Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


HARDER Erections - Hands Free Erections On Demand

It took my a few years of practice to achieve this. 

 I show it to you to prove my methods work.

The objective of Erection Coaching is to get you a harder erection (which uses the same techniques to achieve on demand erections).

I would not expect you to gain an erection on demand for a while yet - I am just showing you this to prove that my methods work -  that I can get you a HARDER erection!

Then in time, if you put the work in, who knows what you'll be able to achieve!
Though do know for me this doesn't work every time!  But when it does - i love it! As much as it being about the physical sensations - it's also about relaxation.

Harder erections and erections on demand are possible using the techniques in the following video. 

Fixing Erection Problems

If you have erection problems (like I did) it may take a bit longer to get on demand erections - as we first need to fix these.  The good news is that the same training methods we use to fix any problems can be taken a bit further to get an erection on demand - even without sexual arousal. But then the actual erection itself can lead to a sexual arousal and give a heightened sexual experience. 

One step at a time

The first step though is to improve erection hardness -then in time experiment with other goals such as on demand erections.

Train Your Body for Hands Free Erections on Demand

Do know that it is possible to get an erection on demand without any sexual arousal - purely due to a physical function - caused to some degree by a psychological allowance. However as soon as this is stopped so too will the erection (as in the video) unless the physical technique is sustained. Often the act of gaining an erection will then lead to a sexual arousal which can then take over and sustain the erection.

Mind Training

Training for an erection on demand will also make your erection harder as we are strengthening the physical aspects of the erection process to get things going which is all for nothing - if our mind is not on board, so training for the mind is as important as for the physical body otherwise one will be fighting the other. My job is to ensure both your body and mind are working well together!

Sometimes this is easy - sometimes this is very difficult to do, but always a possibility!

Practice for Harder Erections

Like anything - some of us are naturals some not, but either way it does not matter as it just takes more practice that's all - as long as you are practicing the right techniques in the right way, for you as an individual - which is where I come in - to give you a training session where we can find out what you need to practice on: to get you harder erections.

Introduction to The Training

The training involves a few aspects delivered in many different ways depending upon you! This training has to be enjoyable - as when we are happy erections are more likely - so I'll be doing all that I can to help you enjoy this training.

Video Introduction to Harder Erections Training

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