Don't get bored in quarantine - Get Naked - Get HARDer Erections

⚠️ nudity

A quarantine workout video for your future erections is below

Having to quarantine  -  Get future HARDer Erection, Increase testosterone, penis blood flow, strengthen erection muscle. This is to get HARDer erections in the future - do it once and you just enjoy the 'Me" time. But do it a few times (daily) and you'll begin to notice things happening. 

In Quarrantine

 Gives you the chance to try some Erection Kaizen - a bit of extra time for improving your future erections.

Quarantine Induced Anxiety

Any stress or anxiety is the enemy of erections - so for your erection quality - if you can stay positive and relaxed - looking forward to your soon to be improving erection - all will be good!   Enjoy the extra time with your penis - whether it be soft or hard!

Always remember - results are cumulative!

If I can encourage you to do this every day - in a few weeks time it will be a habit. Then not only will your erections be improved, but also.... you respond as a male sexual being.

The 3 minutes you spend doing this can bring you so much reward.