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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Erection Improvement!

The Erection Coach has a secret method to improve erection quality -  methods defined and refined in personal erection coaching sessions, in central London, for men of all ages and nationalities. Now working in other countries here the exciting methods are shared - capable of naturally and effectively helping you improve your erection quality - all it needs is a bit of hard work. 

Erection Training Can Improve Sexual Function at any age.

Erection Coaching is a great challenge that provides possibly the best sense of achievement known to man -

.....getting those hard throbbing erections back again!

The Secrets

Secret Training Methods Revealed  - The Harder Erection Guide

Penis Stories: from the London Training Room . Coming Soon

During the training I have got to see many men and many penises. Unlike visiting a doctor the sessions encouraged erections. I share the anonymous details about what happened in some sessions and all that I have learnt about other men's sexuality and their penises!

If you have been for a session with me no names are mentioned - all my records have never included identifying info. No personal identifying information has been kept. 

Working as the Erection Coach I've learnt the most successful ways - how the human male - can learn to strengthen their own body (and mind) for stronger erections. All natural, all safe. You will be stimulating your own body to adapt and grow stronger! 

Remember what those Hard throbbing erections feel like? We can all get them back - if you put the work in. It may be hard work at times but it is such a great goal that gives us a great sense of achievement and makes us feel great again.

Erection coaching details below....

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The Harder Erection Guide from the Erection Coach

Video Introduction

Harder Erection Guide Video Introducing training aspects to

strengthen the parts of your body needed for a Hard Erection

Semi Harder Erection Guide


Why..    ...because I am really passionate about this training for the benefits it can bring!

I know how erection problems can affect other aspects of men's lives and just how an improvement can brighten lives in so many ways.

If I can do this then al I ask is that you leave me a message here (this area coming soon) 

Throbbing  Harder Erection Guide 

Boost your erections further with a full on coaching programme of videos and information pages to stimulate your whole body and mind to give you stronger erections. (comes with personal email help from me).

Is Erection Coaching For You?

Anyone with a penis can benefit from this training as indeed can anyone that wants the someone else's penis to be a bit harder!

These methods can help men of any age:

  • stay harder for longer
  • get harder
  • cure erectile dysfunction

What's Involved

The method has evolved as a result of numerous studies and years of helping men improve their erection quality. Here at this site the erection Coach shares some of his methods that involve:

  • Exercise
  • Specific Exercise
  • Relaxation and Happiness 
  • Understanding Your Body

This helps both the physical and psychological aspects of the erection process. 

Plus - What all men want to know about other men's penises!

also I share the secrets all men want to know about other men's penises

About The Coaching - for your whole body &  mind!

Blood Flow Boost

Blood flow is what a penis needs to get erect - more blood in and less blood out means a harder penis!  There is one ultimate secret weapon every man is capable of getting to boost erection quality.

All Natural without drugs!

Taking Viagra will do this - but you can train your body (and sometimes if needed the mind) to give you the same effect with permanent improvements that last forever not just when you take a pill. You need to know that this is possible and their are many different training aspects. One will definitely work for you.

Specific Muscle Strengthening - Your Erection Muscle

Once the blood is flowing in we can maximise effectiveness by strengthening the erection muscles and yes you really do have one! Part of your pelvic floor muscles,  an extension of your penis - sole function is to boost pressure of blood in the penis to make it more rigid.


Once:blood vessels are conditioned through lifestyle, exercise and what you put in (and sometimes more importantly - not put in) to your body. With erection muscles have been strengthened,  then boost testosterone will become an important part of the traoining and there are ways that really do work, far better than any other 'quick fixes'

The Psychological Aspect

This can never be underestimated and often plays a part with many erection downturns. There are many different ways to address any negative psychological effects. It may be one of the hardest aspects to improve but there will be much help on this fascinating subject. Al you need to know is that just as we can train our muscles - we can train how we think - it may be harder for some and present a real challenge, but it will be well worth it!

The Most Important for Last!

One aspect is so important in all erection coaching, it is always included and it is so powerful that it can on its own be the great cure/boost that is needed.

What is this No.1 Priority...

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