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Penis Size Comparisons No Good...

Penis size comparisons are not real - what are we comparing with:

 A carefully staged and selected picture/video?

Even a real life situation may not be a true comparison.....

"penis size is a distraction from so much other information being conveyed by the most private part of us" erectiondr.com.

....emotions and temperature affecting us all differently - and all displayed by our penis!

I know this first hand - when I meet someone for an erectioncoach.com training  session they may be calm and excited about a whole new health/fitness experience or they may be slightly apprehensive - wondering how the session will unfold (to some extent I can be affected too!). Very quickly I aim to put everyone at their ease and whilst there may be no change with in penis size with some - with others there can be quite a change....

1 Minute Into (optional) Naked Session

When we first get naked our emotions can affect our penis size. There can be a whole range of sizes

10 Minutes In

A very different story once we're all comfortable and relaxed. Men that were like this at the start - no great change - but others can go through quite a change. Initially impossible for me to have predicted this size 20 minutes into any session.

Penis Personality is far more interesting!

This may sound as if I am studying penises - I really am not - it is just a very casual observation - just as I may notice how muscular someone's arm may be. What I'm trying to say is -  just a casual observation of the penis that is there in front of me as a barometer of our emotions!

On a real personal note

Sometimes perhaps our insecurities or concerns can be formed from an early age ........such as the school showers. This was the case with me - you'll get the idea why when I say: I really feel the cold and absolutely hated playing rugby - didn't have a clue what I was meant to be doing and so got colder and colder. Feelings of anxiety due to hating the game, plus feeling really cold - meant the showers could be embarrassing! But I now know I was comparing myself to some that loved the game - were high on testosterone and were warm. If I was in this same state the comparison I was making would have been more accurate!

I don't know if everyone else is the same - but I tended to compare and almost see only the bigger penises, whereas the reality is there were probably many just like mine but we only remember a few! Even this real life situation - before social media and internet stuff was not a true comparison. 

Appreciating our penis even more....

Following is why we should all love our penis no matter what the size, shape or form it takes - we're all lucky to have one at all and not get lost in the whole meaningless penis size comparison game.

Appreciating our penis leads to happiness!

..and we already know happiness leads to better erection quality.

Appreciating our penis is of sole importance. What we have is amazing whether small, large a different shape or going through a period of not working so well we need to forget the distorted world of porn and social media where the biggest and best (whatever that is) tend to be posted more and more giving us a distorted view of the penis.What naked personal training in erection kaizen with erectioncoach.com has taught me is: penis size is a distraction from so much other information being conveyed by the most private part of us.

Penis Size in Context

Penis Size Comparisons with context make such a difference - you may think that getting naked for a personal training session would lead to comparisons, which to a degree yes, but it is in context with the training and the person, which does make all the difference. When we are comparing statistics or pictures on the internet without this context it is perhaps different. What I am talking about may sound odd but let me explain..

Confidence and Personality render Penis Size Comparison Irrelevant.

When someone stands in front of me when we are both naked, for erection Kaizen coaching session, neither of us tend to stare at each others penis – we get a general overview where body language and personality almost seem to influence our judgements. Confidence is an attractive quality and when combined with a nice personality a penis displayed confidently actually appears to be bigger, however that really does happen to - as you tend to relax into the whole Erection Kaizen coaching. There is also proportion to consider which can make even more difference – a smaller slender man may appear to have a thicker penis than the same sized penis on a broader man. The same for length too. But in the end – none of it really matters – it is just male insecurity around this subject to a degree. The confident, responsive penis with a personality - that erection Kaizen can bring out even more - can look fantastic and make the whole penis size comparison totally irrelevant!

Naked personal erection kaizen coaching is great for helping us feel confident – as no matter what the penis size or shape - we are actually accepted by the other stranger - in this case the erectioncoach.com - me is your stranger!  This acceptance is actually all we need to give our confidence a boost.

Penis Size Comparison In Non Real Life

In some cases the internet, pornography and social media can help us if we have a problem but there is to a danger that we can compare too much – and the big problem is that we are comparing ourself possibly with a body and a picture that may have had an awful lot of work put into getting it all looking just great. I know this firsthand - I tend to go for the pictures that make me look better - so whenever you view pictures here at erectioncoach.com or at erectiondr.com - know camera angles  help me out a lot. There are many techniques that can be used in the preceding days to get the whole body looking at its optimum, and looking like it is natural..

So no matter what we have – if we have a penis of any shape, size or however formed and however it works we should appreciate it...

We can all go through periods of our life when we either feel insecure about our penis for some reason, or worry that it may not work so well.

here's my thoughts about appreciating our penis..

Insecure about our penis

There are many reasons why we may at some points in our life feel insecure about our body – whether it be due to penis size comparison, shape, or a different form -  whatever the reason we perhaps sometimes can take our penis for granted. We are so lucky to have an organ that is capable of giving us so much pleasure. It may well be different to others  – but sometimes we need to stop the comparison game – which social media has made far worse and just appreciate that we have something quite remarkable. If I ever feel insecure I just remind myself how lucky I am that I was born with a penis at all!

This may sound odd but if we for a moment think how someone born in the female form but identifies as a male may be feeling - we may perhaps feel a bit better about ourselves – we are lucky to have a penis at all. Someone born with a vagina who identifies as male may just think us very ungrateful and possibly a bit self absorbed if we think too much about penis size comparison. Just enjoy the wonder of what we have. Because it really is amazing and all too easy to take for granted. So no more penis size comparisons and more bonding with the amazing thing that is your penis, and what better way is there than Erection Kaizen!

Really appreciating our penis

Just looking at our penis, touching it in a non sexual way can be a great thing to do – thinking of how our penis to some extent shows our emotions and can really enhance our life. Our penis was thought to be self willed and disobedient by Greek philosopher Plato. Perhaps sometimes this can seem to be true - especially as Erection Kaizen results start to give more spontaneous erections!

Our Penis Not Working So Well

Erection problems are so common for men of any age and rarely spoken about due to embarrassment. There are so many causes some health related, some more to do with our mental health such as stress and anxiety - where happiness and confidence can be the key.  Added concerns due to penis size comparison will not help.  Even though we think getting an erection is simply extra blood flow in – the process of this happening is extremely complex and if one slight part of this process is not working so well – erection quality can suffer.

The most important thing is to not worry – as this can often be the cause of the problem and if not – still best not to worry as the chances are it is just a temporary blip for a period of time and things may well resolve.  Even if they don't resolve – still don't worry as with erection Kaizen instruction you can strengthen the body systems that contribute to an erection. Our body can be made stronger in many specific ways, and you can use exercise and lifestyle change as prescribed by erectiondr.com  to get our body back on track. Sometimes just improving your outlook may be all that is needed.

There is so much that can help your erection – but even on the outside chance things can't be improved - then we can still appreciate the sensitive organ that we have - enjoy the pleasure it can give - even without an erection it is capable of giving us so much - and we perhaps just need to appreciate our penis rather than become transfixed upon erections and any penis size comparisons.

Our penis is great and if you ever need someone to tell you that then I'll be your man. No matter what I will try and convince you that your penis is just fantastic!

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