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This site contains nudity, in a healthy, naturalistic way - purely to help men that may needlessly be suffering with erection problems

If you are expecting anything other than health & fitness guidance - this is not the place for you, please leave now.

if you'd like to improve your health & fitness, to help your body respond as nature intended, you are most welcome here...

Feel Sexual by Developing Your Mind/Body Connection with movement.

One way to feel sexual more!

The more sexual we feel - the more likely a hard erection!

Rather than just expect, our penis to respond to anything, and get erect - sometimes we need to set our body and mind up to allow this to happen. 

As the years pass this approach is needed more and more!

Anxiety, stress and life's problems can all build up and have an affect upon how we feel. The chances are that when stressed - we are less likely to feel sexual. Feeling sexual helps set your body up for some great erections in your day or evening ahead.

Moving your body for a few minutes with focus upon your penis swinging around. Gives your mind few mins off to get lost in your body.

Mind/Body Connection

This can be a very powerful concept - is so simple yet so difficult for some to do. It is all about clearing your mind of absolutely everything but your own body. One of the easiest ways is with movement as there is a lot to then occupy your mind and then with practice you'll be able to just connect with your penis straight away and almost communicate with it at a different level - getting lost in the thought of your penis. If that sounds odd now I do understand, but trust me the more you connect with your body the more you can get lost in it.

A couple of minutes every day!

..all accumulates to raise testosterone levels and make you feel more sexual and in touch with your penis!

The Penis Swing can work wonders for your mind!

This is not to provoke an erection but to connect with your body to maybe in time feel more sexual. 

Then in time you're more likely to have a stronger erection. 

especially when combined with all other training aspects.

The Erection Conversation

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IMPORTANT These videos are: health & Fitness  to help men who needlessly suffer with erection problems.

To explain how to help yourself - some contain elements of arousal, but not in the form of sexual arousal. We can get aroused for many reasons - relaxation (as with night time erections) and happiness can as you will see cause arousal in the human male. If you are expecting anything other than health guidance - this is not the place for you

and please leave now.

however if you would like to improve your health & fitness to help your body respond as nature intended you are most welcome

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Introducing Turbo Boost Function.

Your Erection Muscle - Your anatomy!

Penis/Erection Exercising


Penis Focussed ExerciseThe basic Erection Improver Exercise


Butt Hole Focussed Exercise -  for more HARDness 

Butt Hole Exercising

Exercise your Butt Hole

Exercise Butt Hole With  Mindfulness. Max Erection Improvements & Enjoyment.

Boosting Your Erection

Turbo Boost for that Throbbing Feeling

Feel More  - by developing your mind/body connection!

Blood Flow

Blood flow - Max blood flow to your penis

Get the Blood Flowing to Your Penis

Blood Flow, Testosterone for helping the physical  |  Sexual Aspect for helping Psychological as well....

....Erection Boosting  Exercise - whole body exercise improves blood flow to Penis .. adding the sexual aspect to intensify results

Pornography - Help or Hinder Erection Quality

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