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Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Erection Problem or Simply Tiredness?

Are You Getting Enough...

....Sleep & Relaxation

the proper restorative relaxation your mind and body need


Erection declining and wondering why?

Tiredness may be all it is, as effects more pronounced as we get older..but ... Erection Kaizen rescue, natural way to restore your body

Importance of Enough Sleep

This video introduces factors affecting erection quality - which will form the HARDer Erection Guide and will hopefully be the start of you enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle - including prioritising sleep a bit more..

In this video I get a hands free  semi erection which if I was tired - would probably not occur no matter what I tried. Our erection almost has a hierarchy of needs - particularly as we get older. Sleep, contentment and warmth are some of the highest and need to be adequate before our body will spring to life!

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The Problem with Tiredness

When younger we got tired - yet more than likely noticed few negative effects upon our erection, so why now as we get older? Two main reasons

Firstly, when young all our body systems tend to be working at optimum levels and enable us to rise to the occasion - just what erection Kaizen aims to do. Yet as we age, time takes its toll upon the body systems that contribute to the erection process which may struggle to overcome the effects of tiredness -  reduced erection quality results. However this does not indicate an erection problem - merely the body not working as well as it once  did and unable to withstand such things as tiredness, but  erectioncoach.com can ensure all body systems are more resilient. with natural body and mind training increasing activity levels, a healthy diet, limiting the bad things! ...and the more sexy specific erection exercising to build up the all important muscles (that like all muscles weaken over time) help the penis to become more rigid. Added to all of this a boost of testosterone from all the sexualness training aspects and yourbody will withstand  tiredness more. However now you know, if you're expecting a sexual situation - you may now try and get enough sleep!

No need to be concerned or try and diagnose any problems - all that may be needed is a healthier, fitter body, which when your penis is the beneficiary, can provide all the motivation you need.  Just think of your penis and the rock hard erections you will get if you make that healthy choice rather than the unhealthy. Your whole body will be fitter and your erections stronger - all with the natural erection Kaizen! !

Secondly, modern day lives can be hectic and the danger is we almost get use to feeling tired and sometimes to compound this also get use to stress. The two combined are lethal, but they are also very similar in the fact that results can accumulate and the base line - of what is normal - keeps moving higher. This is something Erection Kaizen aims to reduce with some simple sexualness things you can do in your everyday - to remind you of the sexual male being that you are!

What we may think of as normal tiredness or stress level now may be very different to a few years ago. We may treat ourselves with a nice holiday or evening out to take our mind off things - but this does not always help restore us. Even though it may be nice, it can be tiring. 

Erections no different to Walking!

To explain the why tiredness can affect us so much consider an everyday task such as walking. 

Think of what is a long walk for you - one that is possible to do at a quick pace. Then think of how you would do this when you are really tired. You would probably not want to do it and may struggle to walk as quickly for as long - yet not diagnose yourself with a leg problem as you know it is down to feeling tired.

Yet if we struggle to get an erection we may look for a cure when it may simply be down to tiredness. Plus our erection is so much less under our control than are our limbs and therefore more susceptible. If we are continually tired and stressed our erection may be generally weaker and we think our erection is a problem, yet if we were to think back to our younger days when our stress and tiredness levels were a lot lower we may realise the difference. As we get older our normal baseline level of tiredness and stress tends to be higher with busy lives and careers and we simply get use to it, but our erection can't. That is why erection kaizen covers so many aspects of your life - as the erection process is simply complicated. As  well as your erection being stronger in younger days you could probably walk for longer and quicker too! We may be able to force ourselves to walk longer and faster, but forcing our erection does not work - we have to cajole it - something erectiondr.com will help you with, and being aware of the importance of sleep is a great first step!

Fixing the tiredness aspect

Once we know how important it is to get enough rest and sleep perhaps we tend to give it a higher priority. Sometimes we have to force ourself to rest and sleep - especially with so many distraction from social media, video streaming, gaming not to mention work and travel. 

Start Prioritising Sleep

Not only is sleep important for our whole body to work at optimum levels, it is specifically good for short term erection quality too. We all know the importance of testosterone for good erections - as I demonstrate in the testosterone erection video - the more sleep we have the more testosterone will be circulating through our body. One night of little sleep and the next day testosterone levels will be reduced and this effect can accumulate. But equally a good nights sleep will elevate testosterone levels and the results this gives will accumulate too.

Problems with Sleeping

I'll be covering this aspect later on in the Throbbing Harder Erection Guide, but for now the following can help (what will work for you is totally individual):

  • Getting Plenty of Daylight (as early in the day as possible)
  • Good activity levels - exercise, exercise, exercise!
  • Mindfulness - exercise for the mind.
  • Be aware of arousal - not sexual but a general excitement which can prevent sleep. Mindfulness to the rescue.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Perhaps the sexual aspects of Erection Kaizen may also help with sleep - when sexually fulfilled - our emotions and mind can be calmer. But sexual fulfillment is very different to a quick play - self sex within erection Kaizen is one way to be in control of your own sexual fulfillment. Then once we have this - we can be great in all sorts of sexual situations too! But it does take a little work, but the practice is rather good!

There are so many more that can help.