Warning:⚠️ Health Training contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men react as nature intended & overcome ED

What the ErectionCoach.com with added 1:1 can unlock within YOU

animated image of penis erecting under clothes with image transparencyWould you like more erections like this, whether naked or clothed in all sorts of situations?

Believe me - you really do have one - an important aspect about You - one that is far too important for me to risk devaluing by talking about here, but is something that will become your secret erection super power- which only 1:1 coaching with Me - The pioneer of  ErectionCoach with 20 years of research / experience can really unlock within you.

This coaching is not just an app or website -  this is very Personal.

With 21 audios and 75 videos you can  train at your own pace, and then - the 1:1 with me brings everything together – to suit what you (and your penis) need – in a personal individualised way based upon your progress.  → Alternatively you may wish to use your 1:1 session with me, to guide you right from the start. It's your Mind, Your Body Your Penis Your sexualness/Maleness and so it should also be in YOUR Way - what suits you, but this can only work if....

Can You be Candid / Open with me.

You may well be a unique communicator - in which case brilliant!  However many men can be reserved when talking about their penis and their personal sexual matters. Whilst general sexual topics may well be keenly spoken about - on a personal level when it involves your penis, your sexual response - do you ever talk openly? If not then I hope to change that - in all my videos I am totally exposed - naked and in different states of arousal, sharing my innermost thoughts (well nearly all - but I save some bits for those who really want to know and build up an open dialogue with me. ThisI hope will encourage you to start opening up to me - it all starts with you talking about your penis and sexual response.

The Right Way for You to celebrate hard.

naked torso and upper legs of naked man with champagne bottle covering erect penis and fizzing with 'Good Health' written in the bubblesImages from Training website HarperCapability.com

As you progress with your penisWorship Audios or Harder Erection Video Guide - You may be happy to train independently - which the training allows or you may occasionally email me with your progress or questions. However upon joining I give you my number for texting also giving the option to send pictures or videos of your training progress. There's no normal way - but there is a right way - and that is what makes you feel good - as the Individual Male that you are. Recognising and utilising this is what will get you erection results, which need to be celebrated - as it may well prove to be one of your greatest achievements - to restore your Virility or even increase it will only serve to enrich your whole life - personal and professional.

All natural - Gain Control - Be the Man You want to be.

erection coach pulling trousers down in a field to expose penis which is obscured by textMale Identity: awareness of your Penis in your everyday becomes valuable - you'll see why as you start training.

It all starts with me stimulating your mind to want to do this. That can all start simply by making contact with me today. Then we can set about training Your Mind, Your Body, Your Penis and ultimately Your Sexual/ Male Response. However you want to think about it. No drugs - you will be free to gain erections whenever you want them. The training starts with you gaining control when you are just with yourself. Then once this has been established I can then help you take things one step further and gain you the ability to be in control of your erections and ejaculations when with others. However be prepared for some shocks along the way - that can be life changing in a very mild way to others you may engage with - but a profound way for you on a personal level - and therein may lie the success of ErectionCoach.com Personal 1:1 Training. But before we focus upon how your training may culminate let's perhaps start with the exciting and adventurous coaching that leads up to this point....

The personal approach is what gets results for you and your penis

There are 96 training aspects (different Inputs into the whole erection process). Combine this with three distinct coaching approaches and you have 288 different training focuses, techniques and exercises.  what the 1:1 with me does is either consolidate all your training that you have worked through on your own into an individual focus for you. Or with 96 different Inputs that can be strengthened -  how many will you need 1 or 21 - but which ones? That is what I will help you with -the level of which depends upon how much you open up to me.

Your Penis Erecting is simply complicated.

Simple in the sense that a surge of extra blood into the penis, causes out flow of blood to be restricted - pressure builds and your penis erects.


The process of allowing more blood into your penis starts with your mind, how you feel about things this is important- such as Your mindset outlook: the way you think about your erections, sex, and you male identity is unique to you  a 1:1 can help you suppress negative thoughts and encourage the positive - but are you aware of all of them. If you book in for a video call or In Person session with me - we can explore your outlook as much as you are happy to. But this is important.   The next they're down is how your mind controls your body - blood vessels, hormones amongst other things that divert more blood to your penis. How this happens can be so very individual - with many physical factors now influencing.  The physical factors that now either help or hinder the flow of blood to your penis now need to be strengthened or suppressed - as there are negatives and positives - which ones will you need strengthening or suppressing?

Then there is another important aspect about You - one that is far too important for me to risk devaluing by talking about here, but is something that will become almost your secret erection super power- which only 1:1 coaching with Me - The ErectionCoach with 20 years of experience can really unlock within you.

To Then Bring all the above together for hands free Erection on Command

Naked, Natural & Unadulterated Images and Video are here.

naked man gaining a hands free erection which is obscured in a way that if you look closely the glans is just visible in three points starting, semi and erect, marked with text that reads 'In Action'You can see the penis head where the 'In Action' is.