Smoke Free -  from A Penis's Perspective

Every cigarette you smoke deprives me of the extra blood that I want to get hard.

Every cigarette you don't smoke makes me happy!  ....I'll get extra blood plus feel great too.

I'll be more responsive for you!

'The images above are my Penis Now....

This was not how it was....

When I smoked it did not get as hard as this.

When I was stopping - this was the image I kept in mind - whenever I wanted a cigarette I imagined it Harder like this.

It's about what you gain..

The Benefits of Smoke Free

I have listed just a few points below. Some may strike a chord with you.  If so just let me know and I'll elaborate a bit more if it helps...

  • Time has to be right  

When you want it – you will do it....and it will be successful – you'll be smoke free!

  • Free of the habit 

Not controlled to feed your habit – you will gain freedom

  • Relaxation from a cigarette 

The aahhh feeling .....when you smoke that much wanted for cigarette (I remember it well) gives relaxation and comfort.

That level of relaxation is exactly where you'll be as a non smoker. Smokers have a heightened state of anxiousness. Alan Carr in The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, explained this akin to wearing a tight pair of shoes to get the comfort from taking them off. Being a smoker is equivalent to wearing tight shoes and craving the feeling gained from release.

  • Never ever think you are losing something

Train your mind to think what you are gaining - it takes work but think of the positives!

  • What are you gaining? 

The list is long  #1 on this list is a Harder Penis.

Every time you inhale cigarette smoke it will clog the arteries to your penis that bit more. Cigarette by cigarette, blood flow to your penis will be reduced - a softer erection will be inevitable.

Every day you are cigarette free - your body recovers. Never underestimate the power of our body to heal..

  • As your blood vessels improve so to will your erection 

day by day, these results can be accelerated with your erection training.

  • Anxiety will lessen. As you relax – so to will your blood vessels – allowing more blood to flow through to your penis. Very soon you'll feel your penis get harder when erect.

  • Extra energy – increased (oxygen utilisation ↑ - as red blood cells are not hijacked by carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke). This extra energy will allow you to be more active and so further improving all body systems and testosterone levels - you'll have erections more frequently!

Every time you want a cigarette train your mind to think of how hard your penis will soon be.

Every hour you have smoke free – your penis will have the capability to get a little bit harder

Day by day, week by week getting Harder.

In a matter of months you could see some real improvements.

Great Reason to Stop Smoking -
A Thicker Penis & Harder Erections

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