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Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Information Pages and Video to train your body to produce HARDer Erections!

Erection Kaizen Training

 If you click on a link - some may take you to my other websites....

1. that has now overtaken this older original site . It now hosts the Harder Erection Guide Video Course .....that is... ....Erection Kaizen. (Where you are now - will always be here as a hub.)

2. for all contact with  the utmost discretion - where the word : erection is never mentioned 

​Holistic in the truest sense of the word.   

⚠️ Warning - my erections in many images - in a Pure & Healthy way.
We are all sexual beings so I am being open, honest and genuine to help all of you -body, mind and penis.

The Erection Coach & Erection Kaizen
...for Erection Power

Welcome to Erection Kaizen

Hi, I'm the Erection Coach

Since 2019 from my training room in central London and before right here at Erection – using Erection Kaizen I've helped hundreds of men improve their erection quality

What is Erection Kaizen?

With Practice you can get more control.., Practicing the physical and psychological aspects of Erection Kaizen's definition of Erection Kaizen

​“Training your own mind and body - to realise your full penis, erection & sexual potential, by breaking the status quo"

​Imparting this practice to members - for HARDer Erections, for longer, and more often!.

Erection Coach with the Online Video Course - over at (my video course hosting site) contains all the information that you need to make your erection stronger – but are you willing to commit yourself to the training?  It is designed to fit into the busiest mans lifestyle and so if you really want to realise your full erection potential you can - but you have to put the work in – but what better reward – your full sexual potential realised.

Erection Kaizen is Erection Power

the erection coach demonstrating his erection exercise by boosting blood flow to make his penis harder.The erection coach demonstrates the penis power you can look forward to.

​Remember what those Hard throbbing erections feel like?

You can get them back (at any age) - if you put the hard work in to train your body and mind - it may be hard work but, it's enjoyable to have a goal with such a sense of achievement that makes us feel great again.

How the Erection Coach can help you....

Overcoming Psychological Problems - to rise to any occasion - any sexual situation - is affected by your personality  – but you can train to overcome a variety of issues. Erection Kaizen training from the Erection Coach helps men like you who may want  that bit extra erection power in the same kinds of sexual situations as you would like to also perform at your best.

The Erection Coach has helped hundreds of men like you to get hard, and stay hard.

Taking Care of your Penis

Erection Kaizen training by the Erection Coach at is packed full of videos, training techniques plus mind & penis workouts , designed to help your mind and body produce HARDer stronger erections more often. Some of the most popular are:

  • Gaining Hands Free Erections on Demand ( I have to be honest– this can take some time, it did me, unless however you're a natural)
  • Boosting Testosterone (all natural and proven to increase testosterone levels in as little as 20 minutes)
  • Strengthening Your Erection Muscle (you really do have one – in the Pelvic Floor called the Ischiocavernosus)
  • Exercise / Edge with me (fun ways to strengthen your erection capability)
  • Diet and fitness your way to improved erection quality (in a sustainable healthy way)

Learn how to get control of your erections. What would you like:

  • More erection?
  • Erections of a longer duration?
  • HARDer erections?
  • To overcome an erection problem?

Keep your Penis stimulated and responsive with a variety of techniques:

  • MTR – builds sexualness
  • Rising to the Occasion
  • Turbo Boosting your penis
  • Simple everyday things for a stronger erection
  • Mind/Penis connection

Who is Erection coaching for?

My online video courses are suitable for the younger man who wants to train his erection for max enjoyment, the guy with possible physical or psychological erection problems or the older man who's erection has declined with age.

Erection Coach's goal is Erection Kaizen for any man who wants it (there are many  free videos available in the Semi Guide).

Erection Kaizen encourages you to:

  • live a healthy lifestyle - blood flow boosts 
  • exercise - including specialist pelvic floor - muscles attached to penis that are there to make it rigid
  • further develop mind/body connection - helps with any psychological aspects

All very healthy - but with your sexual response at the focus of every aspect - this is very different and possibly not for everyone.

