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"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Erection Coaching | Why Wouldn't You?

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Not about dumbbells for your penis!

See how HARD you can be!   

or Resolve Erectile Dysfunction

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Erection Problems Sorted - with The Erection Coaching

Just as you may workout to get your arm stronger - we can workout to get your erection stronger.  It is more complex, but with ErectionKaizens's specially devised exercise to strengthen your erection muscle (you really do have one - that's sole purpose is to increase penis rigidity), boost blood flow, boost testosterone (all naturally) combined with erection boosting lifestyle change - well over 90% of men can strengthen their erection.

The goal of improving erection quality is achievable - if you put the hard work in, and gives a great sense of achievement, plus gives rise to feeling more of a sexual being in the slightly sexual male world that is erectionKaizen.- training your penis to be a more responsive penis that you gain more control of with use of surrounding muscles that are capable of giving some sensations in your whole pelvic area body such as your prostate, testicles and a heightened state of arousal, as well as Harder, Stronger & More Frequent Erections.

ErectionCoach.com can help you improve your erection quality.You may just want to see how strong your erection can be or have minor erection problems, or have erectile dysfunction. Either way I really can help you. ErectionKaizen improves your erection quality & may just enrich and change Your Life. It is !00% Natural  and lasts for Life not, just when you take a pill (if you sustain your training) . Ensures things are on the Up into your 80's and beyond!

Your Current Erection Quality

All Okay?

You may not have any problems, but Intrigued to see how strong your erection can be. Just as you may go to the gym to train other parts of your body - your penis also relies upon blood flow and supporting muscles. Both your arm and your penis can be strengthened, though here we'll be focusing upon your penis and sexual function.

If Your Erection Has Become Weaker

It is inevitable that it will! This is just the ageing process - but we can fight it!  Your penis and the erections you get require good blood flow and muscular strength. With age both of these deteriorate, It is now accepted that we can hold off ageing and keep ourselves fit with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Yet I bet you don't go to the gym and do your penis exercises! Yet it can respond just as the rest of our body. The only difference is our brain and emotions are heavily involved, hence making erection kaizen simply complicated.

Improving Strength in Your Body

If we want to improve the strength in virtually any part of our body we will exercise to make it stronger. When we exercise we are not just improving muscle strength, but also blood flow, ligaments, tendons and even bone density.

Improving Erection Strength

If you want to improve the strength of your erection what do you do? Many men reluctantly accept any decline as inevitable and may be tempted to use pills or other measures. Yet a decline can be reversed. The scientific studies prove this fact. 100% Natural using the power of your body with proven methods. If we want to strengthen our arm or rehabilitate it - specific exercises will help. Our penis is no different - there are muscles surrounding it - that help increase pressure of blood and when these are strengthened so to will your erection. Increasing blood flow with exercise and lifestyle change is also proven and together these improvements in our body lead to an improvement in erection quality.Then of course there are the emotional and psychological aspects - - but erectionKaizen encompasses them all!

The Training Aspects

  • Improving Blood Flow (Getting Viagra effect from exercise and lifestyle change - alone proven to cure erectile dysfunction in more than 70% of cases)
  • Strengthening Your Erection Muscle( As used in NHS but taken (many) steps further and with a sexual element to tackle the psychological)
  • Boosting Testosterone Levels (naturally - enjoyably - effectively!)
  • Improving Happiness & Contentment (all valuable and actually can be improved)
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety (Many ways to manage - different videos - different approaches to help you )
  • Focus - mind/body connection to help with any psychological aspects
  • plus feeling more of a sexual being in the slightly sexual male world that is erectionKaizen.

When will I see results?

From an hour to a few days! Right from the start you will feel something -  results can initially range from a greater awareness of your genital region, a warm sensation or a fluttering feeling. Plus increased libido and you will right from the outset gain hope and expectation of great things to come from your body - harder stronger erections that you can learn to have more control over. Plus a sense of relaxation from time out plus an exciting journey discovering the many hidden depths of your body & mind that erectionKaizen training awakens/develops!!

Why I am Sure You'll love Erection Coaching

This great feeling can affect your whole well being and motivate you to do even more good things for your body. Your whole body may just also become healthier and fitter in this process of strengthening you erection. Plus certain exercises are capable of giving some  great sensations that are not all centered around erections -  which can help motivate us to train even more. 

With Practice you can get more control..

Though do know for me this doesn't work every time!

