Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Erection Guide

⚠️ nudity

Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."

A Message from me to you about the free Semi Erection Guide

Hi, I believe it or not I actually really want to help you achieve better erections! 

Why do I care? good question - I have no idea really as I do not know you and you may be really nice but you may also be really horrible! 

If you are nice -  I'm happy to help - do my bit for society and males - after all this world is hard enough to get through without having erection problems too!  Having had my share of problems and to have now cured them is a fantastic feeling - but I have medical and fitness training - so I could help myself.  So if you are a nice human being - I'm happy to do my bit and help you improve your erection - which goes on to improve so much about our wider physical and mental health.

How do I know you're nice...
I can generally tell by an email. Though I'm sure I get it wrong sometimes. 

Why called  Semi Erection Guide?
It's capable of giving you harder erections - possibly even rock hard and throbbing!  The semi purely refers to the service I give you - it is semi - not the comprehensive service that I give to my Harder members - that's all!  But I do give you a similar personalised service - here's why....

A Personal service  (Harder Membership style) for greater results
The personal service I provide in the Semi Erection Guide - has its limitations and is different to what Harder members receive but will give you better results than just being left on your own (for limitations click here).  

How to Access the Free Semi Erection Guide and start getting HARDer for longer - more often.

Just contact me here and I'll pleased to help you - if you're a nice genuine guy that is! 

Limitations to the Personal Service I give in the Semi Erection Guide

​Personal Service Limitations...
I put Harder Members first as you'd expect - after all they're paying me.  When I have finished my personal coaching with them -I work my way through the Semi Members!  So depending upon my workload you may have to wait a few days that's all, plus the videos are different....

the different videos...
A selection of videos are edited for the semi guide where  I cover my penis and erection. However every video  for Harder or Throbbing members is totally unobscured - naked, and unadulterated for clearer demonstrations and there's lots more of them.

More About the different Coaching Styles

Generally, Bespoke Coaching - Harder Membership is best

Harder members get a Bespoke service where I offer coaching videos - depending upon individual needs. Generally this gives greater erection improvements than throbbing members, who are left to their own devices, can expect - though there are exceptions....

......When Throbbing Membership style  is best 
We're all so different - and if you have a bit of knowledge, understand yourself - your sexuality and like to be independent than this is where Throbbing Membership excels.. If this is you - then you can still be left alone with the Semi Guide - no need to chat with me - just ask for a video when you're ready.  limitations

Different factors that affect erection quality - and erection coaching results!

As I explain - Throbbing Members get all the videos - all in one go and are left to their own devices. For some this is great.
Harder members receive a Bespoke service - where I ask them questions about their erections, health, fitness and their erection or sexual hopes.
​The reason for this is there are so many different factors that affect erection quality and sexual response. Sometimes a physical solution can help, but sometimes a psychological solution- or maybe both are needed. Now it can get further complicated by our personality, as the physical, emotional, fitness and psychological aspects can all influence each other. The erection process is simple - more blood in to your penis and less out. that's it and an erection occurs!. But there are so many influences behind this process - all affecting each other and all vying for dominance. Some great for Harder erections, some disastrous! 
I give you the coaching videos that will help increase the effectiveness of the good and reduce the affect of the bad. There are hundreds of different options which I can quickly narrow down by talking to you as we go through the training and give you the coaching that you need - to get results quicker and to save you wasting valuable energy and time on things that will not help you so much. That said - everything here will be a great help - but it may be more of a help to your wider health than your erection. It is my job to find the ones that will help you improve your erection!
You just have to remember that being a free service you have to wait for me. If you want a quicker service that is saved for Harder members - who also get the totally naked and full explanations in videos

Why I am Sure You'll love Erection Coaching

Long Term Goal

With Practice you can get more control.

Erection on Demand, even when not initially aroused.

Though do know - there are a few steps before this!

Hands free erection on demand - in absence of arousal possible with practice, if I can do it - you can, as I was no natural - just takes practice. Here's how you can....

A great feeling can affect your whole well being and motivate you to do even more good things as encourages for your body. Your whole body may just also become healthier and fitter in this process of strengthening you erection. Plus certain exercises are capable of giving some  great sensations that are not all centered around erections -  which can help motivate us to train even more. 

Erection Problems or just a bit of extra Hardness?
Getting the right exercises for you to improve erection quality.

This depends upon whether your problem may be psychological (there are many exercises that can help this, as well as body exercises we can use mind exercises in the form of mindfulness with added slightly sexual scenarios within the slightly sexual male world that is erection Kaizen. All very therapeutic and lower stress levels, however your problem may be physical. Sometimes we may never know the cause. If you'd like to know my thoughts on what may help you the most - just contact me with a brief history. However the chances are a bit of everything may just contribute to success - as long as you enjoy your coaching.

Sometimes there can be psychological aspects which can influence erection quality. The mind/body connection aspect in particular can help - especially when combined with the mindfulness, but also the emphasis of the training will be on fun and enjoyment. When we're happy an erection is more likely!  This really does work and our whole body gets fitter and healthier in the process!

