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Hard at Night, but not in the day!

by Charles

Impotent my erection is semi hard. Am used to have a very hard erection. And with a lot of sexual activity in all my years. Now it is just a semi hard. At night I n my sleep, I can have an extremely hard like a hard Boner. Which I quickly grab and masturbate because I normally don’t have extremely hard erections Can your exercises help this problem and why doesn’t masturbation help stimulate the blood flow through your penis. I have always masturbated a lot , and still do. But now with a semi hard erection which makes it very hard to do.

Hi Charles, the fact that you get harder erections during the night would indicate the physical side of things is working well. The reason why you may be not getting as hard during waking hours could be due to: sexual feelings being less strong, tiredness or slight anxiety. The problem with anxiety is that we are not always aware we have it!
The sexual feeling issue is complex and sometimes, some (maybe not you - only you know) we can masturbate out of habit or when time suits and hope our body begins to feel sexual. But sometimes it can be difficult to force this and the result may be just a semi.
You may well be asking why you get hard at night! That is because night time erections are generally not as a result of sexual feelings or feeling horny but more due to deep relaxation.
There are exercise videos to try and help you with these aspects in the Guides, and I'll be adding more soon in the coming weeks.
Hope thats helped! Let me know your thoughts!

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