Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Want More Erections? | Just Be Happy!

⚠️ nudity

We all probably want more erections, that is unless you're a teenager and it never seems to go down. As we age a harder penis is something we'd love more of and we can actually attain by being happy.....

The Power of Happy Thoughts
(and training your mind to connect with your penis more)

Hands Free erection on Demand can only be achieved if relatively content

Why does being Happy/Content help us to have more erections?

The short term reason is simple - when we are happy and content we are relaxed and so too are our blood vessels. When the blood vessels - our arteries are relaxed, they widen and so more blood flows through. That is why your penis tends to be bigger when you are happy. The same effect happens when you're warm. Your penis will be slightly bigger due to the extra blood flowing in.

However even if you are warm but you're anxious this will have the effect of narrowing the artery and restrict blood flow to the periphery. Your body is going into fight or flight mode - preparing you for action -  wants to survive any threat, so blood in the surface is diverted to the core and to power the big muscles that will help you fight or flight and your penis being on the periphery is starved of blood to ensure your cardio vascular system can power you fight or flight. The body still reacts in this way to anxiety or stress and the more this builds the more the effect. Before you know it blood flow to the periphery is minimal and the penis becomes smaller. The same effect happens when we are cold - the body prevents us from losing heat by restricting blood flow to the surface. - the reason why our penis gets smaller when cold. 

However this effect is quick - we can reverse it, once we understand it, with erection kaizen training to calm the body down, by thinking happy contented thoughts or sexual thoughts to block out any anxiety or stress. This can for some take time to achieve (I'm still working on it).  Managing stress is dealt with later on at erectioncoach.com, but for now I'll just concentrate upon the happiness  and contentment aspect. Further below is one way you can gain contentment by enjoying and appreciating your penis by enjoying your body.....

Longer Term Effects of Happiness

In the longer term being happy can help you to get more erections due to:

  • lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone) - high cortisol levels reduce testosterone 
  • more likely to think of sexual thoughts that leads to ↑Testosterone
  • less anxiety and greater contentment leads to better sleep which increases  testosterone - leading to even more sexual thoughts about your penis.  This helps mind/body connection to help 'tune in' to your penis.
  • less inflammation - body working at optimum levels meaning an erection far more likely - in true spirit of erection kaizen
  • less  inflammation means less risk of artery clogging - better blood flow in longer term
  • better lifestyle choices, more likely to be healthier.
  • if diabetic lowers cortisol levels and lowering risk of high blood glucose to keep  blood vessels healthy.

Happiness or Contentment

Either are good - you don't have to be totally joyous the whole time, a contentment will be great! It may be worth remembering that it can take effort to be content by focusing upon the good in your life rather than the bad. We all have things we dwell upon too much I guess, and I know I do it, is almost a self indulgence that I have to snap out of!  I do this by thinking of my sexuality, my penis and even the MTR helps. Overall I'm happy that I am getting far more erections than I ever use to. So I know this works and will help you achieve more erections too - simply by training your mind to relax and focus upon your own body as it is so wonderful and capable of so much.  Even if it's not working so well at the moment, we can get it running better! 

How to be Happy/Contented for More Erections

We know that being happy is good for us and our erections - but how do you go about being happy. We cannot wave a magic wand, though you can wave your penis - the next best thing! We have to put the work in - but like any training erection kaizen is the same - you can gradually get better and better at being content or even just mindful by doing such things as the MTR or even a touch of music! and enjoy your reward of more erections!. What will work to make you happy and content is very individual but perhaps I can help you start the process off in a very simple way with the focus upon your penis....

Keep in Mind

Know that it's worth taking a few minutes out of your day to train for something that will make you feel good and give you more erections.  No matter how busy you are you can spare 2 minutes of our day to do this - or as long/as many times as you can - to train to become even more content with your penis...