Who's Online Erection Coaching for?

Erection Coaching through video and information pages is not just great for your penis but your whole body will benefit too. This training will make your whole body fitter and healthier and can provide great motivation to start living a healthy lifestyle, and will be great for you!

if any of the following apply then please feel free to contact me to see how I can help you.

Want to...

  • Get a harder erection?
  • Keep your erection strong for the future?
  • Maintain your erection for longer?
  • Gain more control of your sexual response?
  • Want to boost your sex drive?

Introducing  Throbbing Erection Guide | Natural, Naked & Unadulterated!

The Throbbing  harder erection guide has lots of extra:

  • Video 
  • Optional private video sharing: to show me your progress/check technique
  • Pictures
  • Information
  • Sexual help
  • Inspiration

Plus me!...

A More Personal Coaching Experience

In Throbbing Harder erection guide I am being very personal (naked and sometimes erect) and so I hope this helps you feel you can also be personal with me if you wish. This may help you get more from your training - talking about your progress, your problems plus any individual questions you may have.  

In the guide I share with you some personal details about my own erection problem and improvements if this may help you.


Are results guaranteed in the Throbbing Erection course? How long should i expect results? Thank you.

Now there's a question! Results are guaranteed in 92% of men. The reasons why you may be in the 8% is if you do not put the work in, have nerve damage or serious medical conditions requiring medication that can inhibit erections. Medical conditions can be a factor, but often I can get you some improvement.

Results depend upon whether you are just looking to make your current erection a bit harder or if you have erection problems. If it is the former you can notice the difference in a couple of weeks. If you have erection problems it is impossible to say as it depends upon the severity of the problem and how much work you put into your training. If you'd like to tell me a bit more about your current erection quality and what you hope to gain - I may be able to give you some idea..

Are the “Personal Coaching Videos” the same for every member?  “Created and filmed just for you” confuses me a bit there.

I have clarified the description at the web site now. Think of it as your own private 1:1 personal coaching session. This is a bonus video in addition to all the others. I film it for you only. That means it will coach you on any aspect you want and is tailored to your specific requirements/level. Viewing is restricted to you only unless you're happy to share it.

Does one see more videos of exercises when he purchases the 6 months access, than the one who buys the 1 month access?

Both options give equal access. You get to see all videos no matter whether you choose - 1 month or 6 months. However new videos are added every week, so the longer you're a member for - the more videos you will see being released.

What happens after that 1 month (/ 6 months), is there no longer access to the members area?

Correct - you have access for as long as you are a member.

What about the prices? Is it correct that the 1 month costs 75$ and nothing more and the 6 month version costs 150$ and nothing more, Or are these monthly costs?

These costs are a one off payment for the whole period of time. For example 150$ is the total cost and will give you access for the whole 6 month period. For 1 month access you pay 75$ and nothing more. For 6 months you pay 150$ and nothing more.

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Key to Harder Erection i- exercise your butt hole too.

Focus upon your penis - training erection muscle - for extra HARDness

Different technique taps into male sexual response - powerful.

Exciting & conventional ways to improve blood flow!

Your mind/body connection.

A very quick up & down!

Combining psychological & physical

Gaining a Stronger Erection

With many ways to improve your erection quality - the difficulty is knowing what aspect to improve,.

Gaining an erection is as simple as more blood flowing in to the penis - but the story behind this is more complex. An erection can be initiated purely from physical stimulation, or from the mind, or both. Then once an erection occurs it needs to be maintained, which again can be as a result of either the physical, psychological or both. Sometimes we do not need to worry about the cause of any problems and just enjoy each aspect of the training which all combine together to give you every chance of a stronger erection. However if you are a member of the Throbbing HARDer Erection Guide with any erection concerns, please feel free to contact me about which training aspect would be most beneficial to you. Sometimes there may be no clear answer as even the physical side of things requires a calm mind, free of anxiety, and so sometimes all the following combined can be a great way forward.:

  • Content and free of anxiety (the physical can help this happen)
  • Blood flow - many different ways to increase the amount of blood flowing in to your penis.
  • Erection muscle - (responsible for building pressure of blood in penis and like other muscles  weakens with age, but can be strengthened)
  • Psychological - your mind can initiate an erection and keep it.

Within all of these elements there are many other categories. You can choose to just pick what you would like to work on from the index or let me take you through the guide by: clicking on the dick! (at the bottom of each page! 

The best way is what feels right for you, as the more you enjoy it the better the results. 

If you don't have a problem but intrigued to see how hard and throbbing you can be - just enjoy using the guide in any way you like.

Always remember If you do have an erection problem Sometimes you don't need to be concerned about the cause as it can be an element of all, or a physical problem initially turns into a psychological also. In which case multiple aspects will help, but the main priority is always  to relax and enjoy your erection kaizen training as contentment really is the best boost you can give your erection by getting lost in the slightly sexual male world that is erectionKaizen.   However if you did want to know what to concentrate upon I'll be pleased to help you where I can.