Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Harder Erection Training FAQ's 

All About Erectile Problems, and Improvements

Harder Erection Training FAQ's. All about the exercises and training programme to get a stronger erection.

FAQ's About the Harder Erection Training

Exercise together

Both Nude, both exercising?

Feeling the Exercise Work

Do you do the exercises with me?

Yes I give the reasons why it will help you, demonstrate the exercise or technique and then either do them with you, assist you, observe you or encourage you as needed.

Are we both nude/working our erections? 

We can do it clothed or naked. I do what you do.  At some times we may well have a semi erection, but we are primarily strengthening the different body systems that contribute to the whole erection process - so an erection may happen but it may not.

If erections do happen it can aid a few exercises, but it really does not matter if you cannot/don't get one. The only reason I say this is because the pressure of thinking you have to get an erection can sometimes mean that it just wont happen! So no pressure - just go with the flow!

How do we do the erection exercises

The erection training can be tricky training to do!

With other normal fitness training the feedback is simple - I can see exactly how you are moving your body or lifting a weight - and see when your muscles are reaching their limit for maximum stimulation to grow stronger.

However with erection training the feedback is largely a feeling for you and not always visible to me – that is unless you are in some different positions, happy for me to view you close up and personal or if you have an erection. 

In the early stages of training for a harder erection the feeling for you may not always be strong. Just like any other muscle we want to really work the muscles that help your erection - work them to their limits. Therefore there are ways that we can get more and more feedback - which gives more and more results. However some of the ways do reach the limits of 'personal' training - they get very personal, so I let you choose the level that you are comfortable with. You can decide (and change your mind at any point) however at some point before we start the training I need to know what your preferred level of feedback is.

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