Health Training for your body & mind  to perform as nature intended - contains naturalistic nudity, purely to help men that may needlessly suffer erection problems

Warning:⚠️ Health Training for body & mind contains naturalistic nudity & a healthy Male response, to help men perform as nature intended & overcome ED

"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."

Testosterone Fueled Erections | First Step

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A Hands Free Erection Story

This erection story is all about

part 1 an erection just happens
part 2 try for an erection but it does not happen
part 3 using  a physical aspect of erection Kaizen to get a hands free erection
part 4 using a sexual aspect of Erection Kaizen sexual to gain an instant erection.

  • an easy exercise to boost your long term testosterone levels
  • plus the added bonus of HANDS FREE Erections using testosterone, mindfulness and physical muscle contractions!

Before I get into the hands free testosterone erection - I'll first explain:

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  • how to boost testosterone levels
  • then go one step further and develop the mind/body connection to feel sexual

and possibly further still  to develop a Testosterone fueled Erection! (which takes practice - unless you're a natural - I wasn't!)

This extra boost of testosterone we can get from a simple exercise pose can start us off then if we use with mindfulness we can heighten arousal. The two combined can be powerful - a two minute exercise and relaxing the mind to think of nothing but your penis can be enough to enjoy an instant erection...but.....

whilst this happens to me in the video, do know it didn't happen overnight - I have been training for a while. 

You may be more of a natural than me - and the younger you are the easier it will be as there is a chance you'll be starting off with higher testosterone, but that's not to say anyone of any age cannot raise their testosterone levels and enjoy either an instant testosterone erection or more erections in the future! The main purpose is to boost testosterone levels every day - to help long term erection quality and frequency - an instant erection is simply just a bonus.

 . Until the testosterone fuelled instant erection happens - know that you are boosting long term testosterone levels to help enjoy more erections in the future, and in time this will become possible. 


Testosterone is really Important for Erections

Boost testosterone naturally with a simple easy to do exercise!

With practice you'll feel the testosterone levels rise within you whilst you're doing this simple pose.  Knowing this has the ability to  actually give you an instant testosterone erection, will only add to the effectiveness.

Important to not Expect an Erection

You know what it's like if we try too hard to force an erection it just wont happen. However just knowing the X Pose below is increasing testosterone levels - the effects of which accumulate, means you'll more than likely in a few weeks, months or years feel the stirrings of something happening within you. Be patient and enjoy the journey! Even if you do not get the added sexual aspect this is a valuable exercise in it's own right - capable of massively increasing your testosterone levels. The sexual aspect adds a bit more but not lots extra - the simple X Pose is the most valuable aspect....

Do the X Pose Naked and with Mindfulness

Please note:

If you have erection problems or erectile dysfunction, it's even more important that you don't focus upon gaining an erection - as this will scupper all chances as I demonstrate in Part 2. It will be good for you to do the exercise - but solely focus upon  feelings that build up within you. This alone can take much practice - it did me! If you do have erectile dysfunction this exercise will be raising your testosterone levels and with practice relax your mind, as you focus upon your body.  Relaxing and clearing your mind of thoughts, other than an awareness of your body, can be easier for some, but do know is important - enjoy your body and think about the semi erection you may (possibly) get in a few months or so with practice.

Just to be clear: if you have erectile dysfunction do not will/force an erection, but simply relax and enjoy awareness of your body and the rising testosterone level.

The Erection Story Part 1

Testosterone Fueled Erection

What can also help this is the mind/body connection its extremely powerful. When harnessed a real tool for improving testosterone levels further and it's really easy to do, in the sense it can be done anywhere and is only for two minutes.

The difficult bit is developing the mind/body connection so that you tune into the rising testosterone within you.  It's like anything practice practice and you'll get so many other benefits - here in the video I show you how with a little bit of practice it can work - now this works for me because I have practised and I can actually feel the testosterone levels rise or I think I can really change my brain into feeling this and sensing the changes throughout my body.

This does take a little bit of practice but it is really enjoyable practice to do and do you know what a couple of minutes every day and depending upon how relaxed you are and how receptive you are to mindfulness - it can really work quickly for some! If it tales longer - at least you can enjoy your body and relaxation for a couple of minutes every day!

The above video also introduces the squeezing/contracting Erection/Penis Muscles.

Psychological Erection block high Testosterone level cannot Overcome

The point of me showing this is to not confuse the issue but to start exploring the how the psychological and physical issues affect our erections!  We need to remind ourselves that the erection is just a bonus, as the real point of this is to actually boost testosterone levels longer term for erections in the future - not instant ones! 

This video carries on directly from the other - but I do the same exercise and only get a semi erection. This highlights the psychological element which even the high testosterone level struggles to overcome. Put simply I was overthinking it and perfectly demonstrates how relaxation is just as important as testosterone.

