Best Sex I had was with no Erection! 
...definitely recommend it for Erection Problems

Best sex without an erection is quite some admission for the erection coach, but I share this to help you if you have any erection problems or concerns - It doesn’t all have to be about the erection!

The full video where I share my personal experiences is here if you’re interested. 

Personal sex life details revealed

I do feel a touch embarrassed about revealing details of my sex life but if it helps that has to be good! I share this with you to help you, so please feel free to all be personal with me as - communication and openness really be the key to successful online erection coaching - especially if the goal is to cure erection problems. Keeping it all to yourself is not good - do know you can talk or communicate with me. Sometimes when we're having problems we can feel so alone, but there are so many others in a similar position and you never need feel alone with this - I'm here..

Sexually Excite Your Mind 

Sexual feelings can be more powerful and enjoyable without an erection! We are conditioned, to some extent to think of sex as: arousal, erection and ejaculation, but that can lead to us missing out on so much.  I wanted to make this video to help those  who may be struggling with sexual response. if we're not careful there is too much pressure on the erection. This is true for all men whether having problems or not and with so many pages at this site about erections I realise this may not always be helpful to those having any kind of erection problems.  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the erection stuff, this is for you....

....take it easy and don't expect your dick to perform - think about other ways for your mind to be sexually excited and very fullfilled!


I wonder if this can be more powerful if we all contribute. This is my contribution, you can leave yours below or here

A Personal Video

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