Warning:⚠️ Health Training contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men react as nature intended & overcome ED

the erection coach

Ask Coach Harper - aka ErectionCoach.com, medically trained, responsible and capable to help you achieve total Male Health: Youthfulness & Virility.

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The Erection Trainer - pure and simple!

⚠️ nudity

⚠️ natural Erection warning

The erection trainer says it all!

I train you - to train your body and mind to get HARDer erections for longer - naturally and more frequently.

You can train with the Erection Trainer to:

1 See How Hard You Can Be

If you have no erection problems, but would like to make the most of what you have got - perfect - there's many ways we can do this - a few questions will enable the erection trainer to guide you into what erection Kaizen training aspects will be most likely to help you as an individual.

That bit extra

2. Overcoming Erection Problems

The erection process is so simple - yet so complicated, with many inputs that all need to be right - to allow extra blood flow to the penis and then once it's there to make the most of it. That is exactly what the erection trainer with erction Kaizen does. However erection problems are either of a physical or psychological nature. Each one of these has many other aspects the picture below shows just some of them. You may need to train all of them, however it may be that you just need to train one or two, so that is my job as the erection trainer - to communicate with you and establish which will be most likely to help you overcome your erection problem - naturally!

3. More Erection Control

This simple exercise - erection trainer for harder erections fro buliding pelvic floor muscle (aka erection muscle strength)

4. Your Erection/Sexual goal

I show you the above  to demonstrate my methods as the erection trainer work - otherwise would you be willing to train so hard if you did not have proof of results. however we have to know what is attainable - in 95% of men erection and ejaculation improvements are attainable - but as the erection trainer I have to manage your expectations - therefore please do know this is a long term goal for erection quality. Sexualness and ejaculation improvements as well as erection quality can be improved - though do know it depends where we start from. This is to show improvements are poss, so if you currently have no erection problems but want to learn how to gain hands free on demand the the erection training can show you how.

However if you have erection problems the first goal is to resolve these first - that is what I had to do - once I realised that goal and overcame my problems, I moved on to the next,and so on, and eventually manage this.