This video carries on directly from the other - I do the same exercise and only get a semi erection. This highlights the psychological element which even the high testosterone level struggles to overcome. Put simply I was overthinking it. The first time in the video part 1 above I set out to demonstrate the exercise and was genuinely surprised to get an erection. I often do when relaxed at home, but not when filming at work. However when I tried to explain this exercise in greater detail I tried to force an erection (you can even see it on my face) and then it just won't happen, as our body has to be relaxed. This shows the powerful effect of combining exercise with mindfulness, if I was better at mindfulness I would have been able to overcome the thoughts in my mind of wanting an erection. Just relax and the our body and mind and it will happen.

The higher testosterone combined with a relaxed body and mind work wonders. Even if one of these is not present in vast amounts the other can help out. Work on improving both and it is amazing the effects. I am working more on the mindfulness aspect!

Erection Story Part 2

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Using Psychological & Physical aspects of Erection Coaching to gain an Erection

With al the filming attempts at showing the testosterone boosting exercise - my levels are still high - however I am now keen to show you how testosterone is not any more important than reducing any performance anxiety or indeed any other anxiety. In the above video I concentrated upon the physical, now I am concentrating upon both the psychological and physical aspects in order to gain an erection. Therefore this is less about boosting testosterone and more an introduction to the forthcoming Erection/Penis exercise and the psychological aspects. 

I try mindfulness that bit more - thinking of my penis only and the feelings building up within, but being aware of not wanting to take to long and boring viewers I feel pressured to do it quick, and so also use the Erection Exercises to provide that extra boost. This demonstrates how the physical can help out the psychological - me overthinking things. This will hopefully help you realise how all the aspects of erection training can work together to give you an erection when you want!

With higher testosterone levels from the exercise my body wants an erection, but the slight anxiety from filming and forcing one means even the high testosterone is not quite enough. So here I try mindfulness that bit more - thinking of my penis only and the feelings building up within, but being aware of not wanting to take to long and boring viewers I feel pressured to do it quick, and so also use the Erection Exercises to provide that extra boost. (I'll be explaining all about the Erection/Penis Muscle Exercises in the next page.

Erection Story Part 3

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High Testosterone + Sexual Feeling + Penis exercise = Instant Erection

How to raise testosterone level with one simple exercise which in time will do wonders for your sex drive

An exciting way to practice mindfulness, by thinking of your penis there in front of you, also helping to further boost testosterone with a sexual aspect and relax the mind and body

The powerful effects of being

  • free of anxiety 
  • happy and content
  • sexual!

plus the extra boost that Erection Exercise gives to both the physical and psychological aspects of the erection process. More on this important point to come. 

Adding a sexual element into this exercise to make it sensuous, enjoyable and further improve testosterone levels. However some days this will work, some days it will. Please remember that sometimes I will not get aroused - it just depends upon our mood, plus also do know that when I first started doing this I did not get an erection. It can take time, however you may be a natural!

Really Important

The objective of this exercise is purely to raise testosterone levels - and help erection quality in the Long Term, as opposed to the short term whilst exercising.

I'm showing you what is possible from this one exercise. I do it every day, but most days do not get a full on erection.  Some days I do, but mostly a semi erection, but sometimes nothing more than a nice feeling and time out! 

#1 Priority - Enjoy doing the Exercise - knowing that you are boosting your testosterone levels.

Knowing that I too am still working on aspects of the training, means i totally understand how all this takes time - but is possible and results come quicker the more we practice - as long as we do not practice too much and become stressed as this then becomes counter productive. Stress is the enemy,  I will try and instil in you a desire to enjoy doing this exercise regularly and feel the benefits of it., knowing that the effects will build.. This will hopefully help with your motivation will help you to keep on going. Do know I have been doing this for a while - .I have seen a massive improvement, but still have a  way to go, but I am enjoying every bit of it. At least you know i have to work hard at this - putting some time into it every day, but time that pays me back 5 fold! Hopefully you'll be inspired to have a go yourself and if you're a natural you'll be able to get more control of your erections in a few months or if you are a slightly stressed person like me and less of a natural it may take a few years, but you can learn to enjoy every step along the way!. 

Where do you want to go...

Other Ways to Boost Testosterone in the Longer Term for More Frequent Erections

Gaining an erection requires many inputs from the body - hormones have a part to play both indirectly and directly in getting and maintaining an erection. Testosterone helps the erection process in the short and long term. Here is an easy way to increase yours naturally.

However even though with practice we can get a testosterone erection - what we want is to  boost testosterone levels in the long term to give more spontaneous erection more frequently and harder.  The following pictures introduce how to increase erections in the long term.

