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Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Strengthening Male Pelvic Floor Muscles for a Stronger Erection

The male pelvic floor muscles need to be kept strong - to keep your erection strong.  Like every muscle in our body it weakens with age - meaning a weaker erection. We train other muscles in our body and it is perhaps time to train these muscles.  An introduction to muscles to strengthen and control for extra HARDness

Penis Exercise or Pelvic Floor Exercise - Which are you more liable to exercise?

Perhaps there may be a branding problem. If these muscles were to be called the penis muscles we may be more likely to exercise them.

They are the muscles that assist with erections, urine stream and ejaculation, so I will also be referring to them as the Penis Muscles to help give motivation to exercise them more and more!

The Male Pelvic Floor can be thought of in a similar way to the chest diaphragm, yet has a lot more functions.

the male pelvic floor is made up of many muscles that control the penis, anus and assists with erections. Plus together stop all the organs sliding out the body!

The male pelvic floor (penis muscles!) a sheet of muscle at the bottom of the pelvis.

Really important:

  • stopping all the organs in the pelvis sliding out
  • controls the anus, penis and assists with erection

Think of the male pelvic floor literally as a floor holding everything in your pelvic area and stopping it falling out of your body! The pelvic floor is a sheet of muscles from your tail-bone to pubic bone.

Three Important Muscles in the pelvic floor: 1 Iscchiocavernosous 2. Bulbospongiosous 3. Levator-ani

This video is an introduction to men's pelvic floor muscles muscles.

The Male Pelvic Floor

Females have a pelvic floor, but the male pelvic floor does differ slightly in that there are some muscles that also attach to and control the penis. It is these penis muscles that we are really interested in – the bulbospongiosous and the ischiocavernosus. The former use to be called accelerator of urine muscle and does do this. The latter helps to build pressure of blood in the penis during an erection. It can be difficult to get individual control of these muscles and in the process of trying to stimulate the ischiocavernosus you'll probably find that you contract the whole pelvic floor. One of the main muscles here is the lavator-ani which runs around the anus. This does have a benefit though as it gives us feedback and something to focus upon when exercising.

So if we squeeze the whole pelvic floor as if we wanted to stop urine flow and stop wind we will be contracting every muscle of the male pelvic floor and we can feel this really easily by feeling our anus and perineum.  The perineum is the area between the scrotum and anus where the two penis muscles are located - can be felt contracting here with your fingers. Try three fingers and move them around as you squeeze the muscles as if to stop urine flow and wind. You may feel them contract – however if you do not then you will in time as you follow the future exercise videos to gain more control of these muscles and strengthen them.

Erection Problems

Some erection problems can be as a result of a weak pelvic floor. Women often speak about the need for them to exercise their pelvic floor, but it is equally as if not more important sometimes for men as a weak male pelvic floor can result in a weaker erection. This can be the cause of many erection problems in older men as these muscles weaken with age just as other muscles in the body – unless we keep them strong with exercise – which future videos will show you.

This has hopefully given you an introduction to the muscles at the bottom of your penis that we can learn to control and strengthen just as any other muscles – the only difference is how these can really have an affect upon erection quality and therefore may be just as important as any other muscle!

Male Anatomy - Erection Muscle 

Close up and personal with the Erection Coach and Pelvic floor....the all important muscles that can give you HARDer erections - Ischiocavernosus, bulbospongiosus and the levator ani! 

Naked Video for clearer demonstration

Exercises to Strengthen The Men's Pelvic floor Muscles for a Stronger Erection

Contracting and Strengthening Erection Muscle:

This video will take you through the ways to contract your erection muscle - to build up its endurance and erection boost capability - showing you the movement of your pelvic floor muscles to ensure you get the most from the erection exercises - to strengthen the all important muscles - you need no equipment. This one starts off really simple, and stay simple but get more advanced.