But when it does - i love it! As much as it being about the physical sensations - it's also about relaxation.

Difference Between Improving Erection Strength & Body Strength

The erection process is complex and cannot totally be compared to strengthening any other part of our body as there are is also the psychological aspect - which can sometimes be a cause of a decline in erection quality as too can lower hormone levels - all of which can be improved naturally.

Meet the Erection Coach & his Erection!

Hi, I'm Kwest the Erection Coach - helping men all ages, fitness levels (and different countries) improve their erection quality and sometimes gain other unexpected benefits too!

A bit of a cliche, but I am passionate about helping men improve erection quality! Not because i get off on any weird aspect - it can be life changing. When younger and getting erections all the time we can take it for granted, as we get older and life takes its toll - things don't work as well - we appreciate just what we have lost and it can affect self esteem, I know it did me.

On Youtube especially there seems to be an idea that because I am the  erection coach I must get fantastic rock hard erections at the flick of a switch.....

..if you're interested I'll tell you about it here.

Specific exercises to strengthen muscles around the penis

Getting the right exercises for you to improve erection quality.

This depends upon whether your problem may be psychological (there are many exercises that can help this, as well as body exercises we can use mind exercises in the form of mindfulness with added scenarios that can as well as be very therapeutic and lower stress levels, but also be enjoyable too!) , or your problem may be physical. Sometimes we may never know the cause. If you'd like to know my thoughts on what may help you the most - just contact me with a brief history. However the chances are a bit of everything may just contribute to success - as long as you enjoy your coaching.

Priority for Erection Coaching is Happiness and Contentment.

This helps to address any possible psychological issues that even if small can have an effect.

So no more worries, concerns or anxieties about your erection - just look forward to seeing what aspects of erection coaching will help you the most. The following will tell you a bit about the Harder Erection Guides, any questions you know where I am!

Erection Coaching Intro Video

Sometimes there can be psychological aspects which can influence erection quality. The mind/body connection aspect in particular can help - especially when combined with the mindfulness, but also the emphasis of the training will be on fun and enjoyment. When we're happy an erection is more likely!  This really does work and our whole body gets fitter and healthier in the process!

Who's Online Erection Coaching for?

Erection Coaching through video and information pages at erectiondr.com is not just great for your penis but your whole body will benefit too. This training will make your whole body fitter and healthier and can provide great motivation to start living the healthy lifestyle: that is the sustainable ErectionKaizen Training.

if any of the following apply then please feel free to contact me to see how I can help you.

Want to see if you can get a harder erection?

Want to resolve ED problems?

Want to maintain your erection for longer?

Want to keep your erection strong for the future?

Want inspiration to get healthy?

Want to enjoy some great self sex with a throbbing erection?

Personal Erection Coaching to ensure things are soon looking up for you!

92% Success Rate - why not 100%.....

Due to Compliance - Training programme requires a few minutes of your time every day. The more you put in the quicker results - especially when combined with lifestyle change! If you give up, the improvements will stop - that's part of my job to also keep you focused .  Also due to nerve damage (More About the 8% and is below.

Erection Quality & Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of Erection Quality is a decline in hardness, duration or frequency of erections, with sexual activity still possible.

  • Estimated to affect 75% of men aged over 40 and 60% of men over age of 35

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get an erection sufficient for sexual activity

  • 52% of Men aged 40-70 have ED
  • 8% of 40 year old men have ED and 40% of 60 year old men

More about helping Erectile Dysfunction

You really can gain improvements at any age. You must be over the age of 18.

Age no barrier..

This is an anonymous & discreet service so do not ask for reviews but wanted to share this text I received from a man in his late 70's, to show that age really is no barrier - the human body is amazing and will respond to the right training.

Text message received 23-03-19

"This morning I woke up fully erect & rock hard which continued for several minutes until I had to get up. This hasn't happened for some years. So a big thank you for your  training."

This proves an improvement in the physical, but I also give coaching to help the psychological aspects of the erection process.

I've spent the last 13 years of my career finding out what really does help improve erection quality - developing successful techniques and exercise for the: fun and healthy  Erection Coaching!

