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Frequent Spontaneous Erections

by Brayan

I have a problem and that is that I often have erections I would like to know how to control them

Hi Brayan,

That is quite a good problem to have!
We can get erections as a result of all different types of arousal, not only sexual, but from feeling excited and happy even. This shows you are in good physical and mental health. However I do understand that sometimes it can be embarrassing.

From the psychological aspect you could consider mindfulness for just a minute to see if that helps change your body's response, or try changing your line of thinking to concentrate upon a particular task.

From the physical aspect looser fitting clothes around your penis can seem a bit scary, but can help by reducing the pressure and resulting sensations from tight clothing. When constricted the penis can get more stimulated, however I also realise there is also a security with the tightness to try and reduce visible signs of your erection.

Frequent erections at all sorts of times would indicate that you are relaxed, happy and content rather than anxious. When we are anxious erections are less likely to occur - so as a barometer of your mental health and well being - your penis would say you're probably in great shape!


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Mar 30, 2020
Spontaneous Erections
by: Anonymous

I’m a 38 year old man who has been circumcised since 2008 and since the operation I’ve been getting spontaneous erections frequently and kind of got used to it happening at inconvenient times so I’d personally take it as a blessing even though it’s very embarrassing at times too! Embrace these erections while you can as most men would be envious of this issue due to being impotent for a variety of different reasons!

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