Psychological Erection Problems Cured with Happiness and Contentment

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the more we take a few seconds out - to encourage some happy feelings the stronger the effects become. Taks practice, but it's well worth it!

We can trick our body and mind to feeling relaxed and happy - then erections will be more likely to happen!

The Importance of Happiness is a strong message within Erection Kaizen coaching- can be key to getting a stronger erection. Our body reacts to even the smallest amount of anxiety in the sale way as when we are in a really stressful situation and prepares us for fight or flight. Getting an erection is not going to help us survive the threat! can not override this effect as the body diverts blood away from the periphery which includes the penis and towards the working muscles - ensures a speedy exit or stay and fight as needed. However as soon as the threat has passed and we relax - the blood flows freely everywhere in copious amounts especially if we're warm and have recently been physically active. training uses this principle to help you get stronger erections, not by changing this principle, but through developing your mind/body connection to be happy and content.

Modern day life

Whilst we can have acute stress – we tend to have more chronic stress – there all the time just bubbling away under the surface. We may have busy careers and busy lives, just traveling can seem to add to the stress, then with the rise of the smart phone we have no excuses to not stay in touch with the world. This can at best be draining but generally can add to our stress as we don't always allow time to just gaze out the window at the rest of the world. Therefore erection Kaizen encourages you to at least gaze at your penis - either literally or if clothed with mind awareness using such things as MTR. We tend to have less and less downtime and our stress levels can stay elevated rather than the healthier peaks and troughs, as we do sometimes need a little stress, but we also need the trough – the down time to recover. When the peaks accumulate it has an affect upon the health of our whole body, changing hormone profile and the way our nervous system affects our body processes - undermining all the positive things erection kaizen is doing. So support your erection Kaizen and let it work its wonders upon you - manage your stress by actually integrating Erection Kaizen into your life for a double hit of erection power!

What More Erections in Teenage Years Tells Us

     Blood Vessels      

Blood vessels can change their diameter - allowing more or lass blood to flow through them in response to temperature, emotions and our body's needs. We can influence these - particularly the emotion response. By changing how we feel (happy or anxious) will have an effect upon blood flow to the penis and erection quality.

Erection process involves relaxation of the blood vessels. Starting off from beginning – you probably know most of this stuff. Which is set off when we are hot and happy. Think about times when you've been really relaxed and really happy – an erection is more likely. If we think of our teenage years we often think of our erections popping up all the time, which we may put down to testosterone levels. But firstly testosterone levels do not always need to fall dramatically due to age, but sometimes as a result of stress and lifestyle. That is if all those teenage erections can be attributed to testosterone, what about if tit was more due to excitement, happiness and contentment. We know all these have a real big effect upon the nervous system and in turn our erections - which i why they are some of the other Erection Kaizen aspects. 

If we don't implement erection Kaizen into our life and it continues to add stresses and strains - that almost get in the way, and bit by bit can wear us down a bit. There is a lot to be said for this being the reason of some erection problems - just a gradual decline. . If you were to have less worries, be relaxed and have plenty of time all to yourself and were really happy and content, the chances are your penis may get more excited too.

If we are relaxed so too are our blood vessels - which means greater blood flow to the penis. Similar to when we are hot – your penis will be bigger – blood flows in. This is because our increased blood flow to the skin and periphery allow for greater heat loss and prevent us from overheating. Then think about being cold – your body wants to conserve heat and stop it being lost so blood flow to the periphery and the skin is lessened to conserve heat. Your penis gets smaller as you get colder!! Also if we are anxious or stressed. Your body cannot differentiate between, what stress or anxiety is really bad – it just goes into survival mode getting you ready for fight or flight. Blood flow to the periphery is reduced and diverted internally to ensure the muscles that it anticipates are soon going to have to work really hard are supplied with oxygen and energy. An erection is the last thing on your body's mind. Yet if you have any slight concerns or anxieties about your sexual response, your body or your erection to a degree your body may go into survival mode . As adrenaline rises so too does the reduction of blood to the periphery. This is why the blood flow section at erection can do so much yo help your erection, but it can do even more if the other aspects of erection Kaizen are also implemented. Effect of blood flow whether adrenaline through anxiety, and reduced blood flow can be demonstrated when we exercise. example this can be seen in exercise - when exercising vigorously blood flow is diverted away from periphery and to the working muscles - meaning our penis will be smaller than normal, as you will often see mine go so much smaller especially in the sexercise videos at various points.. When we relax and our muscles demand for oxygen is low, blood flow to the periphery is restored and our penis gets bigger due to the inflow of blood. And that is some aspects of what erection Kaizen is doing for you.

So we do know that as anxiety and stress rise so to does adrenaline and reduction of blood flow to your penis.

Para – good for erections.

The parasympathetic nervous system is dominant when we are relaxed – as opposed to the sympathetic. An erection can happen when this para-sympathetic nervous system is in operation. But less likely to be initiated when the sympathetic is dominant. One way to think of this is with night time erections when we are deeply relaxed an erection tends to occur. If we are at all anxious about our body, the situation or anything that is going on the sympathetic nervous system may be stronger and there will be no erection. However just because you have stopped work and are ready for some sexual time, your mind may have not wound down from the trials of your day or you may have other concerns even like your erection quality and if these thoughts or even mild anxieties continue the sympathetic nervous system will become stronger and a strong erection is less likely.

How Your Penis Can Get More Excited and More Responsive

Arousal of any kind, happiness or sexual, can initiate the erection response - sometimes resulting in a full erection, sometimes a semi. However if there is more blood to start with in the penis - the point at which it starts off from is already bigger and so a bit of extra blood as a result of very slight arousal is then liable to result in more of an erection. This extra blood flow due to being relaxed and content - means the normal penis size will be bigger due to more blood entering via relaxed and wider blood vessels. Any arousal will initiate the beginnings of an erection, which due to the starting size of the penis being bigger takes less blood to start more of an erection, You're now hopefully beginning to see the real effect that erection kaizen can have upon your penis as well as your erection. Plus this extra swelling sensation can then add a tactile stimulation to intensify the response and an erection is far more likely as is shown in the Power of a Smile video within erection Kaizen.

All from the normal blood flow to the penis being greater as a result of happiness!

Therefore if you do have any concerns about your erection quality these concerns can on their own, be enough to hamper a strong erection. This is why you need not worry about what may or may not be happening , but focus more upon knowing that as you get your body stronger, and your mind connected with all the training aspects at,  so to will your erection become stronger. So just enjoy, and look forward to erection kaizen training for your body, mind, penis and  erection! Be happy knowing that bit by bit you will be strengthening your erection.

The thought of this alone may no be enough to make you happy and relaxed if you have other stuff going on in your life which we all have from time to time. So we need to try and find ways to get you to relax and have some ME time where you do something just for you that is also enjoyable, and guess what - that is erection kaizen - at doing your penis exercises is great fun and enables you to be mindful – a proven way to relax. It is enjoyable and can be done anywhere.

In fact the penis exercises get more and more enjoyable! As the muscles around your penis become more and more under your control and stronger you'll begin to notice increased pleasurable sensations.

With practice - just this alone is capable of giving you some great sensations, once you 'tune in' and build control.

With the prostate just above some of these muscles the feelings can become intense. So there is much to look forward too but before you rush headlong into a few exercises gatting connected to these parts of the body, for extra focus is always a good idea, so take the time to explore the muscles that we will be strengthening and bringing under your control as it will give you great times and happiness which all leads to stronger erections.