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Natural Erections Increase with Contentment

and some Erection Kaizen Coaching

naked-run-small.pngSmiling more - tricks our mind and body that we're happy - when we maybe struggling. A great way to strive for contentment and the resulting erections this can give later on in your day.

Natural erections are...

...erections that just happen - as a response to something happy, sexual or just from being deeply relaxed.

The type of erections that we tend to get more in our youth, that  just happened without us even trying.

Contentment - A State of Mind

Kick off your underwear!

enjoy your body.

No need to change anything in your life - just a different outlook that's all!

Apart from  integrating Erection Kaizen Coaching into your life - but do that right and it;s a pleasure!

Contentment - Great for Natural Erections.

Natural Erections happen more when we're, carefree and happy:  A decline in erection quality is not inevitable - Erection Coaching.com's training to improve our outlook is possible.  Thinking of the times when you are carefree and positive – I bet you're more likely to have more erections?

Contentment can be possible.

Training our mind to look at the positives we have in our body and lives, as opposed to the negatives, can be a great start. Some do this naturally - some not, but we can all do just that bit more to look on the bright side and Erection Coaching.com shows many ways of enjoying your day

This leads to subtle changes throughout the body, that help so many processes, and before you know it your penis becomes ultra responsive

Being happy is to some a natural state. I really wish I was in this group of people, but I am prone to low mood - and so through years of practice know how we can help ourselves become happier, but it is perhaps one of the hardest things to train for! But do know it is possible.

When we do manage moments - no matter how fleeting - things else can fall into place so much better, our body works at optimum levels and so this is why Erection Coaching.com tends to make happiness the no1 priority. As a side note my low mood was one of the things that got me into exercise and training: faced with the choice of anti-depressants or exercise. It was exercise that seemed to be the one and I am now so glad I did make this choice. This has helped every aspect of my body, (which being older - are now really needed!) including my erections which if I'm honest really help to motivate me to train. When I was younger it was all about muscles - now that's my last thing on the list - one of the top ones for me is contentment - as when we have this our body is set up for good erections due to less stress This I am helping stops my hair from falling out too. When stressed bad things happen to our whole body - including erection quality - and for me hair loss. Since I have improved my contentment - which has taken a lot of practice - my hair has stabilised and my erections improved. Contentment really is the way forward - it takes work, but pays us back 10 fold! honest!

We can train for Contentment - meaning we can train for natural erections.

One effect of you being content - is increased blood to the penis. If this is continued a semi erection can start to develop and it then really does not take much stimulation of any kind to get an erection. As this is more of a natural erection the stimulus doesn't just have to be sexual, it may be due to non-sexual arousal or excitement, even contentment itself! As you will see in many of my videos the physical exercise can even help the psychological - helping us feel calm and content - if even for that 1 minute.

Here's a very simple explanation:  The parasympathetic nervous system is dominant when we are happy and an erection is more likely. Think of the times when you are deeply relaxed, such as in some phases of sleep when you may get night time erections, or when you are deeply relaxed in any other situation. You may just begin to feel your penis becoming more responsive. As also happens in the Erection Coaching.com This is due to the parasympathetic nervous system and a good hormone profile. Conversely when we are anxious the sympathetic nervous system will become stronger - and if this becomes dominant an erection is just not going to happen which is why emotions sexualness and contentment play such a big part of your erection Kaizen training. There are many ways we can dampen this sympathetic nervous system down and let the parasympathetic rise to let your penis also rise.

Something to try

  • Force your mind to think of all that you do have - rather than what you don't have.
  • Even if you possibly have reduced erection quality - feel happiness that you have a penis...
  • Now you have found Erection Coaching- there is so much to look forward to.
  • right now and for the next 15 seconds - clear your mind and let it wander down to your penis. Ask yourself - how is your penis feeling right now?
  • Your penis will show you the way - or I can at ERECTIONS.IO

Happiness is an Art

I have borrowed this from the Dalai Lama – who wrote a book entitled the art of happiness - which with the help of a western psychiatrist, sheds light upon our mood in relation to how we think. Like anything changing the way we think is not easy but there are many ways we can become happier, and when we do it is a great boost to our whole body. No matter how small an improvement or for how long – a happiness or improvement to our contentment is so helpful to our sexual health and function.

