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Question about video subtitles

by Norman Horwitz
(New Haven, CT USA)

Hello Paul:

Thank you for offering this very needed service of erection coaching.

I am considering purchasing the "throbbing" Bespoke membership. I've listened to a few of your videos already but I'm afraid I have trouble understanding you when you speak. I am from USA and your accent is difficult for me to follow. I am also hard of hearing and wear hearing aids. My question is: Do your videos by any chance come with English subtitles? This would be very helpful for people like me. It's not a deal breaker if you don't.

Thank you so much,

Norman Horwitz


Hello Norman,

Thanks for letting me know - this is something that I don't currently have, but I will look into seeing what I can do for future videos.

If nothing else - I'll start speaking very clearly, that will at least make it a bit easier!


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