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A Happiness Erection for Extra Hardness!

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The Happiness erection - all starts from a semi erection arousal - from being happy and content. It can then escalate into a full on hard erection.

Happiness Erection is what we get when we're happy a lovely erection to savour.  Working on happiness is just as important as hard core penis exercising!

When we're happy an erection is more likely due to the way our erection happens. We can have the fittest, strongest body with great blood flow and muscle strength around our penis – but if we are anxious or stressed – the signal to start these working will not be sent, as our body is preparing to keep us alive – not have sex. This is why contentment forms a big part of erection kaizen.

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Why A Happiness Erection is Better

When we are happy and content, especially in erection kaizen style, we get an erection - our whole body is working in an optimum way for reproduction and enjoyment purposes. We are relaxed and our body is able to put 100% effort into giving us a great erection. Conversely when we are anxious our body is not going to give 100% of all it's efforts into a sexual act when there may be danger on the horizon. A happiness erection really is a better erection!

Reducing Anxiety and Stress with erection kaizen training really can be great for our erections.

A bit about what starts an erection

  • A reflex response as a result of touch - Our penis can get erect due to being stimulated, but it soon needs the brain to take over and maintain it.
  • Arousal - All sorts of different arousal from excitement, nostalgia and from sexual situations can result in an erection. This is under control of our brain.
  • Night time erections - during sleep, happen when we are very relaxed in certain phases of sleep.

A whole chain of events

An erection can start due to touch, almost as a reflex response but in order to keep it – our mind needs to take over and carry on sending the signals to all parts of our body that help us get an erection. If we are stressed this is not going to happen and our erection will subside. If we are happy and relaxed our erection will continue to grow and be maintained or indeed an erection can be initiated without tactile stimulation - as long as the relevant muscles and blood flow are all working correctly. If you're thinking about erection coaching with me: at erectiondr.com this will soon all become part of the coaching along with a few other aspects of erection kaizen too! The whole erection process is like a chain – only as strong as the weakest link – if one of these links is weak – a hard erection is not going to happen.

The first priority for a harder erection

Happiness and the resulting relaxation is the first step for a harder erection, that's why it's such a big part of erection kaizen coaching. Our whole body benefits and if there is any sexual act – it can become more intense and more enjoyable too.  Happiness for a harder erection is the aim – but achieving it can be tricky. What works for us as individuals will be very different – but anything in your life that induces relaxation is a great start to contentment and what better motivation is there than aiming to get more of those happiness erections, that we use to get before life got in the way!

Go Somewhere Private and Focus Upon your Penis - but no touching!

The 2 Minute Exercise - Happiness Erections!

At some point in your day go somewhere private, where you're totally alone . Even a cupboard will work!

Once totally alone clear your mind – which can be tricky but you only have to do it for 2 minutes, naked , part naked or clothed. Focusing upon your breathing can help – breathing deeper and from lower down.

Then shift your focus become more aware of your penis and your testicles - erection kaizen style!. As with your training at erectiondr.com - even if just the semi guide - feel your butt hole relax as you breathe deeply and enjoy the feelings that may start. You are connecting to your penis – not touching, or expecting it to do anything but letting your mind become really aware of it.

If thoughts drift in to your head – remind yourself this is just for 2minutes - think of your breathing and your penis again.

Enjoy the moments for a while before returning to normal again.

This may all sound a bit lightweight – but it really is so important as It is a link in the chain that if not improved may just prevent another link from working such as the muscles around our penis which hard core exercise will help - see below!

A Clothed Alternative

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