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Cleaning Your Tongue Makes You Erection Harder!

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covered in beet juice!

Good Tongue bacteria combined with beetroot gives you a stronger erection.

The nitrates in food are converted with saliva to nitric oxide, a natural Viagra and in true Erection Kaizen style - all erection improvements are natural.

A clean tongue - allows good bacteria to flourish which - boosts the effect!

Nitric Oxide - Your Body's Own Wonder drug for erections

Nitric Oxide (NO) is your body's own version of Viagra and you can make more of it simply by eating leafy green veg or beetroot containing nitrate, which is the reason for the Erection Diet within Erection Kaizen.

This is all your body needs to make the natural wonder drug for stronger erections - give your body what it needs and it will do the rest. However NO production tends to decline as we age so as we get older to offeset the age here's what we can all do:

  • Eat more leafy green veg, celery or other NO containing foods as recommended within erectiondr.com
  • keep your tongue clean....

The NO (natural Viagra)  effect can be massively boosted by cleaning your tongue, which is perhaps one of the simplest erection Kaizen training aspects, purely due to clean tongue allowing good bacteria to flourish. The bacteria that helps to start the conversion of nitrates within food to NO

Nitric Oxide

A quick lesson from your erectioncoach.com: Nitric Oxide is natural Viagra - it widens blood vessels - meaning greater blood flow everywhere including the penis. More blood flow into the penis equals a greater erection. This is what Viagra does, so along with all the other training principles of erection Kaizen - you can boost your erection quality simply, purely and naturally ..and enjoyably. Tongue cleaning is perhaps one of the least sexual aspects of your erection Kaizen. However even then perhaps that's dependent upon how you clean your tongue!

I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

How Tongue Cleaning Works For Your Penis

Nitrates and a clean tongue allow this turbo-boost erection capability to held for longer and longer - particularly with aspects of erection kaizen too!

  • Green leafy vegetables, salad and beetroot to name a few, contain dietary nitrate.
  • When we consume these foods that contain nitrate our body converts his nitrate to Nitric Oxide (NO).
  • NO acts on all blood vessels to widen them - helping lower blood pressure
  • Wider blood vessels mean lower blood pressure but also increased blood flow Everywhere!
  • Increased blood flow everywhere - including to the penis.
  • More blood to the penis means a greater erection. This is what Viagra does - increases blood flow. NO is Erection Kaizen's equivalent - it may not be in the BNF (British National Formulary) but perhaps it should!

What has tongue bacteria got to do with erections

Tongue bacteria boosts the production of Nitric Oxide in our body. Scraping and cleaning our tongue removes bad bacteria and allows the good to flourish and further boost Nitric Oxide production and your subsequent erection!

So we know that nitric Oxide (NO) widens blood vessels - increasing blood flow to the penis which is what erection kaizen is all about. More blood in to the penis and less blood out results in an erection - simply complicated. Another quick lesson form your erectioncoach.com: what causes less blood out - is more blood in - as all this extra blood compresses the veins, so that it can't leave so easily. Therefore NO is really important in the erection process. The more we have the more your erection will be - and the more erection Kaizen you have in your life - the stronger it will all be!

More Green Leafy Veg or More Tongue Cleaning!

To boost NO all we need do is to eat more leafy greens or beetroot. But there is another way.....

Our tongue is covered in bacteria and it is the tongue bacteria at the back that really helps convert nitrates in food to NO in the body. This study suggests the bacteria in saliva may increase the NO production by 10 or 20 fold.  Dr Bryan, a specialist in molecular medicine, suggests that tongue scraping and good oral hygiene can encourage "good" bacteria to flourish and increase nitric oxide production further still.

But not too many if you don't like veg or salad!

If you want a stronger erection - yes your erectiondr.com is telling you to increase leafy green veg, celery, or beetroot consumption. However if you clean your tongue well, you wont have to eat a whole bag to get some very real benefits!

More About Nitric Oxide

Now a quick history lesson from your erection coach.com! :) Nitric Oxide was a molecule discovered in the body in the 1980's. So important was it - that the doctors who made the discovery went on to win a Nobel Prize. This reinforces why a balanced diet and everything in moderation as advocated by erection kaizen is such a good thing, so simple yet so effective - it;s rather beautiful. But many miss out on this wonder - some condemning guys who like salad leaves to be perhaps be less than real men. Well perhaps the proof of a real man is in our erection! If eating salad has this capability along with some personal oral care - well who's the wise one - and erection Kaizen can make you wise too!  Pre 1980's before this was known, all the benefits of the green vegetables were also not known, but by eating them, people were doing themselves a lot of good. It is also just possible that we are now eating something where the real benefits have yet to be discovered. This may be directly or indirectly but also shows how something as simple as a healthy diet combined with cleaning our mouth can have some very real benefits for our penis.

Hidden Power  For Our Penis

This is why Erection Kaizen never concentrates just upon one area such as exercise - but all areas of our body and our life - as they have hidden power to improve our erection. Some may give a large improvement, others less so and what works for you will be very individual. One sure thing is that everything you do whether it gives a large or small benefit all added together can make a real big difference and possibly give you a real big erection - erection Kaizen style throbbing, hard and natural!


This study suggests the bacteria in saliva may increase the NO production by 10 or 20 fold. 

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