Erections and the Happy response

Contentment leads to better choices

...and more natural erections.

When we are stressed and unhappy the last thing on our mind is being healthily - we just want whatever will help us get through the day or the situation. However if we are in control - we are more likely to make good choices.

When happy more likely to eat healthy

We really are what we eat and there is even a diet that can help us get harder erections. Lots of food containing nitrates - a natural Viagra – working on the artery's to widen them (in a similar way that Viagra does) albeit in a reduced way but in a more sustainable way - almost trickling medicine in to your body every mealtime.. This can all accumulate - a little extra in your diet every day all adds up!  

More likely to Exercise when stress free and happy

Exercise widens blood vessels everywhere, meaning more blood going through the smaller blood vessels such as those supplying the penis. This extra blood flow is gradually increased due to the exercise response, which lasts for days not just minutes and is accumulative. This extra blood going in to your penis and at all times means more natural erections - harder erections at all sorts of times as a response to all sorts of stimulus.

Giving Up just a little means Gaining so much

You may be giving up a few things such as a few favourite foods, alcohol or lazy times but you'll be gaining so much. Once you start to get more natural erections - it gives such a great feeling - one that helps us to feel more youthful and sexual. This increase in natural erections is capable of giving even more pleasure than that derived from a few unhealthy choices.

Less need for alcohol and recreational drugs

When we are happier and relaxed there is less need for alcohol or any other substances - not needing a false contentment - finding it with ourselves such as the pleasure from sexual mindfulness  Excessive alcohol consumption in the preceding hours can as we all know reduce erection quality. In the longer term it also reduces testosterone.  Recreational drugs are not good for erection quality both in the longer term and short term. When young our body's are all working at their peak and we can sometimes get away with it, but the older we get the more drugs and alcohol are likely to have a negative effect.

Happiness means we are more likely to be healthier

The happier we are - the healthier we are and more natural and stronger erections are likely. This really will make you feel great and can motivate you to do more and more.  Always keeping in mind our penis doesn't work in isolation, but needs the rest of our body can really help us look after our body with some great lifestyle choices.

Plus ...

More likely to do specific penis exercises

There are specific exercises that I have developed which really do improve erection hardness and frequency, some are proven to work and are used by the NHS. I have taken them many steps further as a result of my practice in my Central London training room. I know they work. The more often you do them – the better the results!

These ErectionCoach.com exercises, to increase hardness combined with training methods to increase happiness - means you will be getting more natural erections, of greater quality, more frequently!

Erection Problems - No Worries!

This is where contentment is so important and even more so if experiencing any erection problems. Becoming concerned about erection quality leads to hormones and other body processes not putting everything into pleasure - due to even very slight anxiety or stress.  We may have just a slight blip one day and then become concerned, which can lead to anxiety about the next erection and it is a vicious cycle. We need to break the cycle - by working on gaining contentment  – this is easier said than done, but there are so many things that can help and erectionCoach.com shows you how. It is just a case of finding what will work for you, but start by forcing your mind to think of all that you do have - rather than what you don't have.

Why Contentment is Worth Training Our Mind For

Effect of Stress on Erection Quality

When happy our body is not having to prepare for survival. This may sound daft but our body is still programmed to keep us alive at all costs and even though the dangers of caveman times are no longer there – our body's still react in the same way to certain stresses in modern day life, preparing us for fight or flight. Pleasuring our body is not on the priority list. The stress may be acute and disappear which allows the body to get back to normal, but if we are under chronic stress - that maybe low level, this has an accumulative effect upon our health (affecting long term erections) and upon our erections in the short term. Your body is just not putting all its resources into your penis - as it thinks other parts of your body may need more input. ErectionCoach.com switches this around and gradually trains your body and mind to put more into giving you a nice throbbing erection!

Be happy with your penis!

At least once every hour - take 20 seconds to think of nothing but your penis and how it feels - what it's touching or even thinking of the nice times it has given you. If this was with someone else - try and discount the other party, as we want this to all be about you - no one else - just for these few seconds. Then it will enhance your future sexual times whether with someone else or on your own. It takes effort, but hopefully effort that you will enjoy!

Take care and focus upon what you have got - not what you haven't!