Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


The ErectionCoach

This is What I do

Provide coaching to attain a healthy functioning male body

with workout videos, audio training and 1:1 Video Calls

erect penis labelled with softer and harder regionsHardness differential in an erect penis

Would you like more erections like this

under your clothes, in non sexual situations, reminding you of the man that you are

heatmap effect of erect penis in zipped jeans

As The erectioncoach.com

 I am the pioneer of non-sexual Health Erections.

That is the aim of my coaching for you - to receive workouts, and guidance from me that train your body and mind to give more erections that are unrelated to sex. You used to have them all the time, but age takes its toll. I want you to get them back again - with the capability to gain erections without sexual arousal,  then my job is done, as you will have a great erection power. Then when you are aroused - well - perhaps you'll be like a teenager again.

Also an advocate of 'Edging' for Sexual Erection Training

Edging is not for everyone, but it is a great way to increase erection quality if you prefer the sexual route. However it only works if you have no real erection difficulties - you just want to get that bit HARDer.  This is at my more sexual website penisMind - in the even more sexual sub section: BroTime. Whilst it is available to everyone (at any stage), I term it as advanced erection coaching as it is taking my erection coaching methods one step further. More details on this are below.

Healthy &/or/+ Sexual

Now this is tricky as you may want both and I have one membership as below that can give you this - but sometimes by going the Healthy route leads to a deeper sexualness at the end, as the healthy option gets your body and mind optimised for erections at any time you want - and then you can capitalise upon this with the more sexualised coaching. You have options.

Using my body - to give you confidence

Confidence in two ways.

All pictures and videos at this site (and all my other sites) are of me - I never publish anyone else's work. This gives you confidence that my methods work, I know what I'm doing as if I can do all that I show you here (with at the time of filming I was 53 - and up to present day 56)- after having overcome my own erection problems - you can have trust in my abilities to help you gain more erection control too.  This trust in me is vital as there is a psychological element involved in the erection process - your positive outlook is vital. You need to know we can improve your erection quality. You may want the personal service or perhaps just to work independently, either way I need you to be optimistic and positive. Perhaps my videos of erection control will be an ideal goal to strive for to give you this optimism for the future.

Secondly, as I never publish anyone else's content  - that gives you the confidence to communicate with me in any way you want, knowing it is in confidence. You may want to send videos for training comments or just talk openly - now you know you can, as that is also a big part of overcoming ED, or if you have no problems -  for realising your full erection potential. 

However please do know that I only show my penis because of my passion for my job as the Erection Coach - to motivate, inspire and train you to get the same for your penis. (I am actually a very private person, and I appear no where else but on my websites, or YouTube twitter - just to let people out there know that I can help them).

On that note - a few pictures to demonstrate my coaching

Can you imagine trying any of these - the pay back will be non sexual HEALTH Erections for you - anytime you want - your penis will be under your control 

naked-run-small.pngAll sorts of ways I encourage you to be more active & improve blood flow
man laying on floor, legs bent up to show pelvic floor muscles and anusyour butt hole key for strengthening your erection muscle
naked man sitting on wood block raising his bent legs either side of erect penis that points upwards and testicles shown below with some text over penis
naked man standing in gym with fingers on his ischioncavernosus - root of penisgood old fashioned pelvic floor exercise
naked man laying on bed masturbating with a question mark partially obscuring his erect penisI don't shy away from the topic of masturbation

and not to forget the effect that all these have on your mind

input daily download Output the Health Erection Health Erections from the ErectionCoach.com at ERECTIONS.IO and your minds part in the erection process navigated in 1:1 video calls

that will all then go on to effect your Erection Quality

So perhaps I should let you browse my web sites to see which one is for you, knowing that all are run solely by me, no one else is involved - for your privacy. 

Four web sites all with distinct services - see which one is for you:

Erection Coaching Options from the ErectionCoach.com

I have three erection coaching websites all with different levels of service

I'll start with this one where you right now 

1. THE INDIVIDUAL OPTION - giving you the personal service.

ErectionCoach.com - for 1:1 Video Call - details right here 

(I'll always be clothed - you can be clothed or naked as you wish)

the erection coach showing his passion for coaching in his erectionThe HEALTH Erection gained with no sexual arousal - just a masculine function gives you an Erection Attitude to make you feel confident that can then go on to help all areas of your life.


