Warning:⚠️ Health Training contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men react as nature intended & overcome ED

Penis Swing Helps Psychological Erection Problems

 ....plus will give you a

bigger butt

boost of testosterone

The Penis swing builds a different relationship up with your penis using reverse psychology to help erection difficulties. In this exercise the last thing we want is an erection - yet the whole focus is upon the penis being moved by body and mind - meaning the success of your penis delivering is not governed by gaining an erection but by your body for a change. 

Penis swing - an exercise in its own right

This really helps us try and serve our penis for a change. If you currently struggle to get an erection this exercise lets you work in a different way with your penis - enjoy the game of swinging with the ensuing feelings and challenges it presents! If you have no problems with erections then it will be your challenge to not get one!

Soft & Floppy is Good

Your penis is the centre of attention, but you do not want it to get hard. This exercise only works when soft and floppy. 

Improves Sexualness - helping with the Psychological Aspects of erection Quality

There's many reasons for erection problems - not always physical, but due to the psychological aspects of:

  • Pressure to perform
  • Guilt (for many reasons)
  • Sexuality doubts
  • Inhibitions. 

More on all these points below....

One simple exercise helps with the psychological aspects of the erection process. plus gets you a bigger butt and makes you feel great - also helping physical aspects of erection coaching. A great warm up or just on its own.

In the videos for members at ERECTIONS.IO above I go on to explore our HEALTH Erection capability - your Male side with...

Other Psychological Factors of Erection Process


Masturbation helps us understand us, without pressure of someone else. However for various reasons some find it difficult to let themselves go in a carefree way - but we can learn to do this ( erectioncoach.com helps you with this if needed) and it's  great for both mental and physical health. The video link above may help you.

Sex on Our Own is Great

For some guys sex on their own is not something they are use to. This penis swing exercise may be the first step to get in touch with your wild side and embrace it! The erection.dr takes this a step further with permission to masturbate as in the link above. 

I'll be writing more about this soon. Especially why (erectioncoach.com believes) we need to embrace our wild side! If it does no harm to anyone else or ourself - then being a bit wild with oneself every now and then can be a great thing! If without a partner it can be great as I describe below. If with a partner - there should be no guilt with having some 'me time' - it can actually help you know what you like or take the pressure off what you want with someone else, enhancing your sex life with your partner! However, everyone is different and every relationship is different, but one thing is for sure - I(erectioncoach.com) believe that sex with oneself can actually help us in so many ways.....

Pressure to Perform

When we have sex on our own - with just ourselves - it can lead to a great understanding of ourself and capable of giving great contentment and acceptance of our own body. Sex with someone else can be great, but only if you're lucky enough to be with the right person. If not then sex with oneself can be a great salvation. Indeed even if you are with the right person - it can be unrealistic that your sexual tastes and frequency needs are the same and masturbation can therefore allow you to explore your own body and possibly enhance your relationship.


Many upbringings or faiths can make us feel that sex with oneself is a bad thing. Sometimes this is due to the inadequacies of others - not able to properly accept sexual beings, it can be easier to dismiss the subject of sex - pretend it's not present. This can especially be true in puberty with parents unable to deal with the transition from non-sexual to a sexual person. dismissing the whole situation as  something that should not be done. The inadequacy of someone not being able to discuss or face up to a subject can lead to others mistakenly feeling masturbation should not occur. Erectioncoach.com's belief is that  masturbating can be simply a release from a natural urge, is essential for sexual discovery, capable of giving great enjoyment bringing self satisfaction, relaxation and many health benefits. Plus perhaps an honesty?

That is why (I believe as the erectioncoach.com) any guilt should stop. The person masturbating was purely being natural. There is perhaps an argument that the person calling masturbation wrong should be feeling guilty for not facing up to a perfectly normal bodily function that is vital for health and survival.   As the erectioncoach.com I spend much of my time helping men rediscover their sexualness - reassuring them of all the health benefits. 

Let me know what you think - in confidence as always.

If You Ever feel any Guilt or are unsure about Masturbation ...

Masturbation Benefits for all Throbbing Members at erectioncoach.com:

  • Great for prostate health
  • Keeps all your equipment working
  • Allows discovery and understanding of ones own body
  • Can enhance sexual experiences with others
  • Great for physical health
  • Great for mental health
  • Great for relaxation
  • Capable of Improving erection quality

This is for anyone that feels guilty about masturbation. Here I try and convince you it is good for both physical and mental health plus can help enhance relationships. We’re all mammals and to think we can control urges may be damaging. 

We are sexual!

As a species we may be cultured and have the ability to explore space, but to think as individuals we can block out our sexual drive or urges can be a mistake. We are mammals with a compelling urge that has been bred into us for survival, and even though the human race currently has many, who knows when - as a species these urges may well serve a great purpose once more.

Celebrate these strong emotions and response. Look after them. We have valuable amazing equipment that we need to look after. Any instrument or machinery needs to be used otherwise it will seize up and our sexual response and organs are no different. We need to enjoy and discover our sexual capabilities with no shame but pure ecstasy. 

Health & Relationships

Doctors actually recommend men regularly ejaculate for prostate health. Great if there is a partner who also wants frequent sex, but for some this may be an unwanted pressure upon a relationship. Sex with oneself is therefore great for single men and for those with partners who may not want such an active sex life, keep good prostate health.

Many adults of both sexes use masturbation not only to release themselves from sometimes overwhelming urges, but also for relaxation . The erectioncoach.com advocates masturbation as a way to overcome many psychological erection issues. Stress is often an overlooked reason for erection difficulties, another reason erectioncoach.com advocates masturbation as a way to relax and become mindful. The video link above may help you start to explore this further.

We are mammals and only here as a result of our ancestors having sex. Sex is vital and should be embraced not only for survival of the species - but also for survival of us - so that we can contribute to society. Masturbation is a big part of this whole picture.

The Penis Swing gives a Bigger Butt helps Erections

Short Term Boost 


More muscle = Higher Testosterone levels

The biggest muscle in your body are your gluteal muscles - your butt! Therefore it makes sense to get maximum health benefits for your erection and make them stronger!

Long Term Boost to Erections

A bigger butt is great for health - this greater muscle mass is valuable for controlling blood sugar levels too. The more muscles you have, the greater their need for fuel (sugar). So if you eat too much of the wrong food - your bigger gluteal muscles will (after doing the Penis swing exercise from erectioncoach.com) need to refuel - mopping up any excess blood glucose - removing it away the blood and stopping it becoming stored as any dangerous visceral fat. 

Any activity you do will burn more glycogen (energy/sugar supplies stored in the muscle). The bigger the muscle the more the demand for glucose from your blood. This is an efficient way to remove and mop up any excess blood glucose. This is important as high blood glucose levels damage blood vessels - some of the first to suffer the ill effects are blood vessels supplying the penis - due to there narrowness. So if you ever need a reason to build more muscle - think of your erection!

A Bigger Butt Good To Control Blood Sugar for Diabetics and Non Diabetics

This exercise to get a bigger more muscular butt  is a great way for all to control blood sugar levels. If you're a diabetic and would like any further information please feel free to contact me.