Penis Personality or Penis Size? So much more to a penis than inches!

Can penis personality be important as size. A light-hearted view how we see penises, and make assumptions based upon so much more than size. Here's observations I've made of other men's penises and mine! Does your penis have a personality it displays?  (do tell! - bottom of page)

I've seen many penises soft, semi and hard!

Not bragging - just validating my opinion....

Penis personality can be just as - or even more important than size!

Penis Size

I write about this in my previous post - about average penis size - raising the topic of confidence adding inches and personality adding that something extra! I am now keen to explore this topic as to whether our penis actually does have and display it's own personality.

I'll tell you about mine - if you tell me about yours! :)

I'll tell you a bit about the personality of my penis in the hope that you'll tell me about yours! Perhaps then we can compile a list of descriptive terms for classifying penis personality!

A serious but light-hearted topic – that may just help someone out there that has concerns about size – to be okay and really own their penis and be proud of it!  Plus it is a subject that I find fascinating. Before naked personal training and erection coaching it never really occurred to me.  Would you say your penis has a personality?

The Backdrop!

Another point is whether it is solely just about our penis but the backdrop perhaps has an influence – our testicles and scrotum can also add a certain dynamic.  Initially when I started writing this I though it was a very simple yes or no as to whether a penis displays personality. The more I started to write the more I actually realise it is quite a subject!!

The personality of the penis is a subtle thing – separate to the big differences whether circumcised or curved – but more how our penis displays that certain something extra. It may be that little wiggle it does, how the veins show at different times, glans shaft ratio, glans definition or simply how it hangs! This is a relatively new thought for me so perhaps my terms to describe penis personality are limited - which is where it would be great if you could describe yours and we can compile a list!

The Personality of Penises Displayed in Naked Personal Training

I can look at the man's penis and read how he may actually be feeling – our penis can reflect our own personality but what I am really interested in if it actually has a micro personality all of its own. I have seen some that I would classify as intimidating! Whereas others actually appear to be cheeky. Some never seem to change - whereas others vary from minute to minute and some really do look intriguing (in a non sexual way). Whereas some penises can actually seem staid! These are the subtle characteristics which can also be influenced by the whole general appearance such as definition - glans definition or curves? Out of this list I wish I could add cheeky to mine – but I am not sure! This is perhaps where we cannot always describe our own and maybe others see something different – a more objective point of view perhaps!

I daren't ask my other half – he'd think I'm weird! Maybe I'll ask a client who may get the whole penis personality thing a bit better!

My Penis

Penis personality - I share mine so that hopefully you share some details about yours!

I am now questioning as to whether my penis displays a personality to others? I think my penis is fairly truthful!! It does seem to be sometimes too responsive and reflect my emotions all too easily. This can be good and bad - but actually is not always that great for me as it is so responsive that if I am feeling any slight apprehension my penis also displays this and almost disappears instantly! However when I'm happy it is all good as the opposite happens but the down side to this is it can happen in inappropriate places! Greek Philosopher Plato thought that penises were self willed and disobedient? I think he may have had a point! (This raises another subject t write about - arousal, which may be due to excitement and happiness not always sexual, but is displayed by our penis and interpreted as a sexual response). When even slightly in this state my glans can be really defined - especially if I have recently been doing the penis exercises and this can almost seems to totally change the  whole look and personality that is displayed!

My penis although responsive, can be almost playful and very reactive to situations - but then I guess that is true for most of us to varying degrees! I want to say my penis is dynamic but I think that may be wishful thinking! Perhaps responsive and enthusiastic, but so sensitive - seems to sum it up. The sensitive element is not always quits so good - as it literally mirrors my emotions too well. I would say I am a quite a thoughtful person and my penis mirrors this and changes so much in reaction to my own emotions.  

If I had to pick one best thing about my penis:

It would be the definition of the glans in relation to the shaft. But only in certain situations! This is a relatively new characteristic for me that has been as a result of penis exercising, But I guess just as our face displays our health and to some extent our general fitness habits - so to perhaps our penis can tell a story about the fitness of our muscles in the genital region! This encourages me to do the penis exercises a bit more!

No worries about size – just encourage our penis to show it's personality!

Perhaps a great personality for us and our penis too is all we need?  Would you say your penis has a personality? I am not totally mad – I see a lot of penises in so many different states and I really believe they do!

Your Penis Personality?

Is there something you love about your penis or other penises you see – if you can share it that would be great. We may just get some terminology to aptly describe different characteristics of such a fundamental part of us!

Share how your penis makes you laugh, disgraces you – how does it display it's personality?

Your Thoughts About Average Penis Size or Penis Personality?

Share your your wisdom, comment or tip about penis size - it may just really help someone! Does your penis have a personality - would be great to hear all about it - and how that can be as important as size!