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Erection Does Not Last? 

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If you can get an erection okay, but it doesn't last, the reasons why, are significantly narrowed down.

Chances are -

  1. low level stress or anxiety may be the cause - addressed here on this page
  2. or lack of sexual arousal - here testosterone boost or sexualness
  3. plus a deterioration in erection muscle - the one that helps build pressure of blood

If this is happening to you - we know that your body can initiate an erection and so the positive news is blood flow must be all good. There are therefore two  likely reasons why you may not be lasting as long as you'd like, and a possible third. Often it can be the case that improving all three of these is what's needed. Here we start with anxiety (low level that we can be unaware of)....

Worrying about erection quality

If we worry and become anxious about our performance - this alone can be the cause of any problem.

Sometimes for a whole host of reasons there can be a blip in erection quality for a period of time - sometimes stress related, but it may have just been that a blip for whatever reason. Then if we become too concerned this can cause anxiety to develop which gives the secondary problem when the initial may well have resolved - unless it was stress related.

Whether the anxiety/stress is the whole or partial cause of  we need not concern ourselves as erection kaizen training will cover all aspects and as you may now already be aware - to relax and enjoy your training without any concern is going to do your erections the world of good!. The aim of this is to inform why stress or anxiety can cause problems - then once you know - you can either:

  • simply stop being anxious about your erection problem - since now you know this can be turned around
  • or take measures to manage your stress levels.
  • or easier still - just relax into the slightly sexual male world that is erectionKaizen.

On this site I try and suggest ways to relax by feeling sexual, getting lost in your erection/penis exercises and also with some sexual mindfulness. Why anxiety and stress can cause problems.....

Why Stress & Anxiety can cause your erection to not last

Stress causes erection problems due to preparing your body for fight or flight - it is reacting in the same way as it would to a threat to your life and is preparing to keep you alive - not for making love. Underlying stress can accumulate, and gradually cause more problems with erection quality, which can cause you additional stress about your sexual function. A one off stressful event that caused a blip in erection quality, which we can all get, is enough to cause anxiety - and an underlying stress about erection quality can build, which if other parts of you that contribute to the erection process remain strong - they'll take up the slack. So you see erectioncoach.com is all about improving all aspects of you as one will help another and before you know it - perhaps your erections will gradually be on the up!

If you have only a slight erection problem you may start to become concerned, causing anxiety levels to rise and so too - the likelihood that your erection wont last. Because anxiety is the enemy of erections, a vicious cycle starts, the more we worry the more the effect upon erection quality. So simply relax into your erectionkaizen training and keep in mind the above paragraph - knowing that everything can gradually improve.

Telling Your body everything is okay.

In past days when the world was a tougher place - getting an erection was never going to help us survive the attack of a wild animal or an attacker - and so our body diverts blood away from the periphery, which includes away from the penis, and towards the working muscles to ensure they have the resources needed to run away or stay and fight as needed. Our body reacts to anxiety and stress in a similar way - your body is trying to protect you. Once we know this we can begin to find ways to tell our body everything is okay.

This is why happiness, sexualness, contentment and relaxation form a big part of this erectionkaizen coaching.

Stress and Anxiety

Our body is reacting as it would have done thousands of years ago - it responds in exactly the same way. For example:

work related stress is reacted to in the same way as stress of a wild animal about to kill you.

or Anxiousness from a job insecurity or sexual performance provokes the same response as general anxiety about the threat of rival soldiers or wild animals in the night.

The priority for our body is to stay alive and getting an erection is not going to help.

in time as your control strengthens - you'll be able to effectively almost pump your penis back up and keep it there for a period of time.


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Get that naughty feeling from erectionkaizen male training world - boosting sexualness, testosterone, strengthening erection muscle and mindfulness with one simple exercise

Older Age

Older Age

When I say older age I mean after the age of 30 - that's the age our muscles stop naturally being so strong and gradually start to deteriorate - unless we stop them! Which we can simply be exercising them.  The Erection Muscle needs to be kept strong and this we can do with a simple exercise as above.

Exercising Your Erection Muscle

If your erection does not last, it can be due to lack of stamina in muscles that support an erection. The initial strength is there, so they just need to be strengthened with the stamina aspects of erection kaizen and so may well be a case where we can choose what aspects are priority for you.  These muscles like any deteriorate and begin to lose strength, after the age of around 30, unless we maintain strength by really using or training the muscles. Some men with a real active sex life, that are using their muscles to their full extent may be keeping up strength, however if we are not a natural user of these muscles they can weaken.

I don't like to generalise with a number, but if you are younger than around 30 - 35 the chances are your erection may not be lasting is due to the psychological (reason 1 above). However if you are older it does not mean weak muscles are the cause, as stress can also rise, the older we get so it may be that both these erectionkaizen training aspects could help you.

Knowing Why Your Erection Does Not Last?

Sometimes it can be difficult to establish the main cause or reason why your erection does not last and really we don't need to know. Sometimes it can also be for both of the above reasons.

Either way just enjoy boosting testosterone, sexualness and relaxing more - training aspects all covered in the HARDer erection guides. Never also forget the Power of a smile - even if it is a fake one!


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