Warning:⚠️ Health Training contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men react as nature intended & overcome ED

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Ask Coach Harper - aka ErectionCoach.com, medically trained, responsible and capable to help you achieve total Male Health: Youthfulness & Virility.

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What You need to Know about Face to Face1:1 Erection Coaching

In Person Erection Coaching in the Uk and California. 

1:1 Erection Coaching in Person to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction or gain Erection Attitude, Confidence and reliability.

I have no magic wand!

This is training your body and mind to produce Harder Erections in the future, as it takes time for your body & mind to adapt, but when it does wow - it really will be worth the wait.

...but I can give you....

 an Erection Attitude - if you just be you!

If you have no preconceived ideas and are just relaxed - there will be an ease of communication between us  – I’ll be able to get to know the real you – if you’re happy to let me in that is? Your Choice.

This Erection Attitude will install within you - something that will ... ?..... (this is very individual)

In Person Erection Coaching

→ The Bedford Training Room

→ Erection Coaching at The Bedford Training Room starts at £90 and rises depending upon the level of specialist coaching you require.

Close to M1 & A1 - Free Car Parking, The Bedford Training Room is a few stops down the line from St Pancras International. (Free pick ups by car are available upon request)

→ Home /Work Visits

 → Following is a guide to my costs for UK visits.  On occasions I do visit California, and it may be possible to split my expenses if times suited. For face to face, In-person coaching anywhere else in the world, please feel free to enquire….​

areas on UK map where The Erection Coach can visit you


Available in Areas


One Hour



Two Hours



Three Hours - Life Force

Health & Fitness Lifestyle/Sexual Day - to include all aspects of Erection Coaching.*



Four  Hours - Life Force

Health & Fitness Lifestyle/Sexual Day - to include all aspects of Erection Coaching.*



* All aspects of Erection Coaching is in the sense of You. This is nothing to do with my body - but my coaching for your body. mind and sexual self/life force.

Interested in a 1:1 Erection Coaching Session - Face to Face?

Simply email: harper@malecoach.com with:

  • your choice - Coaching at The Bedford Training Room or Your Location? (please give me your area/postcode)
  • a few dates/times to suit you
  • what you'd like to gain - greater erection control, premature ejaculation control, HARDer erections,  improved self sex fulfilment, 

→ I'll reply back with the next step to booking a time - for your erection future.