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Erection Problem or Simply Personality Type?

Sexual Chemistry!

This page builds upon the benefits of being naked and happy in previous page and also introduces the personality aspect which can affect erection quality.  It may be that you have no erection problems and just need to be happy and understand yourself that bit more - (possibly!)

Overriding any Effects of Personality for a Stronger  Erection

This video sums this up by encouraging you to not only be happy with your erection training but also in everyday life too - explaining how the emphasis upon the coaching is to feel sexual and happy whilst strengthening your body systems that give you an erection. You can do this with a quick naked erection training session (take your pick of them in the guides) every now and again along with knowledge detailed below about personality - may help you lots!

Even if you don't have any erection difficulties  this may help you understand your erections better.

Your personality has significant control of your erections.

What Gets You Going?

What arouses you on he internet and in real life may be very different!

Spiritual in the sense of a connection with someone.

Not Religious! The definition of spiritual I am referring to : relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Are You Physical or Spiritual?

Before you diagnose an erection problem, think about your personality! You may just need your sexual exploits to suit your personality. 

Some erection problems are no problem at all: your erection mirrors your personality - if you need a deeper connection to arouse your mind, so to may your penis need a deeper connection!  How you interact with others and what arouses you affects your erections. Yet this is the tricky thing - what is arousing in different situations may be very different. For example when we are relaxed in our own surroundings and feeling aroused we may fantasise about a sexual encounter. Yet in the cold light of day, if this were to actually happen, we may not be so relaxed due to being in a different environment or a degree of anxiety may creep in - due to a whole host of different factors that we do not think about in our fantasy. This anxiety no matter how small even oif we are not aware of it can take the edge off any arousal.

However some men overcome this and it may even form part of the excitement depending upon the type of person we are.  If all this is overcome and you are with someone you do not know very well their can then be an arousal problem due to anxiety or a slight unease about the other person you are about to become sexual with. Here is where it can be very different for different  A Physical personality type may become aroused due to the environment, the situation and the physicality of the person (or even people!).

However others (spiritual) even though they find all of these things appealing may actually require a deeper connection to arouse them. The connection may actually be there to some degree, but just needs to build by various ways either talking to get to know each other more or through developing a bond due to familiarisation or shared experiences.

Physical Personality Type

This is the person that can become aroused purely from the physical body and needs no deeper connection or bond. A classic example is the person that can successfully engage in a sexual act with someone they've just met on an app. 

Spiritual Personality Type

This is the type of person who needs a deeper connection at a mental level or through shared experiences. This person becomes aroused at the connection or bond developed between shared experiences and communication. A classic case example can be a work colleague who you are surprised to find arouses you.

Which are you closer to?

Some may be wholly physical and some spiritual but many of us may find ourselves somewhere along the spectrum. Past experiences may help you realise whereabouts you are along the spectrum and help you understand how your erections are influenced.

Why is this important for erection quality?

Some can become anxious about erection quality , yet the reality is there may be nothing wrong at all and they simply may have some spiritual needs that are not being met.. For example a predominantly physical person can view potential sex partners on an app, meet them and be so attracted by the physical body that this overshadows and other concerns they have about any other aspect of the situation.

However a predominantly spiritual person when relaxed and aroused may get excited looking at potential sex partners on an app, but when the time of the meeting comes and the person is there in front of them - with all their own needs, desires and thoughts - the physical attraction may not be enough -  a deeper connection is needed.  Sometimes a deeper connection can happen really quickly,  in a few minutes or may take longer, or may never happen at all.

But do know that if this were to happen to you, you could be forgiven for thinking you have an erection problem as it was your fantasy, you may have been really attracted to the other person physically, so why can you not get an erection? Especially when we all know others are doing this kind of thing all the time!  Well the answer is you probably have no erection problem at all you just have spiritual needs as well as physical ones.

My Lack of an Erection

This is all very true for me. I have in the past met people whom I have found really attractive, but  being somewhere in the middle of the spectrum  I need some deeper connection. The physical alone wont do it for me and neither will just the spiritual connection. I need both.

I have had occasions where I have found the other person to be so attractive, yet I could not get an erection. Even using all my techniques and exercises I need some deeper connection to exist. Now this is where it gets more complicated, I train people to overcome any psychological issues with their erection quality yet what we cannot overcome is our personality.

So if you are meeting new people and wanting to have sex straight away (a hook up) and cannot get an erection this may be due simply to your personality, and depending upon how far along the spectrum you are, may be very difficult to train and improve on. 

How Erection Coaching Can Help

If you are with someone and there is a bond between you  - And you find them physically attractive - but cannot get an erection the psychological and physical aspects of this erection coaching will really  help you.

If you are a predominantly physical type and with someone whom you have a bond with but do not find them physically attractive then this too may just mean it is your personality - the training effects will be limited and will need to be more focussed, as it will be if switched round the other way. However it does depend where upon the spectrum you are as to whether you have to accept this is your personality and how much the focussed training will help. 

It can be difficult to overcome strong personality type, but once we understand this and don't be too hard on ourselves this is actually the best first step to overcoming the issue and can take the performance pressure away - as we don't expect to much of our penis.

When Erection Problems are not problems at all.

Another Reason why Erection Problems are not problems at all.

Not being able to gain an erection when with another does not necessarilly mean an erection problem exists, purely an understanding that sexual act is sometimes more complex than we realise. Failure to get an erection can be influenced by:

  • being cold
  • trepidation/slight anxiety about anything  (sometimes we can be unaware of this)
  • Being nervous
  • underlying stress
  • personality
  • sexual partner(s)

One Training Aspect that can overcome all the above....

There is something that can, to some extent, override all of them...

Throbbing Members....

Throbbing  Harder Erection Guide  

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