Firstly do you love your penis? Hopefully the answer is always yes, but if any doubt learn to love your penis here 

  1. Get naked and enjoy the release of your penis from your clothes.
  2. Think of nothing else but your body and especially your penis. 
  3. Smile a little, sometimes you don't need to smile with your mouth, but simply imagining you are smiling can have the same effec - as I show in the smile video somewhere at erectioncoach.com!  Let the resulting feelings radiate down to wards your penis. Enjoy whatever feeling this evokes and see how far down you can feel it travel. In time you'll get all the way down to your penis and when you do your penis may smile with you as I show in that video!! 
  4. This can for some (it did me) take a lot of practice but enjoy your penis hanging between your legs and let your mind wander down and really explore the whole area. (I hope that makes sense) Let your mind become aware of the shaft of your penis, how warm/cold it feels aware of how big or small your penis is now in relation to other times. aware of glans and possibly your foreskin or not as the case may be.
  5. keep total focus upon your penis and now aware of it at a deeper level - how it makes you feel - hanging there,  or possibly sticking out in front of you. do you feel free, sexual, manly or excited? 
  6. If at any time you begin to think of anything else just stop and bring awareness back to your penis. Gentle hip swinging/thrusting can enable this to happen by increasing the feelings and sensations, however avoid touching with your hand. 
  7. Then as in erection kaizen draw attention back to what your penis is doing - it may be lifeless (which as I explain in MTR - can actually be quite good for feedback) , it may be swelling up a little or it may be touching another part of your body.  Don't force it to do anything - just let it do what it wants.
  8. Now try 100% focus upon the feelings that come back from your penis to the rest of your body. This may be a warmth, a sexualness, a happiness, freedom or manliness.
  9. Really tune into what your penis and other parts of your body feel and really enjoy it.

Some days you may be able to manage this for a few seconds others a few minutes, but the more you do it the longer you should manage. You can also do this when trying the testosterone boost exercise. It should never be a chore, but something to enjoy. The enjoyment though will build as you train your mind to relax and appreciate your body.

Also some days you may feel different things - don't force feelings or sensations or outcomes -  but just upon clearing your mind and 'tuning in' to your body, if only for 20 seconds.

This will then build and the effects can stay with you for longer each time. Then at times when you are stressed/anxious - just think of how you felt when you last had this time with your penis.  Sometimes think of your penis wherever you are even if clothed and at work and in public. No one will know your thoughts - enjoy them and enjoy the thought of your penis, it can be a great stress reliever and the key to gaining more erections if you only let your mind appreciate it!

Loving Your Penis will lead to more erections

Hopefully you love your penis and it excites you or at very least makes you feel lucky to have one. If for whatever reason you don't love your penis it may be important to start really appreciating it more...

don't compare yourself to false representations of the average male form  on internet where only the biggest and most beautiful pictures get posted and re-posted. There's lots of information at erectiondr.com about this very subject.  I see pictures of penises on the internet, but also in real life with my job. The average real life penis I see is definitely smaller than the average on the internet so don't let size become an issue, as you may be comparing to something false

Remember what I was saying about how the cold affects the blood entering our penis. Well I really feel the cold and did at school during physical education. Plus I use to be anxious at the thought of the showers sometimes meaning my penis was really small. Always keep this in mind as the guy you are comparing yourself too may be relaxed and warm.  We come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes personality is more important and having seen 100s of soft, semi and erect penises I can definitely say they all have a personality! Some are really responsive, some seem cheeky and others threatening1 Some really changeable - but they all have the ability to convey the emotions of the person to whom attached!

Appreciate the function not the size. Even if your penis is not working too well at the moment, know that this can be resolved. Start to build up a relationship with your penis - a commitment to helping it become strong again.  Think of all the good times your penis has given you  Remember your penis doesn't have to get hard to ejaculate or orgasm or give you nice sensations. It is there to be enjoyed in all its states.

Your penis is fantastic no matter what shape or size. Think of those born without a penis , they would dearly love to experience one,. You have one so enjoy it - and don't let social media distortions of the normal/average penis size or function effect you. They are all wonderful.

Plus always remember that anyone such as myself posting videos or pictures tends to post the better versions. Here  on this site you are not seeing a true representation of my penis, it sometimes can be much smaller and shriveled, but I love it whatever the size it happens to be. And there is the big realisation, my penis gets bigger as a result of doing the penis exercises (I'll be showing you how to do these)  - and I do these as a warm up! There is one good reason for exercising as well as them giving you more erections.