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Natural Ways to Resolve Erection Problems | Questions Answered

Erectile Dysfunction, Penis Improvement FAQ

Never despair - help is here.

Worrying about any erection problems is definitely the worse thing you can do. I know it's easy for me to say - but I have been there and come out the other side! There's no reason why you can't either! 

Always keep in mind that stress and anxiety are the very worse things for our erection so worrying will not help -  we can't just stop worrying, but knowing there is so much at this site that can help you - may just start to ease the pressure. There really is every chance something here at Erection Coach.com will help you If ever in despair contact me.

Natural ways to resolve erection problems


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How often - erection exercises?

Hard at Night, but not in the day!

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How do I know if I am as hard as possible?

It's a similar question to asking how do I know I'm as strong as possible. It is very individual and if you're young and strong  and you have a great erection then chances are that's as hard as possible. This hardness can decline with age or illness and therefore is something we can improve by strengthening the body systems that contribute..

I still get erections when turned on but they don’t last as long as they use to. My penis could stay hard for half hour but now it’s a max of 15 mins. Is there anything I can do to prolong my hardons?

It is possible that your difficulty may be psychological or physical in nature, or indeed both.

If physical: the Erection Exercise will definitely help - focus on building up the endurance aspect by holding the muscle contraction for as long as you can. Try and add a second on every day.

Boost your testosterone and libido with this simple exercise.

If psychological: relax and be as happy as you can. Manage your stress by having some time out just for you - which can be anything you find enjoyable or even this erection training. The best thing is to not focus upon how your erection is performing - just enjoy it. Plus really take the pressure off yourself by enjoying your penis being soft too. It can give some great sensations so just enjoy the difference and explore your body in another way. Whatever you do don't let the sole focus be upon your erection quality, as this can lead to slight anxiety and then your erection will definitely decline!


I don't have a great problem and I can get an erection ok, sometimes it doesn't maintain and occasionally I have used viagra, it can depend on the circumstances. I would like to have a stronger erection.

A very complex question to answer without taking your history. It may be due to a slight physical deterioration that we can all suffer from with age - but as you state it can depend upon the situation - this would suggest a psychological element - anxiety - which is the enemy of erections. The personality type page in the  Harder Erection guide will help you. One way to get started with some improvements can be the physical - this also helps the psychological.

We have muscles that help build the pressure of blood up in the penis and help improve blood flow to the penis, however they are quite small and tricky to stimulate, but there's a few different ways. Like any muscles - after the age of 30 they start to deteriorate, as the years progress - so really benefit from some strengthening exercises. You should after a few months of regular exercise and a concerted effort to be relaxed and happy as possible  - find it all pleasurable - and have no need for viagra ever again!  If this doesn't work then you can use the nice physical sensations more and more to relax you and calm your mind - and try sexual mindfulness. or simply feeling more sexual which can help train your mind to be more sexual and less anxious. It's worth remembering - Sometimes we're not even aware we are anxious!

To Erect or Not Erect

Do the erection exercises work better if done with an erection?

The erection exercises are working the muscles that give us an erection - it doesn't have to be carried out when you have an erection, you can do it when not hard and at any time. Doing the exercise when erect does help with feedback to increase intensity plus make them pleasurable and add a new dimension to your exercise and 'play' time! But until you get use to doing them - or unless you're feeling very sexual can be difficult to maintain an erection for long, so if you can be erect and enjoy it then great - but if not just do when flaccid...

Doing them when soft means we can do them all the time – at odd times when sitting down anywhere, driving or even standing in a queue! You can just use 75% intensity and save the intense stuff that may show on your face, for when in private.

So just to recap the muscles will be strengthened regardless of whether you have an erection or not – the only benefit to sometimes doing the exercise with an erection is purely for feedback and possible pleasure which is good as then you're more likely to do them more often – helping us to increase the contraction and therefore increase results, but there are other ways to gain feedback. However doing them when flaccid can equally give you some great sensations (often more internal) and actually can be very powerful and in time even lead to orgasm without ejaculation). So the short answer is - it is good to do the erection exercises  when hard and soft but if you can't get hard - don't worry just do when soft - and you may in time get that great male orgasm without ejaculation!

Hope that helps!


My erection doesn't always get as hard any more. I am 27 and really worried.

Erection problems are far more common than we may realise. Firstly know that there are so many reasons for a decline in erection quality - but also so many ways to help improve erection quality.

The best thing to start to do: is not to worry!

The chances are this is just a temporary blip and all can be resolved. Our erections are quite a complicated process and it really does not take much to throw them off course, Equally it doesn't always take much to get them back on track again - so knowing that there is so much that can help you will reduce anxiety levels - which on their own can be enough to scupper a strong erection. Another example of the many reasons is medication - many can affect erection quality

Spontaneous Erections

I have an erection problem and it is that frequently I have erections I would like to know how to control them

That is quite a good problem to have! I can imagine it does cause a bit of worry ( I can remember those days) but it's only when this doesn't happen that we look back and realise how good it can be.

