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It's Good to Talk? 

Can be good for your erection anyway!

​This is Somewhere you can talk about erections.

​Men aren't always good at talking about their problems - here I provide somewhere you can get help for erectile dysfunction or to simply get that bit HARDer.

Harder and Throbbing Members get priority, after all they're paying me!. When I have finished my personal coaching with them -I work my way through non members asking for free help - your enquiry will be added to the queue -this can take some time.

A Personal & Discreet Service...

For 100% discretion I use my other site for all admin and contact as it never mentions the word erection or anything sexual - ideal for all!

All emails, communication right through to payment details (such as name on statement) are always: Male Coach.  That's it pure and simple


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Discreet address:


Communication is totally confidential. From Initial inquiry through to membership payments, training progress and communication - Your information is never to be shared or discussed with anyone.

Please know...

I'm National Health Service compliant in confidentiality and ethics.

GDPR & Data Protection Compliant

All payment systems and an alternative email ( never mention the word: erection. Only: Male Coach is displayed, no one will ever know the particulars.

If you have any questions please contact me at this email:

Talk About Erection Problems

This is what I am passionate about - not because I am weird, but from the health perspective as erection problems effect our well-being and men sometimes do not seek help until erection quality further deteriorates.  This I want to change and encourage you to talk about any problems or seeking help straight away. The sooner you start strengthening the systems in your body that contribute to the erection process the better - it actually becomes very rewarding. Beats other types of training and this will also help your health & fitness!  This training really can help you improve your whole body and mind to give you great erections for years to come - not for just as long as you take a blue pill!

Improving my erections has improved how I feel about myself, which may sound a bit shallow, but sexuality can be a big part of us. Erection coaching is for all men over the age of 18 who want to improve their erection quality and improve their health & fitness in the process! 

Contact the Erection Coach about any aspect of  Erection Coaching -  to find out how it can improve your erections, cure erectile dysfunction and help  you to feel more sexual.

Knowing we can get control over our sexual function can be a great thing. We are all human with sex and sexual function being a fundamental part of us, yet at various times in our life - for various reasons can gradually fade away. 

If you need any help in getting it all back again, please feel free to contact me about any aspect you like.

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