Boost Testosterone

Simply by standing &sitting differently

Spread out a bit! and have wide limbs! - Just having your limbs a bit wider is proven to boost testosterone levels.

In private you can really boost your testosterone levels with really wide limbs - even a few minutes of a wide limb pose will boost your testosterone. In public just try going a bit wider! Also With Exercise! - especially resistance exercise or plyometric (fast movement) anything to strengthen your muscles.

Wide limb positions will boost your testosterone levels even in 20 minutes.


Reducing Testosterone is even easier

Alcohol, Stress and lack of Sleep, Narrow Limb Poses reduce testosterone & confidence

Narrower limb positions than your normal will actually reduce testosterone levels.

Wide limb poses can actually boost testosterone levels -  20 minutes later your blood levels can be measured and in a study there was an increase. When the exact opposite (narrow limbs were carried out, there was a decrease so we know that we can definitely physically improve testosterone levels naturally.

Go real wide to boost testosterone and a enjoy strong erection

A really easy first step that can be done anywhere and at anytime. It almost seems too easy but then often the simplest things can make the biggest difference. This exercise to boost testosterone involves nothing more than lying, standing or sitting around. Simply by standing, lying or sitting more powerfully will boost your testosterone and make you actually feel more confident and powerful.

Boost your testosterone:

  1. Stand with your legs wide apart
  2. Place your hands behind your head or outstretched
  3. Play around with your position and see what makes you feel POWERFUL or Sexual - or possibly both!
  4. If it makes you feel either of these it will have further boosted your testosterone


  1. Squat up and down or thrust your hips in a powerful way
  2. If it helps - make a strong powerful face - play around with your expression.

Do this for a few minutes you'll have boosted your testosterone.

If Alone do the X Pose!

Simply make an X with your body

Everyday Ways to Boost Testosterone 

You really can boost testosterone naturally - to give you stronger erections, more muscle and less fat!

Simply adopting poses with wide limbs will boost testosterone levels - such as simply sitting with your legs wide apart and hands behind your head or standing as pictured. This has been proven to not only boost testosterone but also confidence.

Not alone?

This can be done even in public:

  1. Stand or sit with your legs slightly wider than normal
  2. Keep arms away and out to the side of the body wherever possible - or avoid crossing them
  3. Anything you can do to keep limbs wide!
  4. Every little helps!

In Your Everyday Life

just go as wide as you dare!

Developing The Testosterone Erection

It is proven that we can boost testosterone levels within minutes - it  works so just keep doing this exercise as much as you can and your testosterone levels will  bit by bit increase every day. But the more you practice it in the more we get the physical/psychological link the more we can begin to develop the feelings within us and actually increase erection frequency which also goes on to boost blood flow due to all your actions.  This momentum build and builds  so it's absolutely fantastic to do for so many reasons not just boosting testosterone but for boosting sexuality and out erections due to the emotions we have within us that are encouraged from one simple exercise....

this erection from his result of the testosterone rising really can make us feel good and we know what this is actually happening.

In a study blood samples taken 20 minutes after carrying out the above wide limbed exercise  showed an increase due to this pose. However I add in the sexuality/psychological element for a further boost.   With heightened awareness we can sense and feel within our body the actual testosterone  levels rising due to a feeling of either confidence,  sexual feelings or due to a feeling of freedom or a feeling of relaxation either brought on by either a physical or psychological response to the body being in this position. Both these aspects really help boost testosterone levels - further studies are on the way to explore the issues further

How quick you get results from this exercise totally depends upon you, your age and if you have an erection problem.

Short term Benefits

Testosterone can help virtually every aspect of the erection process – enabling the penis to become hard to enable sexual intercourse to take place.  It helps all the parts associated with the physiological process of gaining an erection and also the timing of an erection with sex.

Boost testosterone and your erection in the Long term

Boosting testosterone indirectly effects the ability to maintain good erection function in the long term.

Low testosterone is associated with type 2 diabetes and increased visceral fat. Diseases and conditions such as these in turn can cause problems with the blood vessels which raises the risk of Cardio-vascular damage which is damage to the blood vessels the arteries and veins supplying blood to all parts of our body. As the blood vessels become more damaged they also become more clogged up which restricts blood flow. This is a very gradual process that happens over many years but none the less the damage is sometimes all too plain to see in the penis. This is because the blood vessels that supply the penis are quite narrow and if they become only slightly blocked the results are soon to be seen. This can be one of the first warnings of Cardio-vascular damage. If this damage is allowed to continue a weaker erection can gradually over the years turn into Erectile dysfunction. Testosterone can indirectly help prevent disease and conditions that lead to damage to the blood vessels.

Testosterone does have a role to play in the short and long term – not just with the healthy erectile function but also for our overall health.