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Boost Blood Flow To Your Penis For HARDer Erections

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Increasing blood flow to your penis with ErectionKaizen is possible - naturally - you can train your body to give you the viagra effect.

Any man can do it - takes effort but you can naturally get HARDer Erections and your whole health will be rewarded as well as your erection!....

It will give you Turbo Boost for your penis....

Once blood flow to your penis improves - there's other aspects of ErectionKaizen that will give you extra control of your erection

↑ Blood Flow = Erection     

More blood in to the penis and less blood flow out means pressure builds up and your penis swells!

A strong erection needs more blood coming in to your penis but also a restriction to stop it simply flooding out again.

How your body does this is so simple. As the blood vessels carry extra blood in to your penis they get bigger as does your penis. This compresses the veins that carry blood out of the penis, meaning blood cannot leave very easily. Pressure builds and builds - resulting in a hard throbbing erection! All principles of ErectionKaizen have this aim - yet there are so many factors that affect this - it is seriously simple

What causes the extra blood to flow in to your penis - Still Really Simple. 

Blood vessels (arteries) carrying oxygen rich blood to all parts of your body are constantly dilating (widening) and constricting (narrowing)

A few examples of why the arteries (dilate)

  1. If we are running for a bus our muscles need extra energy and oxygen. This is carried in the blood. If the arteries widen more blood will get to the working muscles to deliver the oxygen and energy. 
  2. If we are hot our body needs to lose heat from the core by diverting as much warm blood to the skin as possible so that this heat can be lost. To do this blood vessels widen to allow the blood to flood to the surface. 

When either of the above happen your penis will also be bigger and you may even get a semi erection purely due to the arteries to your penis widening too. All blood vessels to the periphery will be influenced in the same way. Therefore if your fingers are warm with all this warm blood - so too will your penis be warm and slightly engorged with blood - giving you a bigger penis when flaccid. The trick with ErectionKaizen is to get this effect more often - in fact improve the normal baseline of blood flow. This can be done in a variety of ways depending upon your fitness and your personality - as the mind is also an important consideration of all ErectionKaizen due to the control it exerts over the physical body.  However this is where it begins to get a little more complicated: with point #1 - if it is just a gentle easy run, yes our blood vessels will widen everywhere. However if it is a really fast run and you are exerting yourself, your body knows your leg muscles need all the help they can get and so diverts blood from the periphery to the core of your body to keep you running. It does this by constricting the blood vessels to your penis, fingers and toes,. This is why our penis can get smaller during intense physical exercise a very temporary effect. As soon as you've recovered it will gain from the slightly wider blood vessels and actually be slightly bigger than it ordinarily would if you had not have exercised. So once you know and keep in mind how it is actually your penis and erections that benefit from exercise - would that be enough to motivate you to exercise more ErectionKaizen style - with a hint of sexualness thrown in too?

What Causes the Blood to Not Flow in To Your Penis. Simple!

If you are cold, your body does everything it can to conserve heat to keep your internal organs warm and will reduce blood going to the surface by narrowing arteries to ensure as little blood as possible goes to your fingers and penis where heat can be lost!  When this happens if you're anything like me - your penis will become really small.  This hopefully perfectly demonstrates how the blood flow to your penis can easily change.  If you are cold and want a hard erection you can see how much work the body would have to do to fight the process to keep you alive! However this is one simple reason - there are so many more and when they involve the psychological aspects - they can become more involved - but ErectionKaizen has many training principles that can really make a big difference.


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