Warning:⚠️ Health Training contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men react as nature intended & overcome ED

Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

The Pelvic Floor Exercise That all Men Should do.

Would more men do this exercise if it was instead called the Erection/Penis Exercise? This pelvic floor exercise targets erection muscle to literally pump your penis up! (at a future time. though with practice instant results!)

This exercise along with the  butt hole exercise is the basic exercise - sets you up for the Turbo Boost Function! - is also valuable in its own right - to strengthen your erection muscle.

...the Pelvic floor Exercise for men - we'll call it the Erection/Penis Exercise....

Calling it this provides constant reinforcement at to why we're doing the exercise.

  • you probably already do this every day (to expel the last drops of urine) – now we just need you to do it with greater intensity to make your erection muscle grow stronger!
  • this exercise contracts the muscle that makes your penis more rigid, doing it when soft will strengthen it for future use
  • doing this exercise when erect will make it harder momentarily and make you feel good
  • in time as the muscles build - the muscles will naturally contract with more sustained force - to make your erection harder at all times.

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You can contact me here

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Be Sure to smile

Double the effect Pelvic Floor Exercise

For an erection to happen we need to be relaxed and happy. Anxiety reduces erection strength - emotions and feelings have a big impact upon erection quality.  Sometimes we don't always think we are stressed but we can suffer from chronic low level stress which can become the norm - bad for our health – affecting hormone profile and raising inflammation throughout the body, capable of dampening down the erection process – meaning less frequent weaker erections.  However we can trick our brain into feeling happy which begins to reduce stress, so a great way to help strengthen your erection is to use the double effect approach.. More on this to come.

Step 1 The Penis Exercise - (Importance of Anus Relaxation below)

You already do this:

  • every time you go to the loo - to expel the last drops of urine - simply imagine doing this now and squeeze but with greater intensity.
  • Or imagine you are holding on to a wee, or stopping urine mid flow and squeeze really hard, hold and squeeze even harder!

Anus relaxation

Continued clenching and contracting can lead to a tightness in the pelvic floor muscles and so it is important to also really focus upon the relax phase.

After every session of clenching and squeezing:

  1. Squeeze and clench your anus - hold for 2 seconds
  2. Release and feel your anus unclench - relaxing more and more for at least 5 seconds to give it time to properly relax

This will ensure your muscle is strengthened through a whole range of motion and is nicely conditioned.  This is really important, but if you are struggling to relax it - there's lots more on this to come. 


You may feel many things. This feedback is further investigated with my coaching.


When you do this, try and relax your.....

.....further investigated at my with my coaching.

Step 2  Add The Anus/Butt Hole Squeeze

  • Clench your anus as you would to.......
  • ....is further investigated with my coaching.

Feel your anus clench up - but just as importantly feel it unclench and relax too....

 Step 3 Both together

  • Do the penis and anus squeeze together as.....
  • .....is further investigated with my coaching.

Squeezing both together and curling in, as above, will really make sure you work all the muscles we are wanting to strengthen. You now just have some different ways to squeeze them - to ensure all muscle fibre types are strengthened to the max.

Different Ways to do the Pelvic Floor Exercise 

From now on I'll be referring to it as the Erection/Penis exercise!

1. Holding the Contraction

Squeeze/Hold the contraction  for.......

is further investigated with my coaching.

2. On/Off

Squeeze as hard as you can for a 2 seconds then release for 2 seconds - making sure you feel your anus relax.

Squeeze again and relax again.

Repeat this as many times as you can - aiming to squeeze harder each time and see how many you can manage. Initially make sure you are using your pelvic floor muscles more than your abdominal muscles or buttocks. Then as they tire you can enlist other muscles to help out.

3. Pulse

This one can be tricky - a squeeze and release as fast as you can and repeated continuously as fast as you can - pulse on/off, on/off really quickly. You can try to the beat of.....

is further investigated at my with my coaching.


There are different ways to get feedback from this pelvic floor exercise - valuable as it helps you increase the intensity of contraction. I'll show you in future pages/videos all the different ways to get feedback.

Turning all this into a Stronger Erection

The erection muscle muscle will only grow stronger if ......

.....is further investigated with my coaching.


. When the muscles are fatigued the contraction will get weaker and weaker. This is good, you'll induce a build signal!

A weaker erection may be the result of weaker erection muscles or due to stress and anxiety or both. Therefore it is good to cover all bases and simply do this simple exercise with a smile it really can be that simple! :))

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