Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."

⚠️ nudity

Introducing  T hrobbing Membership & the new HARDER Members training.

⚠️ nudity

Natural , Naked & Unadulterated

For HARDer and Throbbing Members -  banner is removed in all videos for clearer demonstration.

Erection Training Tips and Positions etc
A chat about male stuff
The slightly sexual male world that is ErectionKaizen!

The full details of the contact and support you also get are here at my bro site:

Join Throbbing  Harder Erection Guide

A full on coaching programme of videos and information pages to stimulate your whole body and mind to give you stronger erections. Comes with personal email help/communication from me. (No live video, Skype, Zoom  Face Time or anything similar. why not  Members can have my number for option of communication/progress video submission via Signal or email!)

There's a lot to look forward to!

Membership Options

Standard Coaching

Become a Throbbing  Member:

Standard coaching Has now also moved to - exactly the same erection video guide - just a different web address!

3 months: £58. US$75

1 year: £115. US$150

Card Payment ❌

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Bank/Wire Transfer  

various currencies. (details below...)

About bank/ACH transfers: They're very effective – just like this training. In the US - some banks make this so easy - some do not!

Individual help is always offered at any point in your membership. I'll ask similar questions to those listed in Bespoke.

For discretion all payment is the same as all contact

To Join Please Contact me here or just email: for bank details.

Bespoke Coaching
at my other site

Become a HARDer Member ...get everything that Standard Coaching gives

  • Access every video (75+) and info page, 


  •  modules prioritised for your individual needs.
  •  Individual training recommendations specifically for you. (based upon your answers to 6 questions)

30 days: £50

6 Months: £100

Card Payments

PayPal  ✅

Bank Transfer

  • a training page where I put videos in an order to help you the most (based upon your answers to 6 questions).

For discretion all payment is the same as all contact

To Join Please Contact me here or email: and I'll have a few questions for you.

Which is best for you?

1. Payment type may dictate your choice...

..In  Europe we are set up for Bank Transfer - but the US and some other countries are less familiar with this form of payment.

2. It totally depends upon  you and the improvements you are wanting to gain.- whether you have erection problems - or would just like to be a bit harder....

....If you are fairly self sufficient and motivated Standard will work well for you.

...If you have erection problems and would value some input from myself then Bespoke will be good.

Great coaching - for a fraction of the price of a 1:1 Coaching Session at my London Training Room. a video whenever you want it!

What you get...

Me! and all my knowledge, inspiration and tuition -A full on coaching programme of videos and information pages to stimulate your whole body and mind to give you stronger erections. Comes with personal email help/communication from me. (No live video, Skype, Zoom  Face Time or anything similar. why not  Members can have my number for option of communication/progress video submission via Signal or email!)

There's a lot to look forward to! someone that cares! (If you want any personal help during your training I am here - you don't have to do all this on your own - sometimes a chat can work wonders - I know I was there once!)



  • Communication is totally confidential. From Initial inquiry through to membership payments, training progress and communication - Your information is never to be shared or discussed with anyone.
  • All payment systems use the account: Male Coach - this is what will appear on your statement.


Are results guaranteed in the Throbbing Erection course? How long should i expect results? Thank you.

Now there's a question! Results are guaranteed in 92% of men. The reasons why you may be in the 8% is if you do not put the work in, have nerve damage or serious medical conditions requiring medication that can inhibit erections. Medical conditions can be a factor, but often I can get you some improvement.

Results depend upon whether you are just looking to make your current erection a bit harder or if you have erection problems. If it is the former you can notice the difference in a couple of weeks. If you have erection problems it is impossible to say as it depends upon the severity of the problem and how much work you put into your training. If you'd like to tell me a bit more about your current erection quality and what you hope to gain - I may be able to give you some idea..

Do I send you video of me regularly training?

There is an option to send in videos of your progress for me to comment upon - that you may or may not choose to do. Some members instead choose to stay in touch with a weekly email or text message.  Either or both of these methods ensures the training will be more effective for you - as I can offer support. Even chatting about penis and erections can help. However you may wish to remain totally private and just work your way through the videos with no contact at all- which is absolutely fine.

Are the “Personal Coaching Videos” the same for every member?  “Created and filmed just for you” confuses me a bit there.

I have clarified the description at the web site now. Think of it as your own private 1:1 personal coaching session. This is a bonus video in addition to all the others. I film it for you only. That means it will coach you on any aspect you want and is tailored to your specific requirements/level. Viewing is restricted to you only unless you're happy to share it.

Does one see more videos of exercises when he purchases the 6 months access, than the one who buys the 1 month access?

Both options give equal access. You get to see all videos no matter whether you choose - 1 month or 6 months. However new videos are added every week, so the longer you're a member for - the more videos you will see being released.

What happens after that 1 month (/ 6 months), is there no longer access to the members area?

Correct - you have access for as long as you are a member.

What about the prices? Is it correct that the 1 month costs 75$ and nothing more and the 6 month version costs 150$ and nothing more, Or are these monthly costs?

These costs are a one off payment for the whole period of time. For example 150$ is the total cost and will give you access for the whole 6 month period. For 1 month access you pay 75$ and nothing more. For 6 months you pay 150$ and nothing more.

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Key to Harder Erection i- exercise your butt hole too.

Focus upon your penis - training erection muscle - for extra HARDness

Different technique taps into male sexual response - powerful.

Exciting & conventional ways to improve blood flow!

Your mind/body connection.

A very quick up & down!

Combining psychological & physical

Gaining a Stronger Erection

With many ways to improve your erection quality - the difficulty is knowing what aspect to improve,.

Gaining an erection is as simple as more blood flowing in to the penis - but the story behind this is more complex. An erection can be initiated purely from physical stimulation, or from the mind, or both. Then once an erection occurs it needs to be maintained, which again can be as a result of either the physical, psychological or both - hence the reason there are a few aspects of Erection Kaizen as sometimes it is a mixture of many. Sometimes we do not need to worry about the cause of any problems and just enjoy each aspect of the training which all combine together to give you every chance of a stronger erection. However if you are a member of the Throbbing HARDer Erection Guide with any erection concerns, please feel free to contact me about which training aspect would be most beneficial to you. Sometimes there may be no clear answer as even the physical side of things requires a calm mind, free of anxiety, and so sometimes all the following combined can be a great way forward.:

  • The video content of Erection Kaizen is aimed to help you feel sexual, content and free of anxiety (the physical can also help this happen)
  • Blood flow - many different ways to increase the amount of blood flowing in to your penis some I'll admit boring exercise - nut this I show you how to do in a sexual way - with your penis the focus. This gives double the effect then - as the sexualness boosts testosterone.
  • Erection muscle - (responsible for building pressure of blood in penis and like other muscles  weakens with age, but can be strengthened)
  • Psychological - your mind can initiate an erection and keep it. So many ways to do this - but the main thing first is to help you feel a degree of contentment  - even if it is whilst you get lost in your training.

The best way for you to train is is what feels right for you, as the more you enjoy it the better the results. I'll guide you with this.

If you don't have an erection problem but intrigued to see how hard your penis can become throbbing you can be - just enjoy using the guide in any way you like. Some aspects will undoubtedly resonate with you and you can discuss with me

Always remember If you do have an erection problem Sometimes you don't need to be concerned about the cause as it can be an element of all, or a physical problem initially turns into a psychological also. In which case multiple aspects will help, but the main priority is always  to relax and enjoy your training as contentment really is the best boost you can give your erection.   However if you did want to know what to concentrate upon I'll be pleased to help you where I can.