Erection Coaching | Private Training Sessions & Consultations

1:1 visits In Person at your home, office or hotel.

I do not do Skype Coaching

A Private Erection Coaching Consultation will give you an individualised training programme to stimulate your body & mind to give you harder erections in the future.

What Happens in an Erection Coaching Session

If You Have Erection Problems

Booking a private consultation allows me to establish what training aspects will help you the most. There are many different inputs into the erection process - when one or all of these are not working - erections also tend not to work so well. Therefore my aim is to establish the likely cause of any erection problems so we know which training aspects will make your erection stronger.

If You Want Extra Hardness

If you have no erection problems, but simply interested in gaining more control of your erection - seeing how hard you can be,, then the likelihood is that all training aspects will help you. Concentrating upon just one aspect will provide some improvements but multiple training aspects will stimulate all body systems that help an erection process and a stronger erection will definitely result. We all have strengths and weaknesses and the likelihood is this also applies to your erection quality too, so we need to concentrate more upon any slightly weaker inputs into the whole erection process.  You'll then have stronger erections, more control and some other surprising benefits too!

Plus your whole body will reap the rewards - you'll be fitter, healthier & stronger.

Training Aspects

  • Improving Blood Flow (Getting Viagra effect from exercise and lifestyle change - alone proven to cure erectile dysfunction in more than 70% of cases)
  • Strengthening Your Erection Muscle( As used in NHS but taken (many) steps further and with a sexual element to tackle the psychological)
  • Boosting Testosterone Levels (naturally - enjoyably - effectively!)
  • Improving Sexualness, Happiness & Contentment (all valuable and actually can be improved)
  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety (Many ways to manage - different videos - different approaches to help you )

Giving You A Training Programme

A private erection coaching session will establish what training aspects will help you improve erection quality.

Then the HARD work begins - I will take you through your programme -

  • familiarising yourself with the various techniques and exercise
  • establish ways that you can incorporate the training aspects into your everyday life
  • showing you different techniques that can give you a great erection boost
  • ways to enjoy your body even more than you do already

Plus provide support, inspiration and motivation in your future as you wish, as this training programme will be for life! 

For Life!

Don't worry you'll love your training - for the great benefits it gives, and the training itself will become more and more  enjoyable as your mind and body gradually adapt.


It will be such that you can maintain all benefits simply with a couple of minutes every day or for real improvements and some great times - put as much time in as you want.This means you can continue getting some great benefits for years to come!

Erection Coaching - Where in the World

Moving on from working in Central London I now travel throughout the UK also providing erection coaching in other countries.

Erection Coaching Enquiry

If you'd like to email me: with the following information I will reply with some options for your consideration:

  • Your location.
  • What you'd like to gain from your personal coaching session.
  • About your current erection quality.

Plus anything else that you'd like to mention.

Discreet -- Personal -- Confidential

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