What the Erection Coach will show you

....how to use the power of your body to gain more control of your penis! Developing a deeper connection to your genitals is key - both for control and for feedback. I'll show you ways to tune in, to listen to feedback from your penis, scrotum, anus and all the other muscles implicated in controlling your genitals. This may sound odd at first but once these feelings are developed the intensity and exercise technique can be increased  and improved which in turn will give you some great results. You'll enjoy the feelings and should soon start to enjoy improved erection quality.  Plus erectionKaizen will  boost these results by encouraging you to implement a few simple lifestyle changes - getting your whole body fitter, stronger and healthier so that it can give you a great erection. What's more as you feel even more of a sexual being in the slightly sexual male world that is erectionKaizen you'll love and begin to embrace these lifestyle changes!. All this put together and you'll feel more sexual, more masculine, more healthy and fit - plus feel more erections! Your new found techniques will improve your sexual function and experience - capable of making you even more fulfilled and happy. Erection coaching may just help your mental health as well as your physical health due to all these training aspects - which is the goal - as a happy mind really does equal a happy erection.  

Erection boosting lifestyle change made easy!

If you'd like to start feeling even more masculine, more of a sexual being, with more control of your genitals - then this erection kaizen coaching is definitely for you - you'll enjoy this sexual exercise!

Why is Erection Coaching Enjoyable

For many - Seeing even the slightest improvement in our body has got to be one of the best feelings.  Even before this happens – right from the outset you can with me enjoy finding out more about your body and how it works. I can show you some techniques and exercise that are exciting and enjoyable to do.  This may just help you really connect to your penis like never before, giving you an even greater appreciation of your genitals, not just your penis.

Once You're a Harder or a Throbbing Member You're not alone...

 When our erection is not working as well as we would like it can affect us in many different ways. But what you should know is that you are not alone.  The Erection Process is not straightforward for it all to works it requires our body to be in good health – both mentally and physically.  When it doesn't work the reasons may or may not be obvious. If you become a Harder or Throbbing Member and choose to contact me - I take the time to find out what will help you the most.

The most important thing is...

To not become anxious about your erection, as stress really is the enemy of erections. There is every chance that an exercise prescription will really help you – as long as you enjoy it. So know that there is every chance of improvement and above all else know that you really can enjoy this whole process of improving your erection with the sustainable erectionKaizen coaching.

Enjoyment leads to less stress in your life

For some stress can be a contributing factor – both in the short term and long term. Affecting such things as hormones and lifestyle choices. Developing this deeper connection through erectionkaizen coaching, and subsequent control of your penis, will be exciting and give you time to really appreciate your body and feel even more sexual. This all helps to feel less stressed which will really help your erection both in the long term and short term. There is no part of the body that does not respond to exercise by improving and strengthening, unless there is a clear medical reason. Even then ,often specific exercise can help to some degree.

A Pleasurable Ritual/Habit

Once it's a ritual you'll be really comfortable with your exercise which will by now be giving you some great feelings and so you will really want to do it. Plus it's a great way of just giving yourself a few minutes every day - to enjoy your body/mind/penis.  Some techniques and exercises can be done anywhere and at anytime – at work, in a queue, on the train - no one will know you're doing them!

Some exercises - delayed pleasure!

I'd be lying if I said all the exercises and ways to improve were all enjoyable – some are not so appealing – but they can still give great pleasure – long term pleasure such as cardio blood flow exercises.. Whilst you do the exercise it may not be that great unless you choose the sexercise version over at erectiondr.com which you are entitled to do once you're a member – but when we're finished there will be an increase in some neurotransmitters making you feel great. But that's only the medium term – longer term the effects are displayed in our erection for a very real measure of how you are doing. This long term pleasure is what you need to focus upon. Plus know that blood flow to the penis increases for a number of hours after the exercise!

Lifestyle Change for the Ultimate Buzz

I hate to preach about cutting out bad things and replacing with good – but this is capable of really helping us to achieve our goal – of a more responsive penis even quicker!  Our penis can be such a strong motivator it giving us inspiration to do some good to our body. I can help you with the few lifestyle changes – that gradually get easier once the link is made to our penis strength and once we are focused upon the longer term happiness principle. Consuming that bad thing may give us a quick short term buzz – but it's all over very quickly. Forgoing it in favour of the long term is where the ultimate buzz comes from!

About the Erection Coach

I'm Kwest the Erection Coach and I genuinely care about erection training and what it can give. The Online Harder Erection Guides can give you so much and really help you, but I can also give you so much support if that is what you'd like - just contact me!  Erection training doesn't just give a harder erection but in the process improves the health of your whole body, plus makes you feel great.


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