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Are hands free Erections on demand possible?

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to demonstrate physical and psychological aspects of the erection process.

Part 1

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Hands Free Erection on Demand Video

Erection Problems Sorted with 1:1 Erection Coaching

Erections can be controlled to some extent by both our physical body and our mind. Here I show the Up's and downs of the erection process.

Getting a HARD penis is so Simple - more blood in than out  | Yet very complex and sensitive!

An erection is so very simple - more blood results in compression of the veins - meaning blood cannot leave so easily, pressure builds up and an erection occurs - Simple! To get more blood to flow in simply requires the blood vessels supplying the penis to widen, but this is where the complexities arise.

There are so many physical factors that affect this process and also psychological. 

The Erection Training

This is where the personal coaching plays its part - knowing which may be affecting you and then understanding you and your life to establish which training methods will give you maximum gains.


There are so many physical factors affecting erection quality from poorly conditioned arteries (which with lifestyle & exercise can be improved) through to something as simple as weak erection muscles. There are also so many factors causing this such as advancing years, health conditions or lifestyle. It is important to understand the underlying cause (where my medical NHS training comes in) before we can successfully strengthen and condition the body to give a strong erection

The Psychological - Pressure to Perform

Sometimes there is a lot of pressure upon our penis - expectation to get erect and do what it does. Yet things don't always work as well as we always would like which we younger tend to be attributable to stress/anxiety and other psychological issues (also side effects of recreational / prescription drugs). Then as we get older our physical body can decline slowly which results in a slow almost unnoticeable change in erection quality, until one day we become aware of it -  plus added to this the stresses and strains of life can take their toll as well as general anxiety about almost anything.

Pressures From Social Media & Porn

As if our body's don't have enough to cope with - our expectations (or expectations of others!)  can be raised even further as a result of social media or porn, where often we make comparisons, that are totally unrealistic.

My career has involved dealing with both of these subjects -  the work (and trickery) that goes into producing both social media and porn is immense and should not always be treated as reality or a comparison, yet both do put pressure upon us all. This pressure is especially on our penis as much as anything else.

What will help you become HARDER

Sometimes it is very simple, sometimes more complex. Often it may not be just one factor but many. Either way don't worry we will find out what will help you the most. Over 90% of erections can be strengthened, however occasionally due to trauma or a health condition it may not be possible to improve erection quality, which is why I always make the training enjoyable as there will always be some other benefit.

Erections on Demand!

Is this really possible?

If you currently have no erection problems then yes it definitely is - just requires a bit of practice - how much is very individual. I was not a natural and so it took a lot for me to achieve this. At least it helps me understand a bit more.

If you do have erection problems (like I did) we first have to fix this, but often the same methods apply, so it simply means continuing with your training and keep on going and then there is every chance of you achieving not only a harder erection but also an erection on demand.

Hands Free Erections on Demand

Part 2

Hands Free Erections on Demand Video

Training Your Body & Mind for Hands Free Erections on Demand

Interested in learning how to gain hands free erections on demand or improving erection problems?

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