2. THE SERIOUS ERECTION GAINS OPTION - powerful in helping you overcome any erection problems or gain ultimate erection control

ERECTIONS.IO -  Includes the extremely powerful audio coaching,  the HARDer Erection Video Guide and 1:1 Video call → Will give you serious erection improvements and overcome ED especially of a psychological nature. Culminating in one powerful 2minute daily exercise/technique to do for life, that will keep your erection strong for life.  ERECTIONS.IO gives you the HEALTH Erection Capability- details here.

More HEALTH Erection focussed - with a healthy masculine playfulness as opposed to a sexualness

3. THE HARDER OPTION - great for overcoming mild erection difficulties - or to enjoy seeing how hard you can be.

penisMind.com - with The HARDer Erection Video Guide →will give you good erection improvements and help overcome mild ED.

A combination of Health with Sexual Erection focus

3.1 BroTime Warning only click this link if you are open minded. Whilst this is open to you - it is advanced erection coaching and takes all that you have learnt from both the above memberships one step further, and if you haven't previously trained with me - you may not realise the significance of some of my edging techniques. But it is entry level if you have no erection problems and want to experiment. If you have ED - I'll first encourage you to train with any one of the other options first.

 Very Sexual- but self sexual - all about you.

THE BUDGET OPTION - if you live in another country where the exchange rate makes membership for the above tricky - this may help.

4. ErectionDr.com with Kickstart - a few selected videos from the HARDer Erection Video Guide - the budget erection guide

All memberships and 1:1 video call bookings are One time payment only.

No recurring subscriptions.

Erections on demand

HARDer erections 

Overcome ED

For all men of any age.


Hands Free erection on demand using: Psychological power

All videos for members have – No banners or anything obscuring views of male anatomy.

These videos are not to say look what I can do - but...

Erection Coach

More Info

Who is  Erection coaching for?

All you need is a penis and a desire to improve your erection. Suitable for all men of all ages 18+.  No matter what your current erection health, general heal and fitness is - some erection and/or sexual improvements can always be achieved. However, if you have specific medical conditions please contact me for suitability.

Nakedness for Education Purposes. As you'd expect from me being the erection coach - I have to provide education,  demonstration and motivation to help you achieve results. If any one of those are missing - the erection results may not be forthcoming, so this means I have to be naked to show you male anatomy, as well as properly demonstrating.

Naked Coaching is about being open - me being honest and genuine which I aim to do without being overtly sexual but natural and naked -  otherwise if I were to stand in front of you clothed - just talking - there would be a communication disconnect -  resulting in less of a successful  erection training effect

Psychological training aspects to consider. If psychological aspects are influencing erection capabilities - I have to provide suitable training to allow you to 'connect and tune in' to your body. Being open and naked is the most effective way to help you overcome any psychological issues with 'health' training for all of you.

 For strong Natural Erections

Train Your Mind

Train Your body

Train your Penis

Train your sexualness

Erection Knowledge.
Erection Power.

We don't talk about erection problems enough and may get glimpses of others in just one state but not the whole range and so we fill in the blanks with sometimes incorrect assumptions.

Women tend to  talk about their bodies and problems with each other - men sometimes have no idea what is normal and what is not - especially true nowadays with the rise of pornography and social media that can give a distorted view of what is normal/average. This section aims to give balance and if there is something you would like to know about - just ask me and I will tell you honestly.

Not just erection Coaching - but a place to talk.

If you just want to get more control of your erection - that's great - but if you have Erection Problems? Keep this in mind.. I've had my problems, and it seems often to be true, that men don't talk about erection problems.  If you're having any difficulties here's what you need to know:

the erection coachThe Erection Coach with extensive medical and fitness knowledge.

→ Problems can affect men at any age

→ sometimes physical, sometimes psychological or both.

→ Problems can be temporary...

....I'll help ensure you stand every chance of getting back what you once had - at any age our body and mind can respond to the right training - it just depends how much work you put in. If you want it back again - chances are you'll get it!  Tell me what it is you want to get back and I'll give my honest opinion.

If you have an erection question or something you'd like to talk about

You can contact me here:

Email paul@malecoach.com

Forged in my medical career within the NHS -convention prohibited me taking it further

so here I am....

Just so you know you're in safe hands -  I'm University Trained, Medically Trained - And Very Experienced helping men from all over the world improve their erections. I am guiding you to tap into the power of your own body and mind to give you great natural erections