Warning:⚠️ Health Training contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men react as nature intended & overcome ED

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Ask Coach Harper - aka ErectionCoach.com, medically trained, responsible and capable to help you achieve total Male Health: Youthfulness & Virility.

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All About Erection Coaching and the Coach

As you can see here - I don't just tell you what to eat for your erections - I show you the affect it will have. 

So you see I don't just preach, or tell you what to do:

  • I show you
  • I motivate you to do good things to your body and mind.  
  • I give you hope and positivity:  which your erections will thrive upon.
  • I guide you  every step of the way - or every degree upwards.

My Erection Coaching
 A Unique Mix of knowledge, demonstration and motivation.

I get my penis out to show you what to do with your penis. As we all know doctors can't do this. Here I'm free from the constraints of the medical world / hospital setting to show you what really works.

My Passion
for Erection Coaching is the only thing that will make me show my penis.

 I'm passionate about this - you have to know I am so private and I appear naked on only my web sites - my passion for Erection Coaching is the only thing that can make me show my penis. 

Get back what you once had.

At my various websites I have  video showing myself gaining Hands free erections on demand, in absence of sexual arousal. Yes in our teens this can be easy - but as life takes its toll our erection control can wane. Mine did, but I got it back - this is me in my 50's proving that I can help you get back what you once had, and probably more too.

Medical World meets Fitness World 

I have spent the last 16 years of my career developing successful techniques, exercises and simple lifestyle changes to improve both physical and psychological aspects of the erection process.  

Fitness and Medical Together very powerful

NHS Trained & Experienced

Physiology at University 

Cardiology Papworth NHS

GP Referral personal Training

Health Training

Erection Coaching London Training Room

Erectile Dysfunction Training Program UK & US

Erection Coaching Video Courses

A New Lease of Life for Me & Possibly You Too?

About Erection Coach - How he can help you get a HARDer erection!

Being more mature, an ex smoker, unhealthy diet (pre-diabetes) and stress in my life-  I realise only too well the effects life has upon our erection quality.  When we're younger and getting erections all the time we just take it for granted, bu as we get older and life takes its toll - when things don't work as well, it is then we appreciate just what we have lost. This can really affect our self esteem. - I know it did me - but equally I know how great it can feel to turn things around.
To say that I have had a new lease of life is an understatement - the improvement to my erection quality has without doubt been one of the best things to have happened to me and I so appreciate what I now have and I if you let me I can do the same for you. All it takes is a bit of hard dedicated work/time.

Lower erection quality does not have to be a part of growing old

It takes men with erectile dysfunction on average 3-6 years to seek help. This is far too long as it can go on to affect other aspects of our health too. 

If you experience a downturn?

 The sooner you start with the erection training the more you can be sure of keeping or getting a stronger erection!  Hopefully you'll look upon this site (and me) as not only a great training resource but also somewhere where you can freely talk about your erection capability in sexual situations, or any aspect of your penis as I do about my penis in the coaching I provide.  There are no statistics regarding men seeking help that have poor erection quality The concern is that some men may just put it down as an inevitable part of ageing - but it doesn't have to be like that. There really is so much that we can do - and it's never too late! I hope you will feel free to talk to me about any aspect of your health - remembering that I am fully trained and experienced, seen and heard probably just about everything, so nothing will surprise me and everything is in the strictest of confidence.


Our penis is a very important part of us able to help our physical and mental health.  Erection training and the resulting improve erection quality really can change our whole outlook and I'm full of enthusiasm to help you get all these great benefits!

Health & Fitness Go together

Recovery or improvement hinge upon the body's systems working well - then improvements can be great. Physical systems are affected by our mental health – how happy we are! If we are happy we are more likely to be healthier – making better lifestyle choices but also freeing our body up to do maintenance and look after itself. When stressed our body is preparing for fight or flight and neglects maintenance. When the body is even slightly stressed it will be preparing for a possible war in the forthcoming hours rather than  anything  for longer term health, recovery or body improvements any further than a few hours ahead. As a consequence erections will be less likely.

It is normal for men who are experiencing problems with their erections to worry. This worry and anxiety can lead to the situation worsening (the psychological aspect of the erection process can never be ignored – even when you were a teenager you may not have got an erection in moments of stress. However when the anxiety about erections is reduced so too will any negative psychological aspects.

How we reduce the anxiety and psychological aspects:

I can't give all my secrets away! ....but t give you an idea: Knowing that we can all experience problems at different stages in our life can help us feel less panicked when things don't work so well. Knowing that they're are so many things that can help – will give you optimism that this is not the way that it has to be – the erection coaching involves so many aspects that can target different body systems and there is every chance that things can be improved. The success rate is very high even in men classified as having erectile dysfunction. Just knowing these two pieces of information, that most men will experience difficulties at some stage – at any age, plus rates of improvement for men with erectile dysfunction are  high. This gives much needed hope and optimism.

Hopefully this just gives you a little idea about me and my capabilities. The combination of physiology, managing various health conditions, fitness training and experience in motivating people all helps to make me the erection coach.

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