3 Easy Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally for Harder Erections

Testosterone is the key to overcoming any anxiety induced erection problems due to lack of physical attraction, or a spiritual connection

plus it will get you harder - faster and for longer..   

 ....and give you erections more often.

The previous page (how personality effects erection quality) described why you may need physical attraction or a deeper connection to become aroused.

Sometimes we may be so attracted physically to the person but need a deeper connection to become aroused and erect, or vice versa - we may have a great bond but need some physical attraction...

but testosterone can limit the  control that your personality has - also reducing anxiety and increasing Erection quality.

The Exception to the Physical/Spiritual Connection

Think of the times when your sex drive is really high or when it use to be such as when a teenager. Thiis high sex drive and constant erections are the effects of testosterone coursing throughout your body. Stress, age (and alcohol) are just a few things that suppress testosterone  and in turn responsible for lower sex drive and the need for greater arousal stimulus.

You may still have a high sex drive:  are horny and ready to go whenever - in which case that's great, but if like me (though I have now improved) those times can be intermittent and  less frequent the amount of arousal needed for an erection is greater. This means the your personality and what arouses you is more significant, so if you would like to minimise the effects of personality or anxiety upon your erection this will be important for you...

Want an Example

Whilst filming the Testostrerone boost exercise  this is what happened to me....

As I had been demonstrating the exercise for about an hour, but kept messing up what I was saying, my testosterone levels were rising and rising so much that even though I was in front of camera and concentrating upon explanation and demonstration I still became aroused. This demonstrated the power of this exercise. Whilst it may not be practical to do this for an hour before we needed a boost to overcome the personality effects upon erection quality - the idea is that doing this every day will all accumulate and help to gradually elevate your testosterone level. This has certainly done the trick for me.

It only takes 2 minutes, along with 2 other great ways to boost testosterone, is explained is shown in the following pages:

Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Wide Limbs

Just Go Wide and spread your legs as wide as you dare! As little as 2 minutes can work wonders. Details in above guides.

Happy & Sexual

Feel Happy - Feel Sexual! What works for you will be very individual, but know that the effects accumulate and build. Thinking happy thoughts or sexual thoughts at various times in your day is great. Conversely negative feelings and .stress can also accumulate to destroy testosterone. Reducing stress and anxiety are as important as increasing sexual and happy thoughts.

The Harder Erection Guide will give ideas how you can do this.


A muscle building workout will raise T levels - but remember this is relative to you. If you stimulate your muscles a bit more than you would ordinarily - then you will get a boost in T as well as muscle strength and fitness. If you are young and fit you can really push yourself at the gym or in a Home Workout - as the muscles pump up and work you can almost feel the testosterone rising within you. If you are a bit older you don't have to do anything out of the ordinary, but just do it that bit harder or faster.

For example running up stairs instead of walking up them or go up and down a few times extra - anything over and above what you would easily do - you need to push yourself to feel the muscles really working. If a bit older you may get this effect simply from walking quicker.

Further on in the guide I encourage exercise to increase blood flow - so you'll get lots of exercise ideas then. 

Other ways to boost your testosterone is here in

Start Boosting Your Testosterone Now

There's some great ways you can increase testosterone :

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