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Erection Exercise, The Personal Trainer and the Metronome!

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Exercise our penis to the beat! or

Let your penis dance!

My metronome arrived and I'm real excited about using to add rhythm to erection exercise. I have until now been using a ticking clock which works great but a metronome with its adjustable timings may just add that extra dimension to the exercise – some rhythm to help us get into it more.

Moving Penis to the beat of music or metronome!

The next time you hear a catchy track - don't tap your foot - move your penis to the rhythm of the beat!

Do Clothed or Naked

The Rhythm this gives is great for keeping the intensity high and helping us really get into the exercise.  If doing it naked - this can almost turn the Erection Exercise into a penis dance - with penis twitches or jigs, depending upon whether slightly erect or not. Either way it's a great exercise to do for many reasons:

  • building strength in the supporting muscles
  • improving blood flow
  • gaining more control
  • giving some great sensations - adding to sexualness within you
  • fun, enjoyable way to exercise - means you'll do it more often

Add a whole new dimension to Erection Exercise!

Pulsing our penis to the beat!

I'll be Using the Metronome for Mobile Coaching

Music will work just as well – but initially when real focus is needed to learn a good technique music can distract. In the coaching sessions I've been using a clock with a tick,  The metronome will be great as the tick can be heard more clearly even louder the beat adjusted for all sorts of different intensities and contractions!

Using music at home, on the train in the car

Your favourite music or a clock can work just as well.

Why the beat/tick?

We can then contract our muscles in time to the beat – which helps us sustain the exercise period for longer – guiding us when to contract. Music can be great as our aim can be to keep up the intensity for the duration of the song - when our muscles are becoming weaker the beat can help focus our mind on trying that bit harder!. In the A&E dept I was told when doing CPR to sing the song Nellie the Ellie elephant for the correct rhythm Now a study has revealed that this can result in poor technique and a metronome deemed to be better! Perhaps focus can be the key for technique – but to make us exercise our penis more I am sure in this case that music can have the edge due to the slightly more enjoyable and less serious nature than CPR. (There's a link to find your perfect mus=ic by BPM is at the bottom of this page!) or there are online metronomes!

Different Music / Different Metronome Setting

Different music is good as different speeds will target different muscles. One day a fast beat – then a slower track can be used another day. If using a clock the contractions can be every second, every 2 seconds or even every 3 seconds. The duration can also be timed with the beat – hold the contraction in the penis exercise for 3 ticks or beats for example.

Adding a New Dimension to The Erection Exercise!

 Feel the rhythm in your penis!

As you may not always have music or a metronome to hand – I'll use the clock to explain – but either can be used.  When initially starting with erection exercises it can take us a while to get control of the different muscles so there's a few different steps to try.

Step 1 - squeeze and hold

Do the erection exercise :

Squeeze and hold for 1 second

Relax for 2 seconds

Repeat as many times as you can - until muscle fatigues or you get bored. If you do get bored – ensure you are using as much force as you can – or as the situation will allow if in public!

Step 2 - Pulse on and off

  • Squeeze as hard as you can – but don't hold.
  • Relax for 2 seconds
  • Repeat
  • This is just a real short sharp contraction – like a pulse on and off.

Step 3 - Pulse on and off quicker

Exactly as above but squeeze and relax for just one second. As you gain more control you may be able to start squeezing for every tick with a quick release in between so that you squeeze every second – as hard as you can to give a real pulsing contraction.

Step 4 - Hold as long as you can.

Squeeze and hold with as much intensity as you can – for as long as you can.  Try counting the seconds or if listening to music aim to get further and further into the song. Then one day you may just be able to squeeze for the whole duration of the song.  Doing these different contractions really does strengthen all the muscles around our penis that help build up pressure to improve erection quality.

Step 5 - If in private!

If you're in private you can always try it with an erection! - can give some good feelings – try different intensities and focusing upon contracting different areas – penis and anus more or less. Sometimes the curling in and can add to the feelings.

Enjoy dancing with your penis!

The study about Music & CPR (via BBC)

Find Your Music by BPM