Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


The Roving Erection Coach!

The Roving Erection Coach for an In person erection training session at your home, work place or hotel.

Currently I'm without my London training room - but still with all the capability to help you improve your erection quality.

If you'd like an in person (face to face) coaching session with me - all you need is:

  • a willingness to learn how to strengthen the parts of your body and mind that give you those hard throbbing erections
  • to provide the venue
  • pay for my time and support - as I explain below

A training session with the Roving Erection Coach

Why is an erection coaching session individualised?

There's numerous inputs into the erection process - some physical - some psychological, both consisting of many aspects that all influence sexual arousal, and sexual response.

Combine all this with your personality and lifestyle - which may be very different to my previous mentee - and you perhaps begin to get an idea of the complexities of erection coaching.

However erection coaching - can be relatively simple once we identify what and how you need it delivered. But!......I currently know nothing about you, and to help our training session get off to a flying start - it's good for me to take the time to get you know first. This I can do, to some degree, by asking you a few - about you and your erection -  pre-session questions.

It takes time to

  • Identify which training aspects you will need? If you simply want to gain a bit of extra hardness, there are likely to be less training aspects to consider, however if you have any erection difficulties - any or indeed all of these training aspects may be required.
  • Get to know you - I currently know nothing about you...

.....Why do I need to know about you for an erection coaching session to be successful?

Our personality plays a big part in the erection process - and your subsequent daily 2 minutes or more of training. I need to know what personality type you are - as this affects erection capability in different situations - but also motivation to train - as this is no overnight quick fix. I'll be teaching you a range of exercises/techniques/lifestyle changes that you need to do for the rest of your life. This means I have to make it something that will fit in with your lifestyle, something you enjoy and is sustainable.

Plus this is Personal....

This is a very personal intimate coaching session, involving nudity and personal openness. This I'm happy to give you, but getting so personal with strangers is not always easy. You can see pictures and videos of me - plus read what I have to say, making me less of a stranger to you. However I may know nothing about you - would you want to walk into a room with a stranger and take all your clothes off - plus provide specialist individualistic coaching? Maybe you love to get naked, which I never mind too much, but it is the nudity combined with the very personal aspect of the coaching subject that I must admit to sometimes finding difficult. So please don't take this wrong - I do love my job, but it is definitely not a case of just walking into a room with a stranger, getting naked and training him, sit back to watch him gain an erection! There is a lot that goes into this.

If you get an erection great - they're encouraged, but not needed

This may well be erection coaching - but ...

....it is training your body and mind to give you harder erections in the future. It doesn't happen instantly, our bodies take time to gradually strengthen and adapt. However erections are encouraged, and if they happen great - but if they don't it really doesn't matter as erections are not needed for this training - we are strengthening the parts of the body and mind that have a role in the erection - which is the end result and a culmination of a series of bodily events. It is this series of events that we are training and so the erection is not the main star of the show - it is actually you learning to gain more control of your sexualness - your body and mind erection inputs!

A Training Session with the roving erection coach

Hopefully you can now begin to see, the effort I put into your training. So please always remember that should you ask me for a cost - not only do I have to take the practicalities of  travel expenses / time into account, but also it is the work that I put in beforehand and during your session - to give you the erection coaching:

  • →  that will give you knowledge to train at home, to get that bit harder week by week, plus strategies to deal with a range of situations should you ever have difficulties.
  • → to enjoy and inspire you to do more and more for your erection

So please know that I'd love to coach you - but this training does come with an associated cost.

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The training aspects

  • Testosterone boost, naturally and relatively easily. Daily take home
  • Stronger Erection Muscle (Your Ischiocavernosus - aka root/bulb of your penis). Daily take home
  • Max Penile Blood Flow  (multiple factors exercise, techniques,lifestyle) Daily take home
  • Eat for Your Erection (Some foods actually prime your body for good erections, others really don’t) Knowledge
  • Personality (Just as our physical body falls into Somatotypes – our psychological or our Sexualness can fall anywhere on the spectrum between two categories, and our understanding of this helps us control and accept what we can and cannot do, plus strategies to deal with situations) Knowledge
  • and last but not least – your penisMind connection – in two ways: 1. in the sense of your future training at home - which you'll do for life (takes as little as 2 minutes) . 2 in the sense of your ability to let your mind ‘connect’ to your penis. As you’ll see in my power of a smile video – this concept may seem strange but it’s so simple it’s beautiful. You may be a natural at it too and it may just make a big difference, but if you’re like me – it just takes practice. you can get there! Knowledge / Daily take home

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