The Secrets of Erection Training - Erection Kaizen

More Erection Control

If you just want to get more control of your erection - that's great - but if you have Erection Problems? Keep this in mind.. I've had my problems, and it seems often to be true, that men don't talk about erection problems.  If you're having any difficulties here's what you need to know:

  • Problems can affect men at any age
  • sometimes physical, sometimes psychological or both.
  • Problems can be temporary...

....I'll help ensure you stand every chance of getting back what you once had - at any age our body and mind can respond to the right training - it just depends how much work you put in. If you want it back again - chances are you'll get it!  Tell me what it is you want to get back and I'll give my honest opinion.

3 Pre-recorded Video Courses-  3  Ways to Erection Kaizen::

  1. Standard Kaizen -  Make Your Erections HARDer
  2. Subtle Erection Kaizen - The Video Diaries 
  3. ​Daring Erection Kaizen - BroTime

The Personal Service..

Taking place of the face to face meeting is: you being able to contact me via email or the ultra discreet Signal Messaging App with progress, questions,  pictures or your own videos of training progress.

Entirely optional and is totally confidential never to be shared with anyone. (Confidentiality/discretion details) However you can choose to remain as private as you wish.

Is Erection Coaching For You?

Anyone with a penis can benefit from this training as indeed can anyone that wants the someone else's penis to be a bit harder!

These methods can help men of any age:

  • stay harder for longer
  • get harder
  • cure erectile dysfunction


Why I Share this

We don't talk about it enough and may get glimpses of others in just one state but not the whole range and so we fill in the blanks with sometimes incorrect assumptions.

Women tend to  talk about their bodies and problems with each other - men sometimes have no idea what is normal and what is not - especially true nowadays with the rise of pornography and social media that can give a distorted view of what is normal/average. This section aims to give balance and if there is something you would like to know about - just ask me and I will tell you honestly.

About The Coaching - for your whole body & mind!

The method has evolved as a result of numerous studies and years of helping men improve their erection quality. Here at this site the erection Coach shares some of his methods that involve:

  • Body Exercise
  • Specific Penis Exercise
  • Relaxation and Happiness 
  • Developing an even greater Mind/ Body connection
  • Exciting Erection Boosting Lifestyle Change
  • Harnessing/increasing Sexual Feelings

This helps both the physical and psychological aspects of the erection process. 

Blood Flow Boost

Blood flow is what a penis needs to get erect - more blood in and less blood out means a harder penis!  There is one ultimate secret weapon every man is capable of getting to boost erection quality.

Erection Training Can Improve Sexual Function at any age.

All Natural without drugs!

Taking Viagra will do this - but you can train your body (and sometimes if needed the mind) to give you the same effect with permanent improvements that last forever not just when you take a pill. You need to know that this is possible and their are many different training aspects. One will definitely work for you.

Specific Muscle Strengthening - Your Erection Muscle

Once the blood is flowing in we can maximise effectiveness by strengthening the erection muscles and yes you really do have one! Part of your pelvic floor muscles,  an extension of your penis - sole function is to boost pressure of blood in the penis to make it more rigid.


Once:blood vessels are conditioned through lifestyle, exercise and what you put in (and sometimes more importantly - not put in) to your body. With erection muscles have been strengthened,  then boost testosterone will become an important part of the traoining and there are ways that really do work, far better than any other 'quick fixes'

The Psychological Aspect

This can never be underestimated and often plays a part with many erection downturns. There are many different ways to address any negative psychological effects. It may be one of the hardest aspects to improve but there will be much help on this fascinating subject. Al you need to know is that just as we can train our muscles - we can train how we think - it may be harder for some and present a real challenge, but it will be well worth it!

Enjoy Improving Your Erection Quality - Healthy & Natural!

Any worry or anxiety can now stop, and be replaced with enjoyment, as you have arrived at a place where you can find out exactly how you can help yourself. With videos and information I guide you through the whole process of strengthening the parts needed to give you stronger erections and I am always contactable and ready to offer support.  So relax and enjoy the wonderful world of erection improvement

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Information & Videos:

Natural, Naked & Unadulterated.

