Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Happiness and Bonding With Your Penis

Bonding with our penis builds on your now hopefully increasing happiness and contentment - to improve erection quality to now consider if perhaps we sometimes let our penis down?

Taking a few moments to connect and Bond with Our Penis

To not take it for granted - but actually look at it and lose yourself in the wonder of your penis - how it changes shape, size, where it points and even think about the places where you've made it go and ultimately the pleasure your penis gives. As well asallowing you to urinate with ease - anywhere!

Connecting with your penis is all about clearing your mind and letting it wander down to become aware of your penis...

when clothed
when undressing - as it becomes unleashed!
and when aroused - but in a non tactile but thoughtful way.

Is it Mad?

You may think Bonding with our penis is all mad - but honestly it can be a great thing to do - the more we do it the better the benefits for reducing expectation, anxiety, helping us to relax and in the long term some greater erections!  If this is not your thing - The next post will be hard core penis exercising pure and simple - that is more like traditional exercising!

Erection Coach looking at his penislooking at our penis

Try the following for a great erection:

  • Being happy (even if with a fake smile - as you'll now know from your erection kaizen training just how powerful this is)
  • Relaxed and excited  - look forward to 2 min erection training - the mind/body connection aspect – knowing it can make your erection stronger.

Sometimes we just need to look at our penis differently!

Spend at least a minute  just looking at our penis, clearing our mind and appreciating all the pleasure it has given us and will give. Perhaps to some degree we do this already – but to just have a few moments with our penis in a non sexual way can be a great thing....

Bonding with our penis may sound odd – but not only does it make us really appreciate it – but stops us expecting too much of it and this can really help us get a great erection...

....if things are not working so well – it can really affect us and feed our anxiety about our erections which only makes things worse so this penis bonding can take the pressure off it to always perform. Plus there's many more benefits, plus it can become really enjoyable....

Touch Your Penis with your Mind

A few different positions for penis bonding time

Actually I realise I spend such a little amount of time doing this – instead rushing in to touch and stimulate. Simply looking at our penis - almost in wonder is a great thing – as our penis is great! It may sound odd at first – but honestly trust me – the more you do it – it can be quite erotic!

Why Bond With Our Penis

Reducing Expectation To Always Be Up & Ready

Penis bonding for just a few minutes can relax us and really helps us appreciate what we have. This works to calm and relax  by clearing our mind of non important stuff for just a minute or so to devote our thoughts to a part of our body that gives us so much, yet sometimes we take it for granted – just expecting it to carry on no matter what. It is only when it doesn't carry on no matter what that we sometimes truly appreciate our penis.

Gets Our Mind on Board to: Doing One thing for our penis every day!

When we actually spend time with our penis in a less sexualised way which as you'll know by now I try encourage with erection kaizen we may just start to not expect our penis to act like a machine and always be ready just when we want – cut it some slack when it doesn't do what we want. In part this can be due to the knowledge from the erection kaizen training - knowing just how simple yet very complex the whole erection process is. Then we can really begin to understand what makes it strong and know that it is up to us – if we give it these things such as: a healthy lifestyle – our penis will thrive! Bonding sessions with our penis as I'll be constantly advocating in erection kaizen can provide you with the motivation to do just something every day to help improve our erection.

Ask yourself -  are you letting our penis down!

Once we do not expect our penis to act like a machine and always be ready just when we want – we can really begin to understand what makes it strong and know that it is up to us – if we give it these things such as a healthy lifestyle – our penis will thrive! Bonding sessions with our penis can provide us with the motivation to do one aspect of your erection Kaizen training every day to help improve your erection or indeed keep it strong.
This will calm and relax you - especially if clearing your mind of non important stuff for just a minute or so to devote your thoughts to a part of your body that gives so much - it is now time to perhaps give it a little back. Clearing your mind and relaxing will help your penis receive more blood - as you'll know from the blood flow section at erectiondr.com- just what it needs to feels good!
As you'll also now know your penis needs our whole body and mind to be working well – so when it isn't it is perhaps because we have let it down– it sometimes need some TLC - alongside other erection kaizen aspects.
But the main point is to really reinforce in your mind that happiness and relaxation are such a big factor short and long term - to gain a stronger erection. This online erection coaching really can work and will give specific coaching and exercise instruction – it's just that 1st we need to really establish that this erection kaizen coaching should never be taken too seriously - dedication and passion are great as long as you enjoy and give your penis a  few minutes of what it needs every day.

Enjoying Your Penis in Many Different Ways

Here's something you can try!

Find somewhere private, pull your trousers down and bond with your penis - touch with your mind not your hand!

The 2 Minute Exercise Bonding with your penis

We'll find a private space where you can be totally alone for just a few minutes and either get naked or just pull your trousers and underwear down.

Bonding with your penis starts simply by Just looking at our penis and our testicles, noticing if they change during this alone time.Ask yourself how they feel - this is similar also to the MTR

Genitals are very responsive to our thoughts and the chances are that after looking at them for a minute – they will have changed in some way – either bigger, smaller, tighter or more saggy – reflecting our changing feelings and emotions.

If your mind begins to not have 100% focus - just bring it back and also focus upon your breathing – becoming aware of it.

Then as your few minutes of bonding with your penis draws to a close just really appreciate it and the intense feelings it has given you and how to some degree it defines you in some situations.

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