Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscles Every Time You Sit Down

Erection Problems can be cured by exercising pelvic floor muscles or in other ways depending upon the cause. If the cause is physical in nature then this exercise will help by strengthening the muscles that build up pressure of blood in penis and just possibly also help the psychological aspects too.

Its sometimes the small things ....

Sometimes the small lifestyle changes can do more as they all add up to make a bit difference. Rather than going for a workout once a week – it can be far better to have mini workouts every day. This is even more true when wanting to work the small muscles that help support an erection as they tire very easily and so lots of stimulation can be counterproductive. Far better to do short bursts and what better way – every time you sit down! 

Every time you sit down, or stand up - gives a chance to exercise pelvic floor muscles.

Think of how many times you do this in a day and if we can get into the habit of doing the exercise every time – there's every chance you'll see the beginnings of a stronger erection in just a few weeks or months. How quick depends upon how strong the muscles are to start with and the strength of your current erection quality. There's at least an 80% chance that this will help you to some degree, if not then it may be because your erection difficulties are due to other causes, but rest assured this will only help.

Other videos and info pages in the future will address other causes, and this will only help to get even greater results. This can do no harm – unless you get despondent and your mood is affected – so whatever happens just enjoy doing them and know that they will be improving your erection quality eventually – even if you are the small minority where this another cause that needs addressing – which we will in future pages – and the results will be even more spectacular as you have already conditioned these muscles!

This Helps the Physical

The following helps address the physical aspects of any erection problems by strengthening the muscles responsible for building up pressure of blood in your penis.

  • All you need do is the basic exercise just prior to sitting down
  • Hold this contraction as you sit down
  • Continue to hold or pulse on/off whilst sitting if possible

Also helping the Psychological aspects

If you can smile slightly whist doing this exercise you'll also be helping lower anxiety and stress levels -

Plus simply doing this exercise is like any other training - keeping the end goal in mind to make you train harder but also enjoy he thought of achieving your goal. In this case the goal is a stronger erection - which really is possible and is such a great goal to have - gives HOPE!

And not False hope but real hope. Exercising these muscles is proven to work and can help varying degrees of erectile dysfunction. Hope is a great thing and combined with the smile can be enough to lift your mood, make you really happy about good things to come and this in turn lowers any possible anxiety or stress you may or may not have (or be aware of).

Erection problems cured

Erection problems really can be cured or reduced with this exercise and in some studies, non compliance, the possible reason for 70 -80% success rates. This exercise attempts to solve this problem by making it a habit and solving the non compliance issue. You probably sit down quite a few times in the day and if you do the exercise every time you'll not only soon get into the habit but you'll also very soon feel the benefits too!

Another possible reason may also be due to some studies focussing purely upon the physical, which is why I add the smile in to help with the psychological too!

If in public just 50% intensity will not show on your face

100% intensity for when in private to really work those muscles!

What will help you

I'll do my best to help give you an idea of what may improve your erection quality. The erection process is complex and requires many different body systems to all be working well. Sometimes there can be an obvious cause of erection difficulties, sometime not. I ask personal questions, to gain vital clues about what can help your erection quality improve.

There are a whole range of things that can help strengthen your sexual response - what will work for you is very individual. If you'd like some idea of what training aspect will help you the most contact me.  Answers to the following help

Answer these if you're : Wanting a bit xtra HARDness

  1. Has your erection quality always been the same or have you noticed a decline?
  2. Would you say you are a very sexual being?
  3. How would you describe your lifestyle: healthy & active or could do a little better?

or these if you have: Erection problems

  1. Do you ever wake with or have night time erections?
  2. Do you have any health conditions that require prescription medication?
  3. Have you noticed a sudden change in erection quality or gradual?