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"Train your own body and mind, to realize your full penis, erection and sexual potential, by breaking the status quo."


Great Reason to Stop Smoking -
A Thicker Penis & Harder Erections

Your Penis will be the main beneficiary of quitting smoking


not only giving you more erection control

but also a bigger, longer penis when flaccid too - due to improved blood flow. And the great news is - this starts just days after you have your last cigarette - so you are gaining so much.

When willpower waning - think of your penis gaining.

especially if you start Erection Kaizen along with your stopping smoking.

Why Improvements can be so quick if you quit smoking and start Erection Kaizen

Nicotine causes the blood vessels to the penis to constrict - causing blood flow to be reduced. Instantly! Whereas many training aspects of Erection Kaizen are all about dilating blood vessels to improve blood flow (also lowers blood pressure). So if you want a double improvement for your penis:

  • Stop smoking and give your erection an instant boost.
  • start ErectionKaizen training - in a pleasurable, challenging or enjoyable way to get a double boost for your penis - both soft and hard.

I write this as an ex smoker who now has a stronger erection.

I tried 6 times before I finally quit - by thinking of my penis becoming longer, thicker and harder.

Please do know I am not preaching - just aiming for you to enjoy your penis more - it can help you quit! Every time you want a cigarette try....

.....playing or thinking of with your penis instead!  Imagine how much harder and more responsive it will soon get

Want a smaller, softer penis?

If you want a penis that will over the years get smaller and smaller,  softer and softer - just smoke!

Want a Harder, Longer Penis?

Stop smoking and blood flow to your penis will instantly improve - to make it swell up more!  As your body heals from the smoking damage and strengthens from ErectionKaizen - you'll notice improvements increase over the coming weeks, and possibly even days -seeing your penis get longer, thicker and Harder.  There's so much to look forward to when you're smoke free - don't miss out on the wonders of Erection and Penis Improvement!

 Value your Penis and Erections Enough to Stop Smoking?

We need a reason for doing something - otherwise what's the point?  Not smoking will give you so many benefits. For Men it is even more important to not smoke - as the penis is one of the first parts of our body to suffer - as i often say in ErectionKaizen - our penis is to some degree a barometer of our physical and mental health.

Short term happiness or Long Term?

The reason for smoking for most people is satisfaction – satisfying a need, plus a whole host of other reasons such as time out, and perceived relaxation.  Smoking undoubtedly provides short term happiness, but long term sadness - due to a penis that getsmaller and softer.

As you Stop Smoking think of... 

Long Term happiness you're gaining

Think of the bigger picture and every time you want a cigarette think of your penis becoming erect, and the pleasure that this can give you, compared to the sadness of seeing your erection gradually wilt over the years. You can with ErectionKaizen train your mind to continually remember this and the thought can give short term happiness when you forgo your cigarette. However sometimes 

...you may miss some the Short Term happiness from  - Smoking that cigarette,

In these times - train your mind to think - bit by bit, (puff by puff) it's damaging arteries all over your body. The smaller arteries to your penis will be the first suffer - meaning your penis begins to lose function. It can unless very resolute take training to change how you think - but it can be done as ErectionKaizen is all about training the mind as well as the body and so can help you nicely with the penis aspects! The mind really can help reduce the cravings and protect your penis.

The Penis is rarely mentioned in Quit Smoking Campaigns

Why it affects the penis more:

Due to the arteries that supply blood to the penis being narrow - they are the first to display problems.  One article from the NHS that does address the erection issue.  Continuing to smoke gives long term sadness due to all the well known reasons. The affects to your penis are not always spoken about which is a shame as this means we can miss the big positive - Your Penis Will get longer, thicker & Harder each day of being smoke free.

Missing Something

 - whilst stopping smoking may initially make you feel depressed and irritable, it is only for such a short period of time. However  Instead of dwelling upon the negative aspect, with the help of ErectionKaizen you can switch focus upon all the positives that you can begin to look forward to in your penis.

Very....Short term loss ofsatisfying a craving – but long term happiness in a Bigger, thicker more responsive Harder penis!

What's more for life too if you implement the sustainable and natural ErectionKaiz into your life!

Harder in Just 1 Day 

A study that focused upon erections whilst men slept, found that the more a man smoked the less hard were his erections - and they were of a shorter duration.  However when heavy smoking men stopped for just 24 hours, their erections were harder. These effects are more than likely increased when ErectionKaizen is also started.

Penis Blood Flow & Hardness

The penis is supplied with blood via arteries. The arteries that supply the penis are narrow -but when in good condition perfect for supplying enough blood to the penis. As the blood flows in - the increased volumes compresses the veins and outflow is restricted.....

The more blood that flows in at any given time- the more the outflow is restricted and the penis swells up a little - making it longer and thicker even when soft. As you become relaxed and sexually excited - if arteries are in good condition they get wider to allow more blood to flow in to the penis - so much that the massive volume of blood entering - compresses the veins and restricts the blood from leaving. As this builds up we get a HARD throbbing erection, but we need the arteries to be in good condition to allow the blood to pour in initially. If they become damaged by smoking don't worry - in time they will repair and quicker too if Erec tionKaizens just a few minutes of training is implemented too - and you will gradually get back what you once had.  These effects can be accelerated with a healthy lifestyle as I help with at erectiondr.com. If you'd like any help with this - I'm your man! Just contact me!

Smoking Reduces Blood Flow

  • The chemicals in cigarette smoke damage the arteries - fatty deposits stick more easily.
  • These fatty deposits build up and the arteries become narrower.
  • In the short term, nicotine also constricts the arteries. 
  • Narrower arteries mean less blood reaching the penis.
  • Less blood reaching the penis means less of an erection.

Improvements in days or weeks!

It is very individual how soon you will start to notice an improvement - but when combined with a healthy lifestyle and exercise - plus in conjunction with penis exercise results can be seen in just days and weeks. Erections will continue to improve for months to come - as opposed to declining for years to come.

Stop Smoking Motivation works by focusing upon what is really important in your life.

Not wanting to put your erection at risk can be the prime motivator for giving up smoking. Keeping your penis in good health will provide you with much more happiness than being a slave to a smoking habit. Never think of what you're having to forgo, focus upon what you'll be gaining - strong erections, that can with training at erectiondr.com, get stronger and stronger.

Every time you crave a cigarette - crave your erection instead!

I really hope something above may help you. If i can help further please just say - I know how Hard it can be to stop - but also know how Hard we can be when we finally manage it!