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How long for getting an "Erection on Demand"?

by Heiko

In your videos on YouTube you say and demonstrate that you can get an erection even without sexual arousal (just from muscle contraction). How long does it take to achieve that for a young men in his 20's? (Probably depends from person to person, but lets say in average).


Hi Heiko,
You guessed right - it is totally impossible to say. I'll tell you for why:

..it involves being able to calm the mind and to relax
...a dedication to exercise the muscles and really strengthen them - but with a tuned in mind at the same time! (mind/body connection)
...a testosterone boost can be helpful (with the X Pose)
...and put it all together with mindfulness - getting lost in your body.
... then more exercise to really get the muscles pumped up - for an extended duration
....then isolating the muscle you want (erection muscle) in an acute phase of exercise to erect the penis.

Now for some (like me) this can take a lot of work, which is why I am able to break it down in a stage by stage approach. But some can do all this naturally - and age is not always an indicator of how easy or difficult it can be to attain, but being in your 20's you do have a bit of an advantage there!

If wanting to start you can email me: paul@malecoach.com and I'll give you a quick free quick start guide.


and really tune into the sens

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