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The Male Pelvic Floor Muscles for Sexual Function

Introducing the 'Butt Hole' Exercise!

A lot to look forward to!

Increased control of our genitals can be a great feeling - almost discovering our body all over again! Plus there can be some great sensations too. If not right now - there will be, so not only is there an incentive of a harder erection but also some great sensations to discover. Then in time, doing these exercises will become pleasurable!

This therefore not only helps improve the physical, but he great feelings can also begin to help any possible psychological aspects of any erection problems.


Butt Hole Exercise Intro

The male pelvic floor and sexual function can all be a bit of a mystery – here I attempt to show you three important ones:

  1. Ischiocavernosus - responsible for rigidity in the erect penis,
  2. Bulbospongiosus - helps with ejaculation
  3. Levator-ani that supports the prostate and also helps strengthen other muscles by giving sensations we can use to maximise intensity.

When we exercise other muscles in our body, we tend to know what movement will stimulate them and the results we can expect - here I try to do the same for the three muscles above - to help you exercise them more which can help you get a stronger erection.

Three muscles of the Male Pelvic Floor

We are really interested in the following muscles, their contraction is related to:

  1. Ischiocaversosus - rigidity of erection.
  2. Bulbospongiosus - ejaculation.
  3. Levator-ani - feelings of the anus moving and sensations in the prostate.

Contracting All Three Muscles Together

We can with one simple exercise strengthen all these muscles together.  clench your anus as hard as possible and begin to develop awareness of it moving closer or further away from your penis. Really feel your butt hole and the movement it can begin to have. Enjoyable movement it can be too!

This really does work all three male pelvic floor muscles and if really worked hard will reward you with harder erections in the future as these muscles build stronger, plus you can get some great sensations!

The Ischicavernosus muscle is either side of the perineum, builds up pressure of blood in the penis to make it more rigid.

The feelings and movements

Initially you may not feel that much, if anything. But in time - the more you exercise these muscles, the more feelings and control you'll begin to get.

Ensuring Great Gains for Your Erection

For your erection to become stronger - the above muscles need to be as strong as possible, and unless you are a teenager and regularly exercising your pelvic floor muscles the chances are you can make them stronger, but how?


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The Right Intensity (for failure!)

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Getting the Intensity

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Sheer Strength Gains

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Endurance Gains

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Short on Time

If you don't have a few minutes to spare and want to exercise in a matter of seconds then another way to reach failure really quickly and encourage muscles to strengthen is to simply pulse on and off as quickly as you can! Aim to go quicker and quicker - fir example to a metronome or in time to music - can induce failure quicker.

The Butt Hole Exercise Intro

One great exercise you can do to really stimulate all three of the above muscles in the male pelvic floor to strengthen them for a harder erection and some great sensations, as well as a few other benefits!

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