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Cold Bath & The Small Penis! 

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Whilst out for a run thought I could share my cold bath exploits with anyone's that’s interested. This me raw & naked just back from a run - unprepared but enthusiastically doing something that may be good or may just be daft! Time will tell!

What does a cold bath do for erection quality?

My erections have been harder - and more of them at odd times.

Why might this be?

One moment - whilst exercising my muscles are warm, with plenty of blood. The next - as I plunge into cold water - blood supply is cut right down to the erection muscles - aka pelvic floor to save heat. Perhaps this conditions the muscles? Who knows - but the effects are definitely considerable - an erection in reverse.  Sometimes I may, if particularly warm, have a semi erection, or arouse myself to go into the water erect, just to give the muscles a great reverse workout!

I'll keep you posted upon the effects!

Do Cold Baths help.

The evidence is limited with some of the claims - but with others  such as chronic pain and depression the evidence of a positive outcome is good.  It helps me - and perhaps that is it - some may get the benefit, others may not, particularly those with health conditions.

Future Investigation

I have over the years tried this at odd times, but never kept it going for this long before. I intend to continue as I am keen to find out the effects upon erection quality. I have noticed a slight difference - which I am keen to see is sustained - I will report what I find after a month or so! 


I currently write this in spring 2021 after a winter of no cold baths. I'd say I've maintained erection quality without them, however is this due to all the extra exercising?  I do not get as many spontaneous erections throughout the day!

I am keen to resume when the weather warms up, and I'll keep you posted!

How small my penis can go?

After 2 minutes in a cold bath -my penis was a fraction of what it was here at its smallest - this is a for me a normal flaccid state, however the immersion into cold water and subsequent blood flow diversion meant it became a fraction of this size!

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