London Erection Coach Trains your body and mind to boost erection If accepted onto programme 100% Guaranteed to work to get your erection stronger

London Erection Coach Trains Your Body & Mind - For Harder Erections.

If you do not wish to improve your erection do not play this video

Erection coach demos no sexual arousal erection -  a physical response. A valuable technique you can learn to boost your erection quality.

The London Erection Coach with  - the goal of improving your erection quality -  bringing the physical, the medical, and the psychological aspects all together:

  • with specific penis exercise
  • general exercise
  • healthy lifestyle
  • and happiness!

Specialist experience in Nursing and the medical world helping men with a variety of conditions combined with specialist fitness training brings a different perspective - but one that is all evidence based, extremely effective and fun to do.

Harder Erections are achievable - I train both your body and mind to help with the physical and psychological aspects of the erection process -  giving rise to increased sexual feelings. As the training kicks in you'll have a more responsive penis due to control of the surrounding muscles that are also capable of giving some great sensations in your prostate and testicles - to give a heightened state of arousal... well as Harder, Stronger & More Frequent Erections.

There's a lot to look forward to.

London Erection Coach Cures Erection Problems

I help men from all over the world improve their erection quality by training and strengthening parts of the body (and mind) that contribute to the erection process.

The Erection Video

How to Get Erection on Demand Video? Click Here

Erection Coaching Programme

This is 1:1 Personal Coaching in London, is Differen but more effective than Most Other Treatments For Sustainable Erection Improvements Here's Why

My Guarantee: If accepted onto the programme  I offer 100% money back guarantee.

Genuine: Before I accept you for a coaching session I ask a few questions, to establish if the Erection Coaching Programme has the capability to improve your erection quality - as it does in over 90% of men

Playing Your Part: All you have to do is follow your individual Erection Coaching Programme by devoting a minimum of 5 mins a day to it and one small lifestyle change.

Seriously Exciting Training

Cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally with no drugs.

Just as you may workout to get your arm stronger - we can workout to get your erection stronger - with specially devised exercise to strengthen your erection muscle (you really do have one!), boost blood flow and testosterone - combined with erection boosting lifestyle change... and looking after your mind. We will find out what parts of the programme you need.

What's involved in Erection Coaching

Dumbbells for your Penis!

London Erection Coach lifting weights with penisLondon Erection Coach Can Get Your Erection Strength Back Again - Guaranteed. No Erections are Needed

Just Kidding!

This isn't really about weight lifting for your penis, it is more involved! However fun and enjoyment are crucial aspects of the Erection Coaching Programme....

...this is seriously exciting training I have spent 15 years developing - helping men in the US and the UK improve their erections.- it isn't about dumbbells for your penis (unless you want it to be!)

Whilst we will be strengthening muscles around your penis we will also be training your whole body & mind -hormones, blood flow, health, stress/anxiety management and happiness: all important aspects of the erection process

The above is just adding some light-heartedness to what can be a subject that can cause anxiety. This is to show the erection coaching is all about fun and enjoyment no matter what your erection happens to be doing. 

Just to be clear: Erections are not needed for any part of this training, but if they happen - all is okay!

Why do I make it enjoyable:

The more you enjoy your training the more likely you are to do it

Enjoyment and happiness are not only important for improving psychological aspects - they also stimulate the para-sympathetic nervous system - which  opens up the blood vessels to get the blood flowing in!

Specialist & (Very) Personal Erection Coaching Ensures things are on the Up!

The Erection Coach can help you improve your erection quality.You may just want to see how strong your erection can be or have minor erection problems, or have erectile dysfunction. Either way I really can help you improve your erection quality which has the capability to enrich and change Your Life!

Get the blood flowing in again!

It is !00% Natural  and lasts for Life - not just when you take a pill (as long as you sustain your training)

What Would You Like To Do?

Warning - the following video includes nudity and an erection so please close this page now if you do not want to know how to improve your erection quality.

?Want to remove the titles and gain closer view of the pelvic floor muscle?

Click Here for clearer Video

?Want to remove the titles and gain closer view of the pelvic floor muscle?

Click Here for clearer Video

Possible Concerns Addressed Here?

Erection Quality & Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of Erection Quality is a decline in hardness, duration or frequency of erections, with sexual activity still possible.

  • Estimated to affect 75% of men aged over 40 and 60% of men over age of 35

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get an erection sufficient for sexual activity

  • 52% of Men aged 40-70 have ED
  • 8% of 40 year old men have ED and 40% of 60 year old men

Get the Zing Back In Your Life

When our erection is not working as well as we would like it can affect our overall health and well-being which if not helped can lead to us feeling older, less masculine, less sexual and even in some cases less relevant. However this need not be the case - there is so much that can be done to improve your erection quality and how you feel - you are not alone I can help you with both the physical and psychological aspects of improving your erections to get that zing back in your life. 

There is no part of the body that does not respond to exercise by improving and strengthening, unless there is a clear medical reason. Even then often exercise can help to some degree.

Erection Coaching shows to use the power of your body to gain more control of your penis! Developing a deeper connection to your genitals is key - both for control and for feedback. I'll show you ways to tune in, to listen to feedback from your penis, scrotum, anus and all the other muscles implicated in controlling your genitals. This may sound odd at first but once these feelings are developed the intensity and exercise technique can be increased  and improved which in turn will give you some great results. You'll enjoy the feelings and should soon start to enjoy improved erection quality.  Plus I'll show you can really boost these results with a few simple lifestyle changes. These changes are all about getting our whole body fitter, stronger and healthier so that it can give us a great erection. I'll show you how these changes can be enjoyable and why you'll really want to do them. All this put together and you'll feel more sexual, more masculine and feel more erections! Your new found techniques will improve your sexual function and experience - capable of making you even more fulfilled and happy. Erection coaching may just help your mental health as well as your physical health.  

Max dedicated coaching, 100% confidentiality & discretion as always.

Details coming soon

Your Current Erection Quality

All Okay!

You may not have any problems, but Intrigued to see how strong your erection can be. Just as you may go to the gym to train other parts of your body - your penis also relies upon blood flow and supporting muscles. Both your arm and your penis can be strengthened, though here we 'll be focussing upon your arm!

If Your Erection Has Become Weaker

It is inevitable that it will! This is just the ageing process - but we can fight it!

Your penis and the erections you get require good blood flow and muscular strength. With age both of these deteriorate, It is now accepted that we can hold off ageing and keep ourselves fit with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Yet I bet you don't go to the gym and do your penis exercises! Yet it can respond just as the rest of our body. The only difference is our brain and emotions are heavily involved, but this other aspect whilst very important and complicated can also be really helped. The other big difference is knowing what aspect is the weakest in the whole erection process and what specific exercises will help the most.

Improving Strength in Your Body

If we want to improve the strength in virtually any part of our body we will exercise to make it stronger. When we exercise we are not just improving muscle strength, but also blood flow, ligaments, tendons and even bone density.

Improving Strength

If you want to improve the strength of your erection what do you do? Many men reluctantly accept any decline as inevitable and may be tempted to use pills or other measures. Yet a decline can be reversed. The scientific studies prove this fact. 100% Natural using the power of your body with proven methods. If we want to strengthen our arm or rehabilitate it - specific exercises will help. Our penis is no different - there are muscles surrounding it - that help increase pressure of blood and when these are strengthened so to will your erection. Increasing blood flow with exercise and lifestyle change is also proven and together these improvements in our body lead to an improvement in erection quality.

When will I see results?

From an hour to a few days! Right from the start you will feel something -  results can initially range from a greater awareness of your genital region, a warm sensation or a fluttering feeling. Plus increased libido and you will right from the outset gain hope and expectation of great things to come from your body - harder stronger erections that you can learn to have more control over.

You'll love Erection Coaching

Enjoying harder, stronger erections will make you feel great! This great feeling can affect your whole well being and motivate you to do even more good things for your body. Your whole body may just also become healthier and fitter in this process of strengthening you erection. Plus certain exercises are capable of giving some great sensations in your penis, testicles and prostate that are not all centred around erections! This is enjoyable as well as rewarding.

The Training Aspects

# 1 Priority for Erection Coaching is Happiness and Contentment.

The most important thing is... not become anxious about your erection, as stress really is the enemy of erections. There is every chance the erection coaching programme will really help you – as long as you enjoy it and even before you notice the improvements in your erections I'll show you how to enjoy the sensations!

  • Improving Blood Flow (Getting the Viagra effect from exercise and lifestyle change - this alone proven to cure erectile dysfunction in more than 70% of cases)
  • Strengthening Your Erection Muscle(As used in NHS but taken a few steps further)
  • Boosting Testosterone Levels (naturally - in a proven to work way!)
  • Improving Happiness and Contentment (This is so important)
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety (Many ways to manage - we will find what works for you)

The erection process is complex and cannot totally be compared to strengthening any other part of our body as there are is also the psychological aspect - which can sometimes be a cause of a decline in erection quality as can lower hormone levels but all these are covered in the Erection Coaching Programme. Find out if the Erection Coaching Programme can help you..

Personal Coaching to ensure things are soon looking up for you!

92% Success Rate - why not 100%.....

Due to Compliance - Training programme requires a few minutes of your time every day. The more you put in the quicker results - especially when combined with lifestyle change! If you give up, the improvements will stop - that's part of my job to also keep you focussed .  Also due to nerve damage (More About the 8% and is below.

Age no barrier..

This is an anonymous & discreet service so do not ask for reviews but wanted to share this text I received from a man in his late 70's, to show that age really is no barrier - the human body is amazing and will respond to the right training.

Text message received 23-03-19

"This morning I woke up fully erect & rock hard which continued for several minutes until I had to get up. This hasn't happened for some years. So a big thank you for your personal training."

I've spent the last 13 years of my career finding out what really does help improve erection quality - developing successful techniques and exercise for the: fun and healthy  Erection Coaching!

Specific genital exercise, all over body exercise and techniques taught and prescribed on an individual basis!

Personal Training & Exercise Prescription to make your Erection Stronger