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Exercising Pelvic Floor to get HARDer

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Exercising Pelvic Floor can if done correctly improve your erection quality !  Here I simplify it.

The main aspect to focus upon is intensity as well as technique. The technique will gradually improve - you may have it straight away if not practice until happy then concentrate on intensity


Be happy you have the right erection kaizen technique :

  • clench your anus and either hold it or release and clench repeatedly...

....without using your abdominal muscles  then you know you have got control of your pelvic floor muscles and can now work on intensity.

Ensuring Some Great Gains for Your Erection

Failure is needed - when we struggle to contract the muscles any more - muscles are instructed to build stronger. That is why the intensity is important. You may get this in a few seconds or a few minutes. 

Regular exercisers will be familiar with the feeling of muscles struggling to contract and complete the exercise - and know that by working it so hard - muscle fibres actually tear and are then infilled with more. This process even though only a micro tear is seen by the body as an injury and so provokes an inflammatory response to help healing, results in that familiar post exercise ache, but also more importantly, tells us that our muscles are indeed building. When exercising our arm this is fine, but when we're exercising our pelvic floor, as in erection kaizen at erectiondr.com where I encourage you to always do just that bit more - resulting aches can cause concern, especially when sometimes it can be difficult to determine where the aches is. This referred pain can lead to us feeling it in the testicles, prostate, penis anus or pelvic floor. Or if unlucky - all pf them! However at least you know you have stimulated your body to grow stronger, and will in the coming days be able to give you a slightly improved erection..

With weight lifting or bodyweight exercise where our muscles are either required to lift weights or our body in various positions - immense strain is put upon the muscles to not only lift but to safely lower any weight too.

Exercising pelvic floor muscles is not so easy to get resistance.  and I for one really don't want to start tying weights to my penis or anus! ...

Here's how to do it

The Video below demonstrates how to contract the muscles until the all important failure.

Sheer strength!

Comparisons with conventional exercise can help, for example if we were wanting to:

Increase Upper body Strength - doing push ups - until you can't do anymore - give that failure and the body is stimulated to grow stronger.

To Increase Erection Strength - ..........   ....continued in Erection Kaizen Coaching - Throbbing and Harder Memberships......   

........ would stimulate your Erection Muscle to grow stronger.


To also target the endurance aspect in conventional exercise we would :

lift weights and hold them there for as long as possible until our muscles failed to keep them there!

With endurance aspect of the erection exercise - we can simply ........   ....continued in Erection Kaizen Coaching - Throbbing and Harder Memberships......   

Short on time

If you don't have a few minutes to spare and want to exercise in a matter of seconds then another way to.....   ....continued in Erection Kaizen Coaching - Throbbing and Harder Memberships......   

The Butt Hole Exercise Intro

One great exercise you can do to really stimulate all three of the above muscles in the male pelvic floor to strengthen them for a harder erection and some great sensations, as well as a few other benefits!