Background Effects & Hardness

Want More Erections - Be Happy! - The #1 priority. Simple but effective for more erections!


An old video I found that nicely reinforces the - Power of a Smile

Level 1

Erection Problem or Personality? Why understanding your mind can  help you get harder erections for longer.

Level 1

Are You Getting Enough? One training aspect that can help you overcome many negative effects.


Boost Your Testosterone

3 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone - Important for lots of Good Erections


Boost Your Testosterone Naturally 

Do the X Pose Naked and with Mindfulness

Level 1

Semi Testosterone Fuelled Erection

exploring the how the psychological and physical issues affect our erections!

Level 2

Using Psychological & Physical aspects to gain an Erection

intro to HANDS FREE Erections

Level 3

Add anl Element - 4th step for Max Results

Level 3+

Simple Everyday ways - to gradually top up testosterone

Level 1

Introducing Turbo Boost Function.

Your Erection Muscle - parts of your anatomy giving erection hardness 



Exercise Basic 1

Strengthen Your Erection Muscle with Butt Hole Focus

Butt Hole Focussed Exercise - Why Butt Hole Exercise for more HARDness ..pluhow to ensure gains

Level 1

Exercise Basic 2

Strengthen Your Erection Muscle with Penis Focus

Penis Focussed Exercise - The basic Erection Improver Exercise

Level 1

Penis Exercise in the Loo - do more often for quicker results. plus Penis Raises

Level 2

Level 1

Sheer Muscle Strength  Sometimes brute force and ignorance can work wonders -even if just now and again!

Happy Erection Exercise - trains body & mind for happiness, penis strength and ultimately a HARDer erection!

Level 2

Should i Use Abs when Penis/Erection Exercising

Level 2

Butt Hole Exercising

Boosting Your Erection

Exercise your Butt Hole - a great erection strengthener

Level 2

Butt Hole   Mindfulness - Max Erection Improvements

Level 2

More Penis Exercising

Boosting Your Erection

Penis Exercising whilst semi erect  - See the erection muscles pump up your penis. This may happen now or after some practice 

Level 3

Turbo Boost  - possibly leave until later on in your training.

Level 3+

↑ Blood Flow to Your Penis

Blood Flow - Max Blood to Your Penis


Increase Blood Flow - 7 ways to Pump Your Penis Up


The Erection Diet for Extra HARDness - Eat this one thing you' have a semi a few hours later!

Level 2

Why activity is like a wonder drug - when doing constantly think of your erection getting harder in future.

Level 1

Activity or Exercise for a HARDer Erection - if don't like exercise be active.

Level 1

Erection Boosting Emotion

Aim to Inspire You - Why happiness good, stress bad!

Level 1

Performance Pressure

Sometimes can be too much for our penis!

Level 2

do 10 - turned into something else!

Level 2

Sexual Feelings - for Harder Erections!

Naked, Relaxed, Free & Sensuous 

Level 1

Mind/Body Connection

Level 2

Sexual Feeling More - Ejaculating Less

Level 2

Sexual - On Your Own or With Partner

Level 3

Some self loving can help  erection quality in the coming weeks

Level 3

Still Having any Erection Problems?

This is great if you are or if you're not....

Take the pressure off and enjoy some non erection sex - my best ever was without an erection

A SimpleThing to make yourself HARDer!

The Penis Swing -  helps build a different relationship with your penis!

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation can be controlled once we know more about the male response

Penis Stories: from the London Training Room 
enis | Other Men

Why I Share this

We don't talk about it enough and may get glimpses of others in just one state but not the whole range and so we fill in the blanks with sometimes incorrect assumptions.

Women tend to  talk about their bodies and problems with each other - men sometimes have no idea what is normal and what is not - especially true nowadays with the rise of pornography and social media that can give a distorted view of what is normal/average. This section aims to give balance and if there is something you would like to know about - just ask me and I will tell you honestly.

All About average Penis Size and what's more important!