimum of 21 days to learn it - 5 minutes each day, but then you can make it a daily habit for life - meaning you'll have strong erections for life.

z-i-p-p-e-d includes The most important erection training aspects, proven to make erections harder, all in one daily regimen.

Back up.
Erection Coaching Sessions.

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Nakedness for Education Purposes. As you'd expect from me being the erection coach - I have to provide education,  demonstration and motivation to help you achieve results. If any one of those are missing - the erection results may not be forthcoming, so this means I have to be naked and show you male anatomy, to properly demonstrate.

Naked Coaching is about being open - me being honest and genuine which I aim to do without being overtly sexual but natural and naked -  otherwise if I were to stand in front of you clothed - just talking - there would be a communication disconnect -  resulting in less of a successful  erection training effect

Psychological training aspects to consider. If psychological aspects are influencing erection capabilities - I have to provide suitable training to allow you to 'connect and tune in' to your body. Being open and naked is the most effective way to help you overcome any psychological issues with 'health' training for all of you.

Intense Erection Training Session whenever you want   - with the full Harder Erection Video Guide at your fingertips giving you an erection coaching session on any of the training aspects you'd like to know more about


Motivation to Train daily:


Erection Control.

In time:  Hands Free Erections on Demand. (possibly*)

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To demonstrate z-i-p-p-e-d training works - 4 videos gaining hands free erections on demand in different scenarios. If you practice z-i-p-p-e-d regularly and follow some of the more complex exercises in the supplementary HARDer Erection Video Guide you too, like me can get more erection control and possible hands free erect your penis on command.

As you'd expect from me being the erection coach - I have to provide education,  demonstration and motivation to help you achieve results. If any one of those is missing - the erection results may not be forthcoming, but this means I have to be naked and show you male anatomy, to properly demonstrate.



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​“Training your own mind and body - to realize your full erection potential, by breaking the status quo"

The Erection Coach

z-i-p-p-e-d coaching. For strong Natural  Erections  Your Health
Train Your Mind
Train Your body
Train your Penis
Train your sexualness

z-i-p-p-e-d Erection coaching


* Hands Free Erections on Demand

Possibly. It depends upon the work you are going to put in.Sometimes this work is to do less work, and therein lies the complexity of Hands free Erections on Demand and why the Personal service is key.

Who is  z-i-p-p-e-d Erection coaching for?

All you need is a desire to improve your erection. Suitable for all men of all ages 18+.  No matter what your current erection health, general heal and fitness is - some erection and/or sexual improvements can always be achieved. If you have specific medical conditions please contact me for suitability.

Healthy Stimulate your mind and body to give you HARDer erections naturally 

If you have an erection question or something you'd like to talk about

You can contact me here:


To find out how I can help you - please feel free to contact me:

Not just erection Coaching - but a place to talk.

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If you just want to get more control of your erection - that's great - but if you have Erection Problems? Keep this in mind.. I've had my problems, and it seems often to be true, that men don't talk about erection problems.  If you're having any difficulties here's what you need to know:

  • Problems can affect men at any age
  • sometimes physical, sometimes psychological or both.
  • Problems can be temporary...

....I'll help ensure you stand every chance of getting back what you once had - at any age our body and mind can respond to the right training - it just depends how much work you put in. If you want it back again - chances are you'll get it!  Tell me what it is you want to get back and I'll give my honest opinion.

Erection Knowledge.
Erection Power.

We don't talk about it enough and may get glimpses of others in just one state but not the whole range and so we fill in the blanks with sometimes incorrect assumptions.

Women tend to  talk about their bodies and problems with each other - men sometimes have no idea what is normal and what is not - especially true nowadays with the rise of pornography and social media that can give a distorted view of what is normal/average. This section aims to give balance and if there is something you would like to know about - just ask me and I will tell you honestly.

z-i-p-p-e-d Erection coaching


z-i-p-p-e-d Backup.
The Erection Coaching resource

 Harder Erection Video Guide

Information & Videos:

Natural, Naked & Unadulterated for clear anatomy views.

Want a Training Plan?

Want More Erections - Be Happy! - The #1 priority

An old video I found that nicely reinforces thePower of a Smile

Erection Problem or Personality?

Are You Getting Enough?

Testosterone Fueled Erections

3 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone - It's Important for lots of Good Erections

Boost Testosterone Naturally - 1st Step 2nd & 3rd plus intro to HANDS FREE Erections

Add an Element- 4th step for Max Results

Introducing Turbo Boost Erection Function.

When You Need that bit Extra

Your Erection Muscle - parts of your anatomy giving erection hardness 

Penis Focused Exercising

Erection Muscle Exercising

Penis Focused Exercise - The basic Erection Improver Exercise

Penis Exercise in the Loo - do more often for quicker results. plus Penis Raises

Sheer Muscle StrengthSometimes brute force and ignorance can work wonders -even if just now and again!

Happy Erection Exercise - trains body & mind for happiness, penis strength and ultimately a HARDer erection!

Should i Use Abs when Penis/Erection Exercising

Penis Exercising  - See the erection muscles pump up your penis. This may happen now or after some practice 

Butt Hole Focused Exercise - Why Butt Hole Exercise for more HARDness how to ensure gains

Butt Hole Exercising

Stronger Erection Muscle. More Sensation

Exercise your Butt Hole - a great erection strengthener

Butt Hole Mindfulness - Max Erection Improvements

Penis Exercising

Boosting Your Erection

Turbo Boost - possibly leave until later on in your training.

Blood Flow

More Blood to Your Penis

Blood Flow - Max Blood to Your Penis

Increase Blood Flow - 7 ways to Pump Your Penis Up

The Erection Diet for Extra HARDness - Eat this one thing you' have a semi a few hours later!

Why activity is like a wonder drug - when doing constantly think of your erection getting harder in future.

Activity or Exercise for a HARDer Erection - if don't like exercise be active.


Erection Boosting.

Aim to Inspire You - Why happiness good, stress bad!

Performance Pressure

Sometimes can be too much for our penis!

Male Sexualness.
Harder Erections.

Naked, Relaxed, Free & Sensuous 

Mind/Body Connection

Sexual Feeling More - Ejaculating Less

Sexual - On Your Own or With Partner

Overcoming psychological erection problems

Some self loving can help erection quality in the coming weeks

Erection Dependability.
Psychological Aspects.

Take the pressure off and enjoy some non erection sex - my best sex ever was without an erection

A SimpleThing to make yourself HARDer!

The Penis Swing -  helps build a different relationship with your penis!

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation can be controlled once we know more about the male response

Friend or Foe

Pornography as solo sexual foreplay - a training tool leading to edging. Leading to ejaculation control, More resolve. More blood flow Harder erection

erect coach edging obscured

Ejaculation Intensity

Focus. ErectionMuscle. penisMind connection.

All added up gives you....

naked man squatting

Male anatomy. Male sexualness and Intensity

video thumb erect  coach removing boxers

Plus the Xtra Section

For the Open Minded

Plus many more Erection Coaching Videos at