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Premature Ejaculation

Hello. Thank you for your great videos. Ill have watch all of your videos very informative. My question is I
can't seem to relax when it comes to premature ejaculation. I've tried breathing excersize but I have no luck. Can you please help me. I ejaculate with in 5 minutes.

Have you tried the pelvic floor muscle exercises (aka erection exercise)?

If not it certainly is worth a go as these exercises are a recognised treatment as it allows you to get more control of he ejaculatory muscles.

This is the very basic exercise; https://www.erectioncoach.com/pelvic-floor-exercise.html
I'll be putting a lot more variations of this up soon and especially how to get more intense contractions. It really can work, but does take practice and time and some squeezing! Try really hard and like any muscles in the body you can get more control of them. I have been doing the exercises for a while now admittedly, but can to some extent stop ejaculation occurring - though it does take some effort! The younger you are the more successful this may be!
Definitely worth a try - do every day for a few months and you may begin to see some difference.

There will be lots more exercise videos in the next month or so that can also help you.


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