All About Erection Coaching and the Coach

All about erection coaching  and me - how I can help you improve your erection quality!

The Erection Coach - a specialist in Men's Heath:

I've always been a bit different! Strengthening Men's Erections, my job - aim to make this more normal - too many men suffer needlessly with erection concerns.

helping men of all ages, fitness levels and different countries improve their erection quality.

Erection Coaching is great....

...Not because i get off on any weird aspect of it - but  this is one area that really needs to move forward - men don't tend to talk about erectile dysfunction or erection problems and that is something I aim to change - by demonstrating there's so much you can do to help strengthen your erections at any age - enjoy exploring and discovering the pleasure and improvements to be gained - by truly connecting your whole body and mind to your penis and your body parts and systems that have control over it. Strengthen these and you can strengthen how your penis responds!

Medical Meets Fitness Training - to give you what the NHS Can't

Men's Health is my specialist subject - it can have a massive effect upon how we feel about ourselves, which in turn can go on to effect our wider health, mental health included. 

In my medical career - helping men with problems as a result of heart disease and post cardiac events that required specialist care - I became aware of how erection problems can have a massive effect upon self esteem.. Yet I became frustrated that the NHS was not doing more to help and indeed that some men weren't doing all they could to help themselves, so I became a fitness instructor to motivate men to help themselves.

Combining personal fitness training and medical knowledge/experience gives you both the theory and the practice - to inspire, motivate and train you to stronger erections.


Men tend to seek help too far down the line - which is why I have devised a whole training programme (all evidence based that really works) to prevent and reverse any erection problems. The sooner you start with the erection training the more you can be sure of keeping or getting a stronger erection!

Hopefully you'll look upon this site (and me) as not only a great training resource but also somewhere where we can freely talk about all the things that affect us at different times in our lives. There will in time be a space to share your stories and comment, in the meantime feel free to contact me.

Erection Improvement Resource in Progress

You're probably realising I'm aiming to make this site into a great erection training resource - however it is just me on my own, writing, filming and compiling the Harder erection Guides in between personal 1:1 coaching. So bear with me!

A Unique Cure that Doctors cannot Prescribe - Mind & Body Training

Know What's Important... never underestimate the power of your body to heal itself! One of the very best ways is happiness as well as a healthy lifestyle. The aim is to find the best  exercise to improve your erection  and capitalise upon the effects by making it fun.  I guarantee you really will enjoy the whole process of improving your erection with a friendly, approachable coach that cares!

Experienced & Qualified

Qualified and experienced in Healthcare, the NHS and the Fitness Industry - to give you both health & fitness - which your erection needs! Fitness on its own is not always enough.

A New Lease of Life for Me & Possibly You Too?

About Erection Coach - How he can help you get a HARDer erection!

When we're younger and getting erections all the time we just take it for granted, bu as we get older and life takes its toll - when things don't work as well, it is then we appreciate just what we have lost. This can really affect our self esteem. - I know it did me - but equally I know how great it can feel to turn things around.

To say that I have had a new lease of life is an understatement - the improvement to my erection quality has without doubt been one of the best things to have happened to me and I so appreciate what I now have and I may well be able to do the same for you. 

About Erection Coach - different name!

Even my name is different!

There is sometimes some confusion about my name!  My nickname is Kwest (pronounced Quest)- the name that friends call me by, If you also call me by this name, it tends to gives a friendly informality to our relationship / communication which considering how well we may get to know each other can be quite important!

It's Important to Talk About Erections

This can seem odd at first - but to me it's all totally normal - I hope it helps you if you are experiencing any difficulties. It takes men with erectile dysfunction on average 3-6 years to seek help. This is far too long as it can go on to affect other aspects of our health too. There are no statistics regarding men seeking help that have poor erection quality and the concern is that some men may just put it down as an inevitable part of ageing - but it doesn't have to be like that. There really is so much that we can do - and it's never too late! I hope you will feel free to talk to me about any aspect of your health - remembering that I am a fully trained and experienced nurse that has seen and heard probably just about everything, so nothing will surprise me and everything is in the strictest of confidence.

What qualifies me to be an Erection Coach?

I have spent the last 13 years of my career finding out what really does help improve erection quality - developing successful techniques, exercise and ways to make lifestyle change easy. These I have put into the erection coaching - that has over the last few years gradually evolved from an add on training aim for conventional personal training to a full health and fitness training aim in its own right.

I am a Fitness & Health Coach In every sense of the word:


  • Experienced NHS nurse - erection help post cardiac care/diabetes care, experience in giving exercise & lifestyle interventions that in the longer term are more powerful than drugs.
  • Advanced Gym Instructor- developing specialist exercise and techniques to really help the whole body be set up for some great erections.
  • GP Referral Exercise Schemes - for helping both mental & physical health to manage a range of conditions that can affect erection quality
  • Specialist Personal Trainer -   Specialising in Men's Health - aiming to prevent the problems in the first place with exciting ways to improve erection quality and health.
  • Erection Training Programme - successfully helping men in the UK and the US with erectile dysfunction or those wanting a stronger erection.Further developing the all important psychological aspects!

The Health Aspect - with NHS and medical training.

The Fitness - from Specialist Personal Training, & GP Referral Exercise Prescription.

A 45 Minute Introduction to Erection Coaching
90 Minutes Individualised Coaching
2 Hours to Focus Upon What Works For you

Personal Erection Training


Our penis is a very important part of us able to help our physical and mental health.  Erection training and the resulting improve erection quality really can change our whole outlook and I'm full of enthusiasm to help you get all these great benefits!

About Erection Coach - why health & fitness are needed to boost erections


Being older I totally understand how the pressures of life can affect erection quality but equally understand how they can be reversed - to give you a harder, stronger response.

A Bit More About Me and Why I am The Erection Coach

Firstly it is experience of caring for people and training them - whilst the physiology knowledge from University is very important for underpinning my practice – it is taking the time to understand the person – you that really makes this training successful.

I have the health training – medically trained at the University of Hertfordshire and experience - using evidence based practice working in the NHS as a nurse alongside and assisting doctors & Consultants. The fitness training knowledge and experience has come from working in the fitness industry as a gym instructor, personal trainer and GP Referral Exercise Instructor.

However this just reads like a list of qualifications on a CV.

I'll explain a little more about the health combined with fitness (nurse combined with fitness trainer) below so that you get an idea of why I can really help you.

Health & Fitness Go together

Motivation to exercise (or practice techniques) and live a healthy lifestyle, has come from the psychological aspects of nursing. Erection coaching is not always so different to nursing – a health or body improvement is needed. Recovery or improvement all hinge upon the body's systems working well. When they're all working well recovery and improvements can be great. Physical systems are affected by our mental health – how happy we are! If we are happy we are more likely to be healthier – making better lifestyle choices but also freeing our body up to do maintenance and look after itself rather than when stressed where our body is preparing for fight or flight and neglecting maintenance. When the body is even slightly stressed it will be preparing for a possible war in the forthcoming hours rather than  anything  for longer term health, recovery or body improvements any further than a few hours ahead. As a consequence tomorrows health can suffer.

A great example of this In nursing and fitness training:

Fear about an illness can lead to stress - which will lead to a slower recovery. When a patient is in recovery immediately after an operation they can experience pain, which leads to stress and impaired recovery. When a patient has been prepared and informed about the whole procedure and what will happen to them – they can even be told that they may experience pain but it will be controlled to some degree - they experience less pain due to less anxiety and fear. Knowledge that pain was normal in any situation and nothing to worry about - whilst unpleasant, does not cause fear and can allow greater recovery and mental health. However patients that are not prepared may panic at the onset of pain which leads to greater stress and even more pain and anxiety ultimately resulting in poorer recovery.

You may well ask what has this got to do with erection coaching

It is normal for men who are experiencing problems with their erections to worry. This worry and anxiety can lead to the situation worsening (the psychological aspect of the erection process can never be ignored – even when you were a teenager you may not have got an erection in moments of stress). This is similar to the patient experiencing the onset of pain – the anxiety will make it worse. However when the anxiety about erections is reduced so to will any negative psychological aspects.

How we reduce the anxiety and psychological aspects:

I can't give all my secrets away! ....but t give you an idea: Knowing that we can all experience problems at different stages in our life can help us feel less panicked when things don't work so well. Knowing that they're are so many things that can help – will give you optimism that this is not the way that it has to be – the erection coaching involves so many aspects that can target different body systems and there is every chance that things can be improved. The success rate is very high even in men classified as having erectile dysfunction. Just knowing these two pieces of information, that most men will experience difficulties at some stage – and it is not always age related and the fact that rates of improvement in erection quality is high. The chances are things can improve for you.

Hopefully this just gives you a little idea about me and my capabilities. The combination of physiology, caring for people with various conditions, fitness training and experience in motivating people all helps to make me the erection coach.

Successful Erection Coaching

The vast majority of men that I have coached have improved the quality of their erections, however there have been a few that I have not been able to help. I am a genuine and conscientious person & coach - if I felt I was not the best person to help you I really would say.

I do know my limitations – during my medical career it was always important to recognise when to refer. It is for this reason that before we meet for our erection coaching session I ask a few questions about you and your health.

I hope this all reassures you that you are in good hands, with someone that really cares and is professional, but also to know that the erection coaching is fun enjoyable and exciting to do.

 Intro Session 

Gives a great introduction to strengthening your erection and provides a great wellbeing session for your whole body.


When: Appointments available 7 days a week 7 til 7.

Duration: 45 mins

No Longer available

Suitable for: All men over 18, of any fitness level and any current erection level.

Includes 3 take home exercises.


  Bespoke Training 

An individualised training programme depending upon you and your current erection quality. Plus a great wellbeing session for your whole body and mind.


  • Mobile Erection Coaching London & Uk: 7 days a week 
  • Bedford Gym: Weekdays

Duration: 90 mins


Bedford £120

London (Mobile Service): £150

£10 discount for Prepayment.

UK Contact me with location for a cost

  Bespoke Training + 

The same as bespoke Training

+ more time to really focus upon: the aspects that you like, or that will really get results.


  • Mobile Erection Coaching London & Uk: 7 days a week 
  • Bedford Gym: Weekdays

Duration: 2 hours


London Mobile Service: £180

£10 discount for Prepayment.

UK Contact me with location for a cost

According to the Sexual Medicine Society of North America the average man has about 11 erections a day. Seems quite high - but then I am a bit older now!

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