1:1 Personal Erection Coaching in UK, Cornwall or Video Call

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With 4 main erection training aspects - Personalised erection coaching - gives you individualised bespoke training - - to make your future erections Harder- for longer.

What does 1:1 personalised erection coaching involve?

You and your sexualness

A personalised erection coaching session starts with me getting to know a bit about you in the context of your erections and sexual performance now and previously. If you'd like to get going sooner rather than later - we can start this prior to your session with some email communication

Training Modules

I'll select the most appropriate training exercise/technique/method (any one of the training modules from my main training site (penisMind.com) - the Harder Erection Guide for you - and ask you to practice it during our meeting with a view to you incorporating it into your daily life - making it a habit.

Do You Need an Erection?

No erections are ever needed for this training - as we are strengthening parts of your body and mind that input into the whole erection process - to give you harder future erections.

Naked & Clothed

I will always be clothed, in a video call, as I have no control where I could end up (I'm sure you're trustworthy - but there are a few that like to steal my methods). You can choose to be naked or clothed as you wish. If I ever need to show you specific muscles or techniques - I'll direct you to the appropriate video of myself demonstrating this.

Generally in an in person session I will also be clothed, however if I need to show you specific anatomy: such as pelvic floor muscles, I can do this to ensure you get the most from your training session.


This coaching can be sexual - but only in the context of erection coaching - to give information as opposed to gratification. But I really want you to enjoy this - as that is what this coaching has to be: pleasurable - but in the context of furthering your body and mind's capability. Therefore to that end a sexual energy can be nurtured and encouraged.

In Person Coaching

coach in cornwallI can personally coach you

Currently I'm based in Cornwall UK (where), and can travel anywhere within Cornwall to visit you. Alternatively I'm always willing to travel anywhere - if you're happy to pay my travel expenses.

The costs for a session will depend upon:

  • your whereabouts
  • the amount of coaching (I'll happily give you a discount for regular bookings)

Personalised, face to face, bespoke erection coaching starts from £90

Video or Audio Call 

Wherever you are in the world - all we need do is arrange a mutually convenient time, bearing in mind time differences. Coaching in both Video or Audio calls is always on the Signal App only 

Signal App is free and easy to download from the App Store. WhatsApp is not private enough.

30 minute call - the costs:

  • GBP £65
  • USD $70
  • CAD $100
  • AUD $115
  • NZD $125
  • EUR €75
  • SGD $105

I'm in Mounts Bay, nr Penzance

view of mounts bay in Cornwall showing the sea, land and sky

I am close to Penzance - so the closer you are to me the easier and cheaper it will be - but there sure aren't many erection coach's around - I was the first and possibly the only - with the most extensive medical knowledge combined with practical experience in both the hospital environment and the gym, to gain results in both the physical and psychological aspects of the erection process - I'm the ErectionCoach.com, so beware of imposters offering a 2nd rate service that can cause set backs to erection improvement.  I appreciate my move from Piccadilly Circus in London down to virtually the most southerly point in the UK is perhaps not the most practical for logistics - if you're serious about improving your erection quality - we can find a way, and there's always a video or audio call to fall back on!

Interested in a 1:1 Erection Coaching?

The first step is to introduce yourself to me here and please feel free to include as much as you're happy to share at this stage about your erection quality.  Or if you have any questions - feel free to ask.