We can get erections as a result of all different types of arousal, not only sexual, but from feeling excited and happy even. But sometimes the biggest reason for spontaneous erections can be relaxation.  This shows you are in good physical and mental health. However I do understand that sometimes it can be embarrassing.

From the psychological aspect you could consider mindfulness for just a minute to see if that helps change your body's response, or try changing your line of thinking to concentrate upon a particular task. A physical exercise - to relax the pelvic floor muscles can be of help. If you'd like to know how to do this just ask me

From the physical aspect looser fitting clothes around your penis can seem a bit scary, but can help by reducing the pressure - and the  resulting sensations from tight clothing. The tightness of underwear - especially around the glans can start

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,! However I also realise there is also a security with the tightness to try and reduce visible signs of your erection.

Frequent erections at all sorts of times would indicate that you are relaxed, happy and content rather than anxious. When we are anxious erections are less likely to occur - so as a barometer of your mental health and well being - your penis would say you're probably in great shape!

Hard at Night, but not in the day!

At night in my sleep, I can have a hard Boner. Which I quickly grab and masturbate because I normally don’t have hard erections. Can your exercises help this problem and why doesn’t masturbation help stimulate the blood flow through your penis. I have always masturbated a lot , and still do. But now with a semi hard erection which makes it very hard to do.

The fact that you get harder erections during the night would indicate the physical side of things is working well. The reason why you may be not getting as hard during waking hours could be due to: sexual feelings being less strong, tiredness or slight anxiety. The problem with anxiety is that we are not always aware we have it!
The sexual feeling issue is complex and sometimes, some (maybe not you - only you know) we can masturbate out of habit or when time suits and hope our body begins to feel sexual. But sometimes it can be difficult to force this and the result may be just a semi.
You may well be asking why you get hard at night! That is because night time erections are generally not as a result of sexual feelings or feeling horny but more due to deep relaxation.
There are exercise videos to try and help you with these aspects in the Guides, and I'll be adding more soon in the coming weeks

Anus Relax / Over training

1. Do i have to fully relax my anus after each squeeze, or should I fully relax it after a set.

2. Is there something like "Overtraining"? I could do a lot squeezes in 24h.. (I don't know how long I should train)

1. If you are doing the squeezes fairly quickly such as 1 a second your anus will probably not have time to relax - so aim for a partial relax. However if you are doing them quicker the chances are you'll find it hard to relax it. If you're doing 1 every 2or3 seconds aim for a near total relax. Either way after 50 or at the end of each set - ensure you spend 10 seconds at least allowing for it to really relax.

2.This is a funny one - in the early stages we can sometimes do more - due to the contraction intensity being less. But the more we get control and strength - the force of contraction becomes stronger and the muscles can seem to fatigue quicker. Either way all you need do is a varied contraction - some pulses and some holds. Do some at low intensity - some at high intensity. Listen to your body - just like any muscles they'll tell you when you've done enough. In the early days that may seem to take loads of exercising but as the force builds they will let you know soon when they've had enough!

A serious point to keep in mind: just as with any muscles it can be the next day that you really feel you have worked them! The ache may well be from the muscles, but sometimes it can feel like testicle ache! It can be hard for the body to distinguish, so if any aches - stop straight away and rest for a few days - but you do have to do a lot for this to happen!

Erection .Exercises

How many time do you recommended I do
I am circumcised  - does it make a difference?

Rather than focus upon how many times - focus upon force of contraction and do as many times as you can until you struggle to contract as quick or with as much force.  
At other times in your day just do then when you think of it - even if not to failure, just to get the muscles pumping and the sensations flowing is all good too!

Being circumcised makes no difference. 

How Often should I exercise my Pelvic Floor Muscles?

You asked about how often to do the pelvic floor exercises - the answer is as much as you can. Think of them as two different exercises - sometimes you need to be on your own in private - with your dick out, whereas other times you can do them clothed anywhere - just at a lower intensity. Both are valuable.

It is fine to have an initial burst to kick start your results but then it wants to be something that you can sustain for the rest of your life, the best way to do this is find a way to do them that you find enjoyable (I'll be giving more ideas on this soon )- then you'll do more often.

The bare minimum every day will be 2 minutes,  sometimes I may spend 30 mins or more, but always 2 mins. Today I have exercised them a lot and i have a slight ache around my penis and testicles - just like if we'd exercised other muscles - these can have their limits, so no more today! Listen to your body - don't overdo it,

Enjoy them as much as you can and combine with relaxation sometimes too for a different feeling.


What will help you

I'll do my best to help give you an idea of what may improve your erection quality. The erection process is complex and requires many different body systems to all be working well. Sometimes there can be an obvious cause of erection difficulties, sometime not. I ask personal questions, to gain vital clues about what can help your erection quality improve.

There are a whole range of things that can help strengthen your sexual response - what will work for you is very individual. If you'd like some idea of what training aspect will